Best Dewalt Heat Guns

Best Dewalt Heat Guns

Are you looking for a heat gun? You probably thought it would be easy, but after checking a few online reviews, you're overwhelmed by how difficult it is. Don't fret; you're in the right place!

You can always rely on a heat gun for some of your home repairs and other demanding industrial applications. They can come in handy in applying decals, along with other decorations, and ascertain the effortless application of paints and sealants that are heat sensitive. Additionally, for you in the automotive repair sector, you're right to be looking for a good heat gun for melting tape and sealing other components in place.  

Today, I’ll only review the best heat guns from DeWalt, but I'll be sure to include something for everyone! While some of you might prefer power tools from other brands, give me a chance to change your mind and recommend worthy investments from DeWalt's graciously classy yet reasonably-priced heat guns.

Prepare to be impressed!

My Top Pick: DeWalt D26960K Heat Gun

Whether you're a serious DIYer or professional, the DeWalt D26960K unit with LCD offers the versatility and sturdiness you're looking for in a heavy-duty heat gun. This is one of the best power tools in DeWalt's heat gun range, so much so it is Amazon's choice for soldering heat guns. 

The 150-11000F temperature range, coupled with the LCD screen, delivers accurate heat control. For those prioritizing comfort, you’ll appreciate the ergonomic grip, which provides the option of two-handed maneuver and facilitates prolonged use without straining your arm. 

Also, if you’re considering safety, you’ll be pleased with the cord protector and overload preventer. 

Not yet convinced? There’s more!


Dimensions: 17.31 by 4.75 by 14.06 In.

Wattage: 1550

Voltage: 120

Power Source: Corded

Amperage: 13

Air Flow Ability: 18F3/Min. 

Length of Cord: 10 Feet

What I Like

  • The handle allows for one or two hands use

  • It has an LCD screen

  • It comes as a complete package with several accessories and a carrying case.

  • It features an overload protector 

  • The 150-11000 F temperature range is quite generous

  • The kickstand is perfect for enhancing stability. 

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What I Don’t Like

  • It might have too many features for the newbie.

  • It's rather expensive.

Key Features 

LCD Display 

Yes, the D26960K heat gun has an LCD. This is one of the features that make it stand out. I have used a few heat guns from different brands, and I can confidently recommend those with an LCD display. While I love many things about this unit, I purchased it because of the unsophisticated LCD screen. 

Some of you are questioning the purpose of an LCD display on a heat gun, but believe me, it's worth it. It indicates the temperature the heat gun is using when working. This is extremely useful when working on heat-sensitive material.

The LCD on this unit is situated atop it, making it more convenient to check the temperature without repositioning the tool. However, merely seeing the temperature the heat gun is using won't make your work easier or more efficient, which is why the manufacturer included the temperature control feature. 

Temperature Control

As the name suggests, this feature helps regulate the temperature of the heat gun. This also ensures you don't overheat your workpiece since this heat gun also allows you to choose from two temperature ranges. 

This fantastic feature lets you reduce or increase the temperature by tapping the +/- buttons. Again, the D26960K model allows 500 temperature adjustments.

In-Built Overload Protection 

I’ve used many heat guns before and witnessed how inconvenient low-quality models can be. For instance, if you use them continuously for a long time, they won’t work the next time you switch them on. This is where the overload protection feature comes in.

This means that the D26960K heat gun prevents the interior components from overheating by automatically shutting down if ever the unit overheats. This retains the machine's usability and efficacy the next time you want to use it. 

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This feature also prolongs this unit's lifespan, so while it may be expensive, it's worth purchasing. 

In-Built Kickstand 

Most of the time, when repairing things at home, you do it alone, which makes things more difficult because you have to hold the workpiece with one hand and use the other to hold the heat gun. 

It doesn’t always have to be that way with the DeWalt D26960K heat gun. This is thanks to the integrated kickstand, which offers improved stability. You can put it on its back and hold your workpiece with both hands. It's that easy!

Additionally, the LCD is handy in this situation. As pointed out, it is at the top, so it's easy to read the temperature without needing to reposition the unit. 

Vast Temperature Range 

Since I purchased this unit, I’ve been assessing how long it takes to heat up, and honestly, it’s impressively fast. It takes 18 seconds to reach 6000, which is helpful if you're in a rush. The temperature range is from 1500 to 11000, which makes it easy for you to use this heat gun for multiple tasks. Additionally, you can adjust the temperature according to your needs. 


The DeWalt D26960K is a complete package that includes all the accessories you’ll need when working. 

It comes with seven nozzles and two scrappers with three substitutable heads. Additionally, the package comes with a durable carrying case for storage. 

Cost & Comparison

The DeWalt D26960K heavy-duty heat gun costs $100 to $210, which is somewhat expensive but definitely worth it. Concerning competition, the DeWalt D26950 goes for $110 to $200, almost the same as the D26960K unit. 

However, for a slightly affordable option, I've included the DeWalt D26960, which goes for $90 to $190. 

Worthy Competitors

DeWalt D26950 Heat Gun 

This unit, like the D26960K, offers overload protection and variable temperature, making it very handy at home or in your workshop. The overload protection is triggered when this device becomes too hot. But if left idle, it starts cooling itself down. 

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Something else to love about the D26950 is that it sports an ergonomic handle which makes using it comfortable. With only 2.1 lbs. weight, it is also lightweight, adding to comfort when using it. Besides, this makes it easy to carry around. 

This is also a good option for users looking for a wide temperature range since you can set it between 120 and 11000 F. 

While DeWalt has many useful heat guns, they have a few subtle differences which you should pay attention to make the right purchase according to your needs. 

DeWalt D26960 Heat Gun

Like the D26960K, this unit has an LCD screen which facilitates easy adjustment of modes and heat levels, while the ergonomic handle ensures comfort when working. The kickstand delivers stability and safety as you can position this machine at different angles during cooling or heating. 

It also comes with a cord protector, which insulates heat to shield you and the interior components and hinders forceful twisting and bending, which could spoil the unit. The temperature range available allows you to work on various projects, from drying out wet paper to soldering for mechanical tasks.

Why You Should Choose the DeWalt 26960K Heat Gun

My top pick is the D26960K unit, which is ideal for DIYers and professionals. The LCD, wide temperature range, cord protector, overload protection, and temperature control are also convenient features. What's more, this package comes as a complete kit. 

For a slightly affordable option, I've included the D26960 unit, but for those who prefer a more manual tool without an LCD choose the D26950.

However, for newbies, the D26960K unit might be a bit of an overkill. 

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