Dewalt DCS331b vs DCS334b – Which One Is Better?

Dewalt Dcs334b vs Dcs331b

Are you searching for a reliable jigsaw but are unsure whether to choose the DCS331B or the DCS334B? This is quite the predicament; since both these tools are durable and feature the same design and battery capacity, though they also have their differences.

They both come in handy for various job sites, but which one is better? This is a simple question with a complex answer. While they may have similarities, they also have differences, so choosing one can be pretty tricky.

But fear not, here we will review these two high-quality Dewalt jigsaws, and by the time you're done reading, you will be able to make a quick decision.

Let's get started!

DeWalt DCS331B Review


While the DCS331B features an engine that utilizes coal, generally, it will get the job done. The reduced energy consumption thanks to the coal-fired engine offers this tool the capacity to increase the speed of the saw up to 3000 rpm, ideal for cutting through various surfaces. This tool's capacity to change its speed will undoubtedly impress you.

The DCS331B is capable of numerous tasks since it is easy to operate. You simply require to change the speed according to the task you have on the control panel.

Cutting ability

If you are cutting through small complicated angles, then this is the jigsaw to go for. This is because it lets you tilt it up to 45 degrees to perfectly shape even the smallest corners of the wood. Also, the saw is adjustable to four orbits, which is why you can create complex curves on your wood easily and swiftly while still maintaining its impressive technical abilities.

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Blowing machine

When cutting your wood, it is vital that you utilize a blower for clearing the surface and maintaining a visual of the cutters. The DCS331B features a blower with the average blowing speed, though the most amazing thing about it is that you can modify the rate accordingly. Typically, most carpenters have issues with sawing machines with speeds that are either too fast or too slow. However, this isn't the case with the DCS331B. This feature helps the DCS331B stand out among the many jigsaws in the market.


The controls are critical, and they're mostly what carpenters look at first. This tool features an anti-slip handle, offering you convenient control over the cuts. In tandem with the anti-slip feature, the compactness makes this machine highly portable and easy to control.

Pros & Cons of DCS331B


  • Incredible durability
  • Flexible and changeable speed
  • Blower speed can be adjusted
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  • Absence of LEDs
  • Quite bulky

Who's it for?

This jigsaw has terrific features and is highly portable, making it ideal for almost any carpenter. Nevertheless, it could be more suitable for individuals who like a saw that offers a firm grip. Also, for those who don't mind having a bulky saw, this could be a good option. Again, this machine does not feature LEDs; if you have faith in your sight, this could be a decent choice.

DeWalt DCS334B Review

Now that we've reviewed the DCS331B and seen what it has to offer, it's time we know what the DCS334B is all about.

Brushless motor

This machine uses a coal-free engine. This means it can improve the device's performance and have enhanced endurance compared to other engine types. In addition, this motor has boosted saw acceleration, and the capacity to modify the speed will also be effortless.

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Furthermore, the saw speed of the DCS334B reaches 3200 rpm, which is relatively high than the DCS331B. This speed will come in handy for cutting a wide array of wood. On the other hand, this motor is not pocket-friendly and not compatible with a lot of accessories. Other than that, it is fascinating.


This compact tool weighs about 4.2 pounds which is quite impressive for a handheld machine. Why? Because the exterior is made using monolithic aluminum, lessening this machine's weight to a manageable level. What's more, the handle is rather firm and sturdy. Its design comes with the ability to decrease the engine's vibration force.

LED Light

The DCS334B features LE light at the top, making it effortless for you to do your work in the dark. This is an amazing advantage since it does not limit when you can work, compared to the DCS331B, which does not have Led light.

Can swiftly change blades

Changing the blade, you're using is inevitable for every carpenter or jigsaw user. For this reason, the DCS334B is built to utilize a keyless and effortlessly changeable T-shark blade, which is a significant bonus for carpenters.

Pros & Cons of DCS334B


  • It features a high-quality and efficient motor
  • The LED light comes in handy in the dark
  • You can easily swap the blades if needed


  • Pricey

Which one is better?

We've reviewed both machines, and as seen, they are efficient and will get the job done. However, one of them is better than the other. After evaluating them, it's evident that the DCS334B is better than the DCS331B in terms of portability, engine, and ease of use.

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Particularly, the DCS334B is lighter than its counterpart, and it features a coal-free motor that way better than the DCS331B engine. What's more, when it comes to speed, the DCS334B offers a higher speed than the DCS331B.

Nevertheless, the DCS334B is more expensive than the DCS331B.

For a professional looking for a powerful jigsaw, the DCS334B is the machine to go for. Though this does not mean that the DCS331B is not good, it's more suitable for DIYers. These are individuals who infrequently use this machine. Besides, it's ideal for people on a tight budget since it is more affordable.


Now that you've seen the different features each jigsaw has to offer, you can decide which of the two you'll purchase according to your needs. Even though the DCS334B is better than the DCS331B, the latter might be a more suitable choice if you do not use it frequently and need something affordable.

However, if you're a professional carpenter searching for a powerful, lightweight machine, and you don't mind spending some extra cash, the DCS334B is a perfect choice.

Buying the right machine is quite the process considering the intimidating number of products in the market. Hopefully, this article has been useful in helping you make a decision.

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