The Best Woodworking Tools Every Woodworker Needs

best woodworking tools

Having the best woodworking tools is the perfect way to commence your woodworking journey. 

Every serious woodworker has a couple of quality tools at their disposal, most of which include the ones I’ve listed here. Today, I’ll cover the best woodworking tools that every woodworker should have. 

This list doesn’t include specific brand recommendations, just general but useful information. Similarly, this article focuses more on the purpose each tool serves in your workshop. With that in mind, here are the best woodworking tools that every woodworker should have: 

Chisel Set

Yes, you will certainly need a set of sharp chisels to get the job done. I know you expected me to start with a power tool like a drill or table saw, but chisels are equally important. While a bit overlooked, this tool is a must-have for any serious woodworker. 

You will need it for multiple projects, including the basic ones like making a toolbox and the more complex works such as making furniture. You will require it to remove mortises, grooves, and so much more! 

That said, chisels come in a variety of sizes, and the size you choose should be based on your projects. It would be best if you choose a chisel set with quality build and lightweight construction, as they are ideal for delicate projects. 

Random Orbital Sander 

You should definitely include this one in your arsenal. Random orbital sanders are handheld sanding machines, perfect for finishing work. When sanding, you should consider grain directions before choosing how to move the sandpaper. 

Fortunately, this sander makes circular motions, so you don’t have to stress about the grain direction. It also has a Velcro pad, making changing sandpaper discs swift and easy. Again, most sanders provide incredible speed control, which is essential since it prevents you from under or over-sanding your workpiece. 

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Table Saw 

A table saw is the backbone of your workshop, and even though it takes up a lot of space, it serves an important purpose for woodworkers. Some might argue that it might not be as important as I’m saying, but it is as versatile as it is expensive and serves several roles in your workshop. 

You can decide not to invest in it and pick a set of hand tools for the job, but they won’t work as efficiently, conveniently, and fast as a table saw. Besides, you can use a wide range of blades depending on your project and switch whenever needed. Further, a table saw makes straight and consistent cuts.

So, what cuts can you make with this power tool? Many, including miter cuts, rabbet, bevel cuts, cross cuts, and rip cuts. 

However, you must set the blade’s depth and modify the fence based on the desired width when setting it up. 

Japanese Saw 

This one’s a favorite and a must-have. This one can be used instead of a European saw, thanks to its better accuracy. The main difference between these two saws is the tooth direction. Japanese saws cut when pulling, while their counterpart cut when pushing. 

You will generally use less energy when pulling, which is why a Japanese saw is better. Also, it makes more precise cuts. 

Circular Saw 

I hope you’re not intimidated by the number of saws on this list of best woodworking tools because there are two more I still need to cover. 

A circular saw can be table-mounted or handheld. You can set the blade depth, which allows you to make narrow slots, dados, and cut-offs. Similarly, a circular saw will help you make, compound, bevel, rip, and cross cuts with ease. 


But, like all other saws here, this one presents a few shortcomings. For instance, if yours is lightweight, it might sometimes move when making cuts, which results in inaccurate cuts. Also, stability is compromised, which might give up safety. 

However, the lightweight build is advantageous as it improves mobility and versatility, allowing you to take this machine anywhere effortlessly. 

Power Drill 

Even though you aren’t a woodworker, there are high chance you have a power drill on your home. It plays an important role both at home and in your woodworking shop. This one is an excellent option for advanced and beginner woodworkers for drilling the screws with ease. 

Also, if you need a drill press, you can convert your power drill into one; the versatility is impressive, and you can use numerous other accessories with this power tool. 

Compound Miter Saw 

While this is mostly a mobile power tool, I suggest you invest in one that includes expandable tables on the ends. 

A compound miter saw makes cuts with unrivaled precision and speed. Besides the rotating table, this power tool features a rotating pivot that allows the blade and cutter head to tilt sideways, facilitating horizontal and vertical cuts to bevel on both planes. 


Now, this is your ideal companion when you want to make curved cuts. The market is also filled with different blade options for cutting metal, plastic, and wood. Besides, the best jigsaws offer tool-less changing options when the blade is dull. 

This one is ideal for beginners since it is manageable and entirely safe. Moreover, it is quiet, and light, and most options include a comfortable handle. Similarly, there is no kickback when you make cuts, which is the case with circular saws. 

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Besides, this saw can even make straight cuts, but you must practice a lot before making accurate ones. 


This handheld tool is generally affixed upside down and comes in handy when you want to hollow out a portion of your workpiece. It is also employed to cut molding or profiles and integrate artistic edges to your workpiece to add a touch of beauty. 

Further, you can use a router to cut joinery like dados and dovetails. Fortunately, you can buy numerous profiles and use them with your router, depending on your project. 

But, Safety First! 

Considering you are working with cutting and drilling tools, safety has to be a priority. Besides investing in this set of best woodworking tools, invest in a few safety items like eye and ear protection. 

Generally, some woodworking tools are loud, so it’s important that you wear ear protection. On the other hand, some of these tools produce kickback when making cuts, which is why safety goggles are necessary. 

Something else regarding safety is a dust mask. Most dust and debris in the workshop is invisible, which is probably why most people don’t invest in a dust mask. Nonetheless, this dust can affect your lungs and breathing system overall, so consider investing in a dust mask. 

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