Woodworking Tools for Cabinet Making: 15 Must-Have Items 

Woodworking Tools

Despite the woodworking discipline you specialize in, having the proper woodworking tools is imperative. This also applies to cabinet making, so whether you’re a beginner or professional, your work will be much easier when you have the right tools. Besides, you will have a significantly better experience building. 

The right accessories also come in handy and could be the difference between poor-quality and professional-looking projects. 

When it comes to cabinet making, there are a myriad of tools you can use to get the job done right! Some are expensive and hard to use, while others are the typical everyday woodworking tools. 

To make it easier for you, I have compiled a list of the 15 must-have woodworking tools for cabinet-making. 

Here they are:

Table Saw 

The first tool you will require as a serious cabinet maker is a table saw. This magnificent and versatile woodworking tool is explicitly designed for cutting various materials to your desired size. Best of all, it does this with unmatched accuracy. With a table saw, you can cut different types of wood to the size you like for your cabinet. 

Moreover, you can utilize it to cut dados and rabbets, or you can invest in a dado stack. Either way, you will need a table saw, and it would be very difficult for any cabinet-maker to do their job right without one. 

Miter Saw 

The next thing you’ll need is a miter saw. Miter saws are woodworking tools that help make excellent miter joints, and they usually come in handy when using longboards for your projects. 

Oftentimes, it might be a drag to cut a lengthy board into an ideal angle using a miter gauge and table saw, and this is where a miter saw comes in handy. It’s easy to push through longer boards and make cuts. Also, it is unsurpassed regarding making miter joints. 

Circular Saw 

The circular saw is the most suitable option for cutting wooden or metallic sheets. Moreover, it is an excellent choice for reducing the width of a lengthy board. 

So, for the cabinet makers, this tool will be expedient in cutting plywood sheets to the desired size and trimming down the width of longboards. What’s more, it is a decent choice for cutting solid lumber, though I would recommend a table saw for this. 


When it comes to woodworking tools that can make curved cuts, then the jigsaw is a great choice! Additionally, it is perfect for making a tiny cut at the center of a wooden sheet. Again, a jigsaw is a decent choice when you’re looking for a machine that can cut out a cabinet door’s shape. 

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Band Saw 

This is a great saw for resawing sizable timber pieces. Resawing simply means cutting down a piece of wood into two slimmer pieces. If you’re making a solid workpiece like a cabinet, then this is an invaluable addition to your arsenal. 


This power tool will help you shape wood’s edges, making mortises and dadoes. So, when making a cabinet, you will use a router on the edges of the cabinet doors and the cabinet itself. 

The market includes a wide range of router bits you can employ to shape your wood into various designs, which is why it is important to have a router if you’re a serious woodworker. 

Power Drill

This is a must-have for all cabinet makers. A power drill allows you to drill holes in your workpiece, and it helps to fit the door hinges with unsurpassed ease. 

Go for a lightweight power drill, and you will manage to use it for long hours without straining your arm. 


Clamps are incredibly handy for cabinet making, and they take your hands’ place when measuring and cutting wood. On top of that, they robustly align the cabinet. For best results when making cabinets, I recommend investing in five different clamps. 

Coping Sled 

This accessory is used with a router table or table saw. It allows you to create lap joints, stile doors, and more end grain joints. It helps make more accurate cuts and ensures your final workpiece looks great! 

Hinge Jig 

This, like a coping sled, is a complementary cabinet-making tool. You can employ it along with a power drill, and this combination will let you fit the hinges on the cabinet doors. 

Regarding price, a hinge jig is relatively affordable, and I advise you to invest in one. 

Random Orbital Sander 

Sanding is part of the finishing process, and it shouldn’t be overlooked. To create a faultless finish, you should purchase a random orbital sander. It will help smoothen out all mistakes and remove any unwanted marks. 

Fortunately, this tool and step don’t take up much of your time. Plus, this is a lightweight tool and provides you with ergonomic palm handling and variable speeds. 

Biscuit Joiner 

Also known as a plate joiner, these woodworking tools are used to establish biscuit slots and attach jointed boards using glue. Moreover, they align the biscuits quite well. 

Something else to keep in mind is that some biscuit joiners feature anti-slip swabs, which prevent the revolving cutter from damaging your cabinet’s edges 

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Rubber Mallet 

Yes, you will also need a rubber mallet. I find that it’s safer than using a claw hammer. Fortunately, it will cause trivial damage, if any, even when you make a mistake. This mallet allows you to strike things into position effortlessly, and it is also affordable. 


This is a tool ideal for eliminating roughness from the wood’s surface. Moreover, it is an ideal way to make two sides of a lumber parallel. You’ll be utilizing a planer if you’re fitting your cabinets with solid wooden doors. 

I wouldn’t recommend making solid wooden cabinet doors without a planer since you’ll be limited to utilizing pre-planned timber, which is quite pricey. 

Tape Measure 

I know you probably expect me to recommend another power tool, but I will finalize this listicle with a tape measure. There are many woodworking tools and disciplines, and most of them require a tape measure. 

Without this useful accessory, you won’t be able to accurately measure your wood. It also guarantees you make cuts the correct way. Not only that, but a tape measure helps you make marks easily. 

Typically, they feature a blade lock, which holds the tape in position when taking measurements. 

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In Conclusion

Well, there you have it, a list of the 15 must-have woodworking tools for cabinet makers. While there are a few more tools you can use, these are a must-have and will help you achieve great results and quality work. 

Happy building! 

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