DW733 vs DW734

DW733 vs DW734

DW733 VS DW734






Max cut depth 



Max wood height 






Feed rate 



Do you have a huge home improvement project or multiple home tasks? It would be best to consider purchasing a couple of power tools to avoid doing everything by hand. Among these handy power tools is a planer.  A reliable planer will ensure that all the timber you have to cut is even and at the desired size. That said, we'll compare the DW733 Vs. DW734, and help you know which one you should buy depending on your needs.

Here we go! 

DW733 Overview-DW733 VS DW734

DW733 Overview 

Like all other products from DeWalt, the DW733 power tool is a reliable, highly functional, and excellent thickness planer. Let's take a look at some of its unique features;

The DW733 is a portable planer sporting an in-built locking cutter head along with a calibrated crank mounted atop it. Plus, it has swift knife changes for more efficient and convenient use.  

Tight-locking cutter head 

This planer has a tight-locking cutter head, making it effortless to feed the wood. Because it moves around a lot, snipe is nearly non-existent. 

Gauged depth crank 

The DW733 planer has an in-built gauged depth crank, making it easier to modify the settings and attune the wood according to your expectations. Every time the hand crank is turned, it modifies 1/6-inch deep. 

Performance and power

The DW733 is a potent and high-performance planer regardless of its compact build. Compared to other small planers, this power tool offers enough power to easily handle small tasks around your home, workshop, or garage. 

It makes smooth cuts and establishes top-quality finishes within several passes. 

Quick-knife changes 

DeWalt understands the inconvenience that comes with taking a break so you can shift knives. For instance, it's time-consuming, and it interferes with your work. Hence, this power tool comes with swift-knife changes that allow even a beginner to change knives within a few minutes. 

DW733 Pros and Cons


  • Lessens wobble and remains robust
  • It offers great dust collection
  • It's easy to setup
  • It is ideal for home use


  • Some people have experienced snipes 


When it comes to performance, the DW733 works excellently and displays the great quality of DeWalt products. Again, it includes sturdy, reliable interior constituents and a durable exterior build and base for lifelong functionality. 

DW734 Overview

DW734 Overview 

Unlike the DW733, the DW734 lies more on the commercial side. Here's what it has to offer:

Intuitive design 

You'll appreciate this planer's design whether you're a beginner or a professional woodworker. This thickness planer is easy-to-use and precise. Even though you're a professional and are searching for a new planer, it would help to purchase something that'll ease the burden of your projects. Fortunately, the DW734 offers all that and more! 

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In terms of usability, the turret depth comes in handy in making accurate cuts easily.

What's more, with this feature, you won't need to set the depth every time you pass it through the wood. Therefore, it's helpful for you trying to save time instead of changing settings every time you make a pass. 

So, this is the way to go for accurate and excellent results.

Reversible and disposable knives 

Everyone wants a power tool that will last, and the DW734 will not disappoint. It comes with a standard warranty as well as a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Moreover, the DW734 features a three-knife cutter head with a maximum speed of 10,000RPM and offers 90 cuts/inch. 

Again, the knives will make up to 30 000 cuts every minute and are reversible. Again, they'll serve you for about 2 years, depending on how often you use it. 

Dust collection mechanism 

If you're an experienced woodworker, you understand that woodworking can be messy. So, if you don't like cleaning up, you'll appreciate the dust collection mechanism the DW734 has. The mechanism keeps all the debris and dust from your workpiece and keeps it in one area so you can conveniently throw it away without making a bigger mess. 

Additionally, it sports a dust hood that allows you to connect a vacuum; this way, all the cleaning will be handled as you work on your project. 

DW734 Pros and Cons


  • Consistent cuts thanks to the automatic lock 
  • The extended outfeed and infeed tables lessen snipe
  • Easy to use and can be used by both newbie and professional woodworkers


  • It's somewhat loud 


All the essentials are labeled clearly, and the design offers you accuracy and consistency on all your projects. It features a scale on its side and will display the thickness you set. Besides, the gauge will ensure that the power tool self-locks after reaching a specific thickness to ensure accuracy. 

What's the difference?

The DW733 and DW734 are rather similar planers. The only huge difference between them is that the DW733 features twin resharpenable blades, while its counterpart has three double-sided disposable blades. 

As you can see, they both have their pros and cons. However, you'll have to choose between them in the long run, so which one should you pick?

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Which one should you pick?

The DW733 planer is more suited for home use. It has 2 resharpenable blades, is quite powerful, and offers excellent performance. The tight-locking cutter head reduces snipe, while the quick-knife changes facilitate swift change of the knives when the need arises. 

While some people have experienced snipe, overall, this is a reliable, functional, and affordable power tool. Again, it is relatively lightweight compared to the DW734, so if you're looking for an affordable, reliable, and lightweight planer for light home tasks or projects, then the DW733 is the way to go. 

On the other hand, the DW734 is an excellent planer and comes with an impressive dust collection system, carefully-crafted design, and three double-sided resharpenable and disposable knives. All these features make it more suitable for use on hardwood, particularly the three disposable knives. 

While it doesn't offer dual speed, it will come in handy when dealing with hardwood or other tough materials. Unfortunately, the DW734 is not as affordable as the DW733, so if you don't mind spending the extra cash, the DW734 is an excellent power tool. 


Overall, these are portable, functional, and reliable planers. However, if you need an affordable planer that you won't often use, the DW733 is the best option. That said, if you work with tough materials and aren't on a budget, the DW734 is the way to go!

Hopefully, this guide has helped you choose between these two power tools depending on your requirements. 

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