DCD996 VS DCD998

DCD996 VS DCD998

DCD996 VS DCD998

DCD 996


Power Source

Battery Powered

Battery Powered


20V Lithium-Ion Battery

20V Lithium-Ion Battery

Max. Chuck Size 




4 Pounds

9 Pounds

Battery Amp Hours 



Woodworking calls for a broad scope of tasks and power tools. For instance, when creating holes on a workpiece, it would be best to have a driller than can make clean and tidy holes. Besides, having something cordless would be the best option since it eliminates the inconvenience of entangled cables. 

Fortunately, technological advancements have created such cordless drilling power tools. With time, this impressive invention has made woodworkers` work easier. 

Today we compare the DCD996 vs. DCD998 to see which one suits your needs, preferences, and budget best.

Let's get started!

Dewalt DCD996 Overview 

Here are some of the best features the DCD996 has

High-performance & potent brushless motor 

The DCD996 driller sports a highly functional and powerful brushless motor. With an optimum torque of 1540 inch/lbs. You can be sure there's nothing this beast can't handle. This unmatched power is thanks to the XR brushless motor, which provides steady power when drilling. 

Heavy-duty nitro-carburized chuck

The potent brushless motor is not the only thing to love about this power tool; it sports a 0.5-inch ratcheting metal chuck that will hold the drill bits. Plus, it can hold larger bits than most drillers on the market. 

All-metal transmission

The DCD996 also sports a robust and durable 3-speed transmission made entirely of metal. What's more, it delivers extreme power and excellent control when drilling. 

LED light 

Are you searching for a driller you can use in dimly-lit areas? Then the DCD996 is an excellent option. The 3-mode light will illuminate your workspace and display your current operating mode. Additionally, it is 20 times brighter than its predecessor. 

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In-built strain relief 

This strain relief also comes with a dust rejector; combined, they ensure you can effortlessly access tight spots without ruining the power tool.

As the name suggests, the dust rejector keeps dust and debris off the motor as you drill. 

Dewalt DCD996 Pros and Cons


  • It's highly versatile thanks to the wide range of features 
  • The chuck allows for a more secure grasp
  • Lightweight 
  • The 20V battery offers an extended run time


  • Not suitable for use on lighter material


Moreover, the motor offers this driller an extended lifespan and does away with the issue of overheating.

DCD998 Overview 

Now that we've reviewed the DCD996 driller, it only makes sense to tell you more about the DCD998 before we cover the differences and similarities between these two incredible power tools. Here is what the DCD998 has to offer:

A highly functional motor 

Without a powerful motor, a power tool might not be as useful as you'd expect. Fortunately, the DCD998 driller has a powerful 20V 8Ah battery, which delivers optimal power of 720 inches/lb. torque. This makes it one of the most potent drills so far. 

Three-mode LED 

Like the DCD996; this driller has a three-mode LED with a 20-minute shutdown feature, which ensures that even though you mistakenly leave it on, it will automatically shut down after 20 minutes.

Heavy-duty nitro-carburized chuck

The DCD998 features a sturdy 0.5-inch ratcheting metal chuck, similar to the one in the DCD996. It will securely hold the drill bits, and sports offset jaws for easier use in tight spaces. 

DCD998 Pros and Cons


As promised, here is a detailed comparison of the DCD996 and DCD998, including the differences and similarities;


The DCD996 and DCD998 are among the market's most powerful and efficient drills. They offer professional performance and tidy output, which is among the reasons why they've become beloved tools on the market. 

These two tools are almost the same, maybe with a few tweaks, but they're built on similar grounds. 

Spotlight LED 

The DCD996 and the DCD998 have the same potent LED lighting with three modes, including the spotlight mode. Besides, they will switch off after some time when not in use, which is helpful in the event you accidentally leave the LED switched on. Again, it also helps in maintaining the battery. 

20V battery 

These great drills feature 20V Lithium-ion batteries, making them highly potent and functional. Again, this battery will run a long time before it's depleted. It will work smoothly, efficiently, and consistently for a long time when fully charged. 

3-speed mode

These drills have three speeds that can be changed depending on the user's preferences. However, the DCD998 works very swiftly, so it might not be a good option for wooden or plastic drillings. 

Brushless motor 

The DCD996 and DCD998 feature brushless motors which function impeccably and smoothly for a long time. 


Here are the key differences between the DCD996 and DCD998:

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Speed modes. 

Yes, both drills have three speeds though there is a difference in the speed range variations. For example, depending on the user's needs, the DCD996 works at 2250, 1300, & 450 RPM. All the same, the DCD998 operates at 2000, 1300, & 400 RPM. 

Power Detection feature 

This feature is only found on the DCD998. It's a recent upgrade feature of the drills from DeWalt. 


For a lightweight drill that you can carry around with you, the DCD996 is the way to go. It weighs 4 pounds compared to its counterpart, which weighs 9.92 pounds. 

Which one should you pick?

In terms of features, the DCD998 and the DCD996 have impressive handy ones. For instance, DCD998 comes with two batteries; it charges faster and is more durable than the DCD996. However, the DCD996 comes with a clip belt which makes working hands-free possible. 

That said, the DCD996 is better suited for residential purposes. It's an excellent option for light tasks and infrequent use. Again, it is affordable, thus ideal for you on a budget. 

On the other hand, the DCD998 is more suited for use on tougher materials. It's ideal for demanding projects. Besides, if you're not on a budget, it is worth adding the extra $50. Lastly, it has the power detection feature, which is not present in the DCD996. 

Hence, if you want an affordable drill for home use, the DCD996 is the best option. However, for a powerful commercial drill whose battery won't die fast, the DCD998 is the way to go! 

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