DCD791 vs DCD991

DCD791 vs DCD991


Dewalt has cemented its legacy as among the best power tool producers worldwide by continually introducing modern power tools in the market. Professionals and hobbyists who need the best cordless drills to improve their art never seem disappointed with this premium brand. 

If you want the best power drill for your DIY and professional tasks, here are two of the best Dewalt drivers- the DCD991 and DCD791. This post will seek to review both tools and give you a comprehensive comparison to help you find the best tools for you. 

DEWALT DCD991B (20V MAX XR) Brushless Bare Tool Drill Driver


  • Ergonomic design 
  • XR Li-Ion batteries  provide 33% more battery-life capacity
  • 3-Mode LED provides adequate lighting in dark work settings up to 20 x brighter than the previous model, 
  • 60 lumen LED light with a 20-second trigger release delay
  • Variable speed design for amplified performance
  • A 360-degree angled handle
  • A side handle for enhanced control and precision 
  • Brushless motor technology


The DCD991B is a powerful 20V Max driver/drill with a modern brushless motor that supplies 820 UWO (unit watts out) for a smoother and faster application speed. Comprising a comfortable handle grip and robust nitro-carburized metal ratcheting chucks, this power drill is robustly-designed to promote durability during application. Moreover, the sealed and coated switches come in handy in dust containment and moisture resistance. 

The other thing I loved about this tool is the advanced brushless motor technology that enhances its overall performance and durability. Ideally, this setting offers optimal power, and when combined with it 885 in. lbs. of maximum torque, this is not only a dependable but effective tool for all pro or hobbyist jobs. In my experience, this is an excellent all-around power tool.

Besides, it has an advanced 3-speed (all-metal) transmission that offers varied speed ranges from 450 to 2,000 RPM, ample enough to perform multiple heavy-duty tasks. In addition, I liked its hammer drill function, which, when switched off, allowed me to use the drill for drilling and driving softwoods, plastics, and thin metals. 

Finally, this power tool drill features a distinct 60-lumen LED light suitably located at the unit's base, not to mention its 3-setting feature includes the spotlight mode with a 20-minute delay function after the trigger release. With these features, I felt that the DeWalt DCD991 is the ideal power tool for working in tightly enclosed and dimly lit spaces. 

  • Power SourceBattery Powered
  • BrandDEWALT
  • ColorYellow
  • Voltage20 Volts
  • Speed2000 RPM

Customer Review By feature

  • Ergonomic4.6
  • Built in light4.6
  • Battery life4.5
  • Value for money4.3
  • Light weight4.1

DCD991 Pros and Cons


  • Versatility: this tool is perfect for masonry projects like driving anchors in concrete and working on other softer materials. 
  • Handy side handle: these side handles offer you both control and precision while using the tool at relatively high speeds
  • 3-usable speeds: combined with the innovative gearing synonymous with Dewalt products, this is a powerful performance tool
  • Long battery life courtesy of its XR Li-Ion batteries fitted with a fuel gauge to offer 33% more capacity
  • Tight chuck that doesn’t get loose easily
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  • Loose-fitting battery packs-a case-to-case basis. 
  • Lacks integrated bit holders


The DCD991 drill is robustly-built with a durable, nitro-carbonized ½-inch ratcheting chuck suited for gripping bits when using high power. This, coupled with its ergonomic design, results in an easy-to-handle and lightweight tool with a comfortable and nicely-balanced grip.

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DEWALT DCD791D2 (20V MAX XR) Compact Brushless Drill Driver 


  • Powerful cordless tool: 460 UWO (600 in. lbs. of maximum torque)
  • lightweight unit weighing only 3.4 pounds 
  • Measurement of 6.9 inches in length.
  • Three built-in LED lights & LED lights with a 20-second trigger release delay.
  • Brushless motor with a powerful speed setting: 550-2000 rpm high speed


  • Power SourceBattery Powered
  • BrandDEWALT
  • Voltage20 Volts
  • Speed2000 RPM
  • Dimensions 16.22 x 4.5 x 10.1 inches
  • Batteries‎2 Lithium-Ion batteries required
  • Style‎20V Brushless Drill/Driver
  • Material‎Plastic, Metal
  • Pattern‎Kit
  • Power Source‎Battery 
  • Maximum Power‎300 Watts
  • Included ComponentsBare-Tool
  • Battery Cell Type‎Lithium-Ion

The Dewalt DCD791 is a 20v max brushless compact drill designed to operate efficiently in compact, tight spaces for considerably long periods. It is equipped with a powerful high-speed transmission feature that delivers 2-speed variations affording users the liberty to choose their suitable performance levels. 

It is a suitably lightweight unit weighing only 3.4 pounds and measuring 6.9 inches in length. Due to its compact and lightweight design, this unit is uniformly balanced with its C.o.G above its grip, promoting comfortable and balanced handling when working. 

I appreciated the unique comfort grip, which enhanced control and balance, and allowed me to use it for extended periods without straining my arms. 

Furthermore, it comes with a 2-speed transmission feature that offers a speed of 550-2000 rpm. 

I also liked its 3-mode inbuilt LED light featuring the spotlight mode that allowed me to operate at night as it offered ample illumination. This unit is also ideal for running in small spaces with dim lighting. 

20V XR 2.0 Ah Li-ion batteries that provide longer life and more capacity than other standard batteries like NiCad batteries power this unit. Lastly, it features an enhanced battery fuel indicator that indicates the juice left as you work. The two batteries ensured I didn't have to recharge it between projects, as I could charge one cell while using the other. 

Customer ratings by feature

  • Ergonomic4.8
  • Light weight4.7
  • Battery life4.5
  • Longevity4.5

DCD791 Pros and  Cons


  • LED lights cast shadows due to their inconvenient location
  • Drill bits may occasionally fall off


The manufacturer has installed an advanced brushless motor that renders it more efficient and works twice the time on a single charge. I found that the DCD991 operated smoother and more incredible compared to the standard brushed motor.

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Dewalt DCD991 vs. DCD791 Comparison


The DCD991 and the DCD791 are stunningly designed units that operate on advanced brushless motor technology that renders them suitable for professional use. These Dewalt units have ample power and speed to push through the most demanding tasks, including masonry. 


But, despite the similarities in a simplistic design, and brushless technology features, there are a few differences that distinguish both units, among them the price. The DCD991 is relatively costlier than the DCD791 since it has more advanced features like a 360-degree side handle. What's more, there's a difference in the weight of the units, with the DCD991 weighing slightly more than the latter, and the power specifications. The DCD991 has a standard 820 UWO compared to the latter’s 460 UWO power capacity setting. 

Finally, the DCD991 features two batteries, a belt hook, a charger, a toolbox, and a 360-degree handle. Alternatively, the DCD791 comes with a charger, 2 battery packs, a toolbox, and a belt hook. 

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These power tools and kits offer optimal performance capacity and power efficiency for DIY and professional jobs. I found that they are well suited to ease drilling tasks and assess their specs, Though I could see that the Dewalt DCD991 substantially outperformed the DCD791 model. 

With more power, features, and speed capacity, I could perform more tasks with much ease and precision, although bigger doesn't always speak better! The relatively lighter weight capacity of the latter can allow you to work for a more extended period with fewer operator fatigue episodes. 

You'll love that the DCD991 has convenient side handles for easy operation. Alternatively, if you have a relatively tight budget, you can always go for the DCD791, as it will also get the job done. 

Good Luck! 

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