DCD777 vs DCD708

DCD777 vs DCD708

DCD777 VS DCD708

There are numerous drills on the market right now, making it almost impossible to pick the right one for your needs. Fortunately, we will compare two of the most reliable drills on the market, after which you can choose the one that best fits your needs. 

Here we go!

DeWalt DCD777

DeWalt DCD708


12.5 By 3.75 By 9.81 In

12.05 By 9.72 By 3.78 In


2.6 lbs

2.4 lbs 


7.52 In

6.3 In





500 In/lb

575 In/lb

Chuck Size 

0.5 Inch

0.5 Inch




DCD777 Overview 

This power tool combi is impressive in terms of performance. It weighs 2.6 lbs., hence compact and lightweight. Besides, it is easy to use and set up. The 20V rechargeable batteries, along with the LED light, eliminate the inconvenience of working in dark surroundings. 

The 0.5-inch chuck is flexile and compatible even with the larger drill bits, and the package includes a carrier bag and charger. 

DCD777 Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Impressive speed
  • Charges fast
  • Different torque settings 


  • The battery depletes charge fast 


This power drill driver has a 1750RPM maximum speed and 500ft/lbs. Torque. Plus, the 340 UWO will come in handy in any drilling project. Besides, the 15-placement clutch settings improve steadiness at work, thus offering more control.

DCD708 Overview 

This powerful drill was released in 2019 and delivers similar power to its counterpart. However, it presents relatively slower strengths and drills a shorter length. It weighs 2.4 lbs., making it more lightweight than the DCD777. Again the 6.3-inch front-to-back length is quite impressive. 

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With changeable speeds from 450 to 1650RPM, it offers you more control over your projects. It also sports a brushless motor with increased runtime and an extended lifespan. Plus, it has two 1.5Ah batteries, a carrying case, and a charger. 

DCD708 Pros and Cons


  • Extended battery life 
  • User-friendly
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Lightweight and compact 


  • The chuck won't hold the bits well enough


Thanks to its being cordless, it utilizes 2 20V rechargeable batteries, making it more compact than the DCD777. This way, you can use it in small spaces.


As promised, here is a comprehensive comparison of both power drills;


Weight & dimensions 

The DCD777 weighs 2.6 lbs and has a total height of 9.7 inches. However, the DCD708 weighs 2.4 lbs and has a height of 7.9 inches. Even though the difference in weight doesn’t look like much, DCD708 has a significantly smaller. This comes in handy in letting the drill access tight spots. 

In terms of construction, the DCD708 engineering comprises independently designing the drill, motor, and clutch and then placing them together. This is why the dimensions of the tool are small. 

All the same, the DCD777 has one internal system whereby the clutch, motor, and drill are connected. This could result in it being longer. 

Battery & speed

The DCD777 has a maximum speed of 1750 RPM and 500in/lb-in torque.

Nevertheless, the DCD708 has a maximum speed of 1650RPM and 575 in/lb-in torque. While the speed of the DCD708 is less than its counterpart's, its torque is higher; thus, it's more sufficient than the DCD777.

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That said, the DCD777 power drill has two 1.5Ah 20V batteries, while the DCD708 uses 2 2.0Ah batteries of similar voltage. This guarantees extended runtime for the DCD708. Though, 1.5Ah batteries charge faster, making them a better option for short tasks. 

LED placement 

The DCD777 is positioned beneath the chuck. Even though it is sufficient to light dim areas, its positioning comes with a disadvantage. The chuck above the light results in a vast shadow covering a substantial portion of your workspace. 

On the other hand, the DCD708 has its LED at the bottom. This warrants an uninterrupted light path, thus eliminating any chances of shadows on the work surface: hence better visibility and better precision. 


They are both compatible with the 20V Max Mechanism 

The DCD708 and DCD777 are engineered to be compatible with all batteries within the 20V Max ranger. This offers clients excellent versatility in terms of batteries and charge time. This will mainly come in handy for a woodworker with a power tool compatible with 20V Max batteries. 

It lets you switch batteries between different DeWalt power tools within this mechanism. Hence, it removes the necessity for buying extra batteries for woodworking tasks in remote areas. 

The incorporation of swift-charging technology in the charger, with various charging capacities, facilitates charging up the batteries within a short while. Furthermore, it lets you extend your power tool's range by buying high-capacity batteries, offering them the required options under such circumstances. For this reason, they are a more suitable choice for woodworkers with several batteries looking to optimize their tools` runtime. 


These two drills feature a brushless motor which gives room for a more compact build, effective battery utilization, and maximum power delivery while at the same time decreasing unwanted outcomes like vibration and noise. 

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The battery can work for 30 % more time thanks to the exclusion of friction in the brushless motor. Plus, this leads to fewer vibrations, which blend with the rubber grips to guarantee optimum stability and comfort for the user for a long time. 

Moreover, the brushless motor aids reduce the motor's size, letting these two power drills have a lesser footprint, making them convenient to use in tight spaces. Lastly, it reduces noise, which helps make the power drills user-friendly, especially for home use. 

Clutch and chuck settings

The DCD708 and DCD777 feature a 0.5-inch keyless chuck, making it easier for you to switch bits without requiring specialized tools. This guarantees efficiency when changing bits and user-friendliness. 

Again, these drills have 15 clutch settings. Even though these settings are less than what other models offer, it allows you to make the correct settings depending on the screw and material you're drilling into, giving you more control over your project. 


These two power drills are excellent at drilling and come with impressive features. Nevertheless, the DCD777 has more torque and speed. Regardless, the DCD708 is more compact, smaller, and lighter, giving it an advantage over the DCD777, as the performance and differences are significant. 

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