DCD708 vs DCD771

DCD708 vs DCD771


Are you looking for the best power tool to help propel your home economics project? The Dewalt DCD708 and DCD771 are among the best quality power drills in the market. Nonetheless, since Dewalt is synonymous with producing top-quality tools, choosing the most suitable tool for your project can be challenging. So, which is the better option between the DCD771 and DCD708? 

This guide seeks to eradicate the confusion and complications that come with shopping for the best power drill by comparing the features of each unit to identify which drill will be a better choice for your next gig. 

Let’s get started. 


The DCD771 is an innovative cordless, high transmission power drill driver designed to work on even sensitive surfaces. It is a durable, compact, and rechargeable device that boasts the suitable feature set to offer woodworkers and DIYers the portability and convenience necessary to perform all home remodeling projects efficiently. 


  • Weight3.6
  • Speed0-450 & 0-1500 RPM
  • Torque530
  • Chuck size½”
  • Motor Power300 UWO
  • Charge Time (Minutes) 60
  • Battery Amp Hours1.5
  • Warranty3

The unit operates on rechargeable (20v) Lithium-ion batteries that provide a relatively long battery, although it depends on how you use this tool. I particularly like the surprisingly short recharge time of approximately 60 minutes, and paired with its two variable motor speeds (0-450 rpm & 0-1500 rpm), this device is undeniably a convenient, smooth-speed transmission power drill for multipurpose woodworking projects. 

This tool is structured with a compact, ergonomic design enhanced for user convenience. It features a curved handle enhanced with the ½-inch drilling clutch and keyless sleeve tightening feature that offers me a greater grip strength by minimizing vibrations. I can effectively work with the tool for prolonged periods without much fatigue. 

Moreover, courtesy of its smooth transmission speed capacity and the 16 variable clutch feature,  this tool is designed to promote greater control, especially of the tool's torque. Subsequently, I can easily avoid irregular drilling and work on more sensitive surfaces. 

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Lastly, the DCD771 comes with an inbuilt LED light that facilitates better work area illumination. Also, I like that it’s pretty easy to trigger and switch the light. All I need is to press the trigger button and light it, and the light will be on in 20 seconds. 

Customer Review By feature

  • Ergonomic 4.8
  • Built in light 4.6
  • Battery life 4.5
  • Value for money 4.5
  • Light weight 4.1

DCD771 Pros and Cons


  • Conveniently usable in tight spaces
  • Smooth speed transmission
  • Long battery life & little recharge time (60 mins)
  • Ergonomic design for enhanced grip strength 
  • Extra battery


  • Often acts up at lower speed settings
  • Not reliable for heavy-duty commercial projects


The DCD771 comes with a powerful brush motor that helps me work on light-duty tasks, and luckily, all I need is to switch speeds by clicking a button, and boom!



  • Weight 2.4
  • Speed 0-450 & 0-1650 RPM
  • Torque 575
  • Chuck size ½”
  • Motor Power 340 UWO
  • Charge Time (Minutes) 90
  • Battery Amp Hours 1.5 
  • Warranty 3


The DCD708 is a DeWalt-made high-power unit that is relatively smaller in dimensions than its competitors, but this doesn't overshadow its functionality. I love how compact and highly portable it is, making it an ideal kit for indoor and outdoor operations with utmost ease. 

I like its brushless motor engine that offers limited susceptibility to wear and tear, allowing use for more extended periods. What's more, I love that its advanced motor comes in two-speed specifications 0-450rpm (lower speed) and 0-1650rpm (higher speed). The enhanced brushless motor engine facilitates a smoother speed transmission and combined with its 15-setting clutch capacity, I can quickly work through loads of materials with minimal effort. 

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Regarding user convenience and design, I like that it comes with a ½-inch chuck and soft-grip handle, allowing comfortability when handling even tough jobs for extended hours with minimal arm fatigue. Moreover, since it weighs roughly 2.4 pounds, it is relatively lighter compared to other models on the market. 

Finally, I appreciated the detachable belt clip on it that allows portability and convenience notwithstanding the project. 

Customer Review By feature

  • Power Capacity   4.7
  • Ergonomic 4.6
  • Built in light 4.6
  • Battery life 4.5
  • Value for money 4.3
  • Light weight 4.1


DCD708 Pros and Cons


  • Ergonomic design boasting soft-grip handles and attachable belt clip for convenience.
  • Its ratcheting chunks permit quicker bit changes.
  • Operates well at relatively higher motor speeds (0-1650 RPM).
  • Superior engine power and more extensive battery runtime.


  • Lesser clutch settings number compared to Dewalt DCD771.


This unit uses a lithium-ion 20v rechargeable battery. Unlike its counterpart, it comes with a brushless motor that allows it to boast higher torque to weight ratio, significantly boosting efficiency and power.

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DCD771 vs DCD708 Comparison

The Dewalt DCD771 and DCD708 boast similar ergonomic external designs and color patterns. They also come with numerous feature sets that in multiple ways mirror one another, although there are several notable differences in their primary architecture and engineering that can influence the model you pick as your ultimate choice. Here are some common similarities and differences between the dcd708 and dcd771



The DCD708 and DCD771 units comprise a black and yellow premium plastic enclosing with both intricately designed and rugged designs. This makes them compactly small enough to fit in cramped and tight spaces.  


Similarly, both units are cordless and operate on rechargeable (20v) lithium-ion batteries that utilize renewable energy tech to promote extended battery life. 

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The DCD771 and DCD708 come with ½ ratcheting chucks and curved handles, offering enhanced control over the device's torque-essential when operating on fragile surfaces. Moreover, both feature built-in LED, making them quite convenient when operating in low light and dark settings, not to mention the DeWalt Company’s 3-year warranty for each drill. 


Despite the numerous similarities the DeWalt DCD708 and DCD771 share, some differences distinguish the two handy tools. First, the most notable difference between both products is the weight. The DCD708 weighs around 2.4 pounds and is massively less bulky than its counterpart, which weighs approximately 4.2 pounds. 

Another notable difference worth is the slight difference in efficiency. The DCD708 offers more efficiency due to its brushless engine that offers higher torque: weight ratio and better run time. Its counterpart, the dcd771, with its brush motors, is often more susceptible to ordinary mechanical wear and tear and is less durable than the former. Similarly, the dcd708 offers smoother motor speed transmission compared to the dcd771. 


Ultimately, while both power tools offer the necessary power and reliability synonymous with top DeWalt devices, the DeWalt DCD708C2 is a few features better than its counterpart, the DCD771. However, your choice depends on your intended use. 

Ideally, DC708 is a robust, compact, and high-power drill designed to operate in heavy-duty and long-term commercial projects reliably. Besides delivering more power, it is also equipped with a brushless motor and belt clip. Alternatively, the DCD771 is more prone to mechanical wear and tear, hence a suitable fit for lightweight non-commercial projects. 

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