DeWalt 20v vs Milwaukee M18v Batteries Comparison

DeWalt 20v vs Milwaukee 18v Batteries Comparison

DeWalt and Milwaukee are among the best manufacturers in the power tools industry. Having been in business since the 1900s, they manufacture top-quality, durable, and easy-to-use tools for both light and demanding projects. 

However, even though they make reliable power tools, today, we compare these two brands` batteries; the DeWalt 20v and the Milwaukee M18v (Check our Milwaukee M12 vs M18 battery guide).

Let's get started!

DeWalt 20V Batteries Overview 

DeWalt 20V batteries are a group of rechargeable batteries delivering impressive energy density without any reminiscence effect. These batteries have a great memory and a self-discharge rate. 

Here are the different types of DeWalt 20V batteries;

20V Max DCB203BT battery

This is a 2.0 Ah battery featuring Bluetooth technology which can be used with your smartphone to offer superior monitoring, diagnostic, and control abilities. This technology gives you the opportunity to view all the linked batteries close by and view details about each one of them. 

Plus, it allows you to switch the batteries on and off simultaneously, hindering theft and drainage.

20V Max DCB205BT Battery

This is a 5.0 Ah battery featuring Bluetooth technology which allows you to track, manage and view the battery`s diagnostics. The smartphone App is handy in monitoring the charge remotely, disable or enable the battery and regulate how long someone else can utilize it. 


The DCB612 battery offers a maximum of 8 times runtime and provides incredible power for 120V, 60V, and 20V power tools. It is a 12.0 Ah battery and effortlessly switches from 20V to 60V devices. 


At 6.0 Ah, this battery delivers twice the capacity of a regular battery and thrice the capacity of the lightweight XR battery. It switches voltage when you change tools, powering 120V and 60V tools as well. 

The FLEXVOLT line of batteries is most suitable for high-demand power tools, including a hammer or chainsaw. 

Max XR DCB205

This high-capacity battery with 5.0Ah delivers more than 1.5 more capacity than regular batteries. Also, it has no self-discharge and memory, providing optimum productivity and less downtime.

The 3-LED fuel assessment mechanism provides immediate feedback on how much charge is utilized. It as well as lightweight construction, reducing fatigue for the user. 

Max XR DCB204 

This battery has 4.0 Ah provides more than 30 % longer runtime than regular batteries. As with all the other Max XR batteries, this one has 3 LED fuel assessment mechanisms and has no self-discharge or memory for optimum productivity and less downtime. 

Max DCB201

The DeWalt DCB201 20V battery has 1.5 Ah with extended runtime and optimum productivity. It is charged fully within half an hour and features a lightweight build for reduced fatigue. 

Max DCB203

This 2.0 Ah battery pack has a longer runtime and is compatible with all the DeWalt 20V power tools. Besides, it can fully charge within 35 minutes and has a light build. 

Max DCB200

At 1.6 lbs, this battery has a lightweight construction and is easy to carry around. It has 3.0 Ah, thus offering longer runtime and battery life. Moreover, it has no memory or self-discharge for optimum productivity.

Milwaukee M18 Batteries Overview 

Now that we`ve seen what the DeWalt 20V battery line has to offer, let's take a look at the different M18 batteries in the market;

M18 1.5 Ah 

This 1.5 Ah battery has a compact and lightweight build, though it is most suitable for lightweight tasks on small tools like light drilling and screw driving. 

M18 2.0 Ah

Like its 1.5 Ah counterpart, this battery is ideal for compact tools and lightweight duties. Also, you could use it on a circular saw to make a few cuts. Besides, it is a bit more expensive because it is slightly powerful. 


M18 3.0Ah 

This XC battery has extended battery life, though they're not very common. What's more, it weighs more than 1.5Ah, and it is ideal for heavy-duty tools like rotary hammers and circular saws, thanks to their long lifetime. 

M18 4.0Ah

This is an upgrade of the 3.0XC battery, and it offers more than 30% more capacity than its 3.0 counterpart. This battery is ideal for mid-sized tools such as plumbing tools, circular saws, and rotary hammers. 

Though for the more powerful tools, the 5.0Ah battery is more suitable. 

M18 XC 5.0Ah

This high output battery delivers 67 % more power than the 3.0XC and over 20 % more power than the 4.0Ah batteries. This additional power is thanks to the lithium-ion battery upgrade. This is among the most versatile batteries in the Milwaukee M18 battery line. 

Even though it is only compatible with M18 tools, some newer products outside the M18 product line are compatible. Again, this lightweight pack comes in handy in reducing weight on OPE tools, though they might not offer as much runtime as other more powerful batteries. 

M18 6.0 Ah 

This 6.0Ah battery is not quite as standard and preferred as the 5.0 Ah battery pack. However, this battery still provides more capacity than the 4.0 and 3.0 packs when fully charged. 

M18 XC6.0

This is high output battery has a 50 % excellent power availability and 50 % cooler operation, making it the ideal pack of choice for almost all heavy-duty M18 fuel and M18 power tools. 

However, with the M18 fuel table saw, this battery is not reliable precisely if you`re utilizing it for extended periods. Meanwhile, with the new supercharger from Milwaukee, you can fully recharge it within a short while. 

M18 9.0 Ah 

This is a high-demand battery that is the most suitable for Milwaukee`s PE tools and other high output power tools. It achieves your objectives quite well when you require power other than swifter and more potent bursts. 

It is also ideal for rotary hammers, Circular saws, OPE tools, and miter saws. Even though it does not look like a top-quality battery, it offers more power than the 5.0 and 4.0 battery packs.

M18 HD12.0  

This is the most powerful battery from the M18 line offering impressive power and extended runtime. It features 216-watt hours, thus giving thrice the capacity delivered by the XC4.0 battery pack. 

It is perfect for the newest and most potent power tools like the M18 fuels chainsaw, Super Sawzall, 9-inch angle grinder, table saws, and rotary hammers.

DeWalt 20v vs Milwaukee 18v: Which one is better?

The DeWalt 20V and Milwaukee M18 battery lines have a wide range of products to suit different tools for various tasks. If you require high output DeWalt batteries, the Max XR and FREXVOLT batteries are ideal. On the other hand, if you need similar output batteries for your M18 tools, the M18 12.0HD and 9.0 Ah are ideal.

However, the DeWalt 20V is a better option since it has more batteries in various categories. For instance, the FREXVOLT pack has three different batteries, while the Max line has five different batteries. 

But it depends on the power tools you have. If you have Milwaukee M18 power tools, the M18 batteries are the way to go. On the other hand, if you have DeWalt 20V power tools, it would be best to choose a battery from this manufacturer.  

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