DeWALT DCD991 vs DCD996

DeWALT DCD991 vs DCD996

DeWalt is a superior power tools brand. From drills to power saws, or any other power tools you require, this manufacturer will definitely have a fantastic product for you. Beginners and professional builders alike who need the best cordless drills in the market will be impressed by what they have to offer. 

It is always best to stick to specific manufacturers to avoid disappointment rather than have different tools from different manufacturers. Here, we will review two cordless drills from DeWalt and see which one of them is better.

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DeWalt DCD991 Review

The DCD991 is a high-quality 18-volt brushless tool featuring three gears and 11 clutches, which can supply a maximum of 95 Nm torque. 

DCD991 features:

Brushless Motor Technology 

A brushless motor is typically standard in today's professional cordless tools. Typically, these motors are usually more durable and studier, resulting in better efficiency. 

With the DCD991, DeWalt took it a step further, making the motor larger, and thus a 34% surge in potency. 

Three-speed mode 

The DCD991 has three different speeds meaning that you will have more control over the chuck's rpm. Typically, if a cordless drill features more gears, it allows for better control over the chuck's RPM. This is perfect for hindering overdriving a bolt or screw or when you need a bit more power in the chuck. 

The chuck 

Hits, bumps, and knocks are inevitable when you're using your cordless drill. However, this could lead to corrosion and damage to the chuck. It is a long-lasting nitro-carburized metal. When manufacturing this product, the chuck's metal is imbued with carbon and nitrogen, thus making it more robust and aids in hindering corrosion. 

Lastly, it has carbide inserts, and thanks to them, the jaws of the chuck have an incredible grip. 

Pros and Cons of DCD991


Are you searching for a high-quality cordless drill ideal for home or commercial utilization? If yes, then the DCD991 is the ideal choice. It has three different speeds and a brushless motor for efficiency. Also, it is made of high-quality metal, thus ensuring durability and robustness.

DeWalt DCD996 Overview

The DCD996 hammer drill features a brushless motor, increased torque, and power for improved efficiency. 

Brushless motor 

Thanks to the brushless motor, the DCD996 is a powerful and efficient power tool. The motor delivers up to 820 UWO, though each firm rates torque differently. Meanwhile, this model is more powerful than most power tools in its category. 

Cheaper drills usually feature a reduced power rating below 500 UWO, proving that the DCD996 delivers serious power. 

Three-speed settings 

With three variable speed settings, this hammer drill is ready to tackle any job you have. The speed ranges from 0 to 450 for the top torque setting, 0 to 1300 for the intermediate speed and torque settings, and 0 to 2000 rpm, which delivers the highest speed. 

Also, this incredible tool has adjustable speed reversible applications. This means it can work in both forward and reverse motions and adjustable speeds. For additional safety, the button controlling this feature is also a lock-off button to prevent the user from accidentally starting the tool. 


The DCD 996 is a battery-powered drill, and it is compatible with any 20-V battery from DeWalt. This is a good thing since there is a wide array of 20V batteries for DeWalt. Compared to other drills from DeWalt, the DCD996 comes with a battery instead of purchasing it separately. 

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LED light 

For additional convenience, the DCD996 features an LED light for working at night or in dark spaces. It is switched on once you depress the trigger switch. This switch is situated at the bottom of the tool, and it lets you even control the light's intensity. 

There are three available settings, including spotlight, lower and medium. The spotlight intensity is the brightest and features a 20-minutes shutoff function. On the other hand, the light will remain on for 20 seconds after switching off the trigger button for the medium and low settings. 

Pros and Cons of DCD996


  • Brushless motor technology provides durability and sufficient power for difficult tasks
  • The metal chuck offers enhanced gripping strength and sturdiness for heavy-duty tasks
  • The three-mode LED light comes in handy if you want to work in the dark
  • The DCD996 comes with a 3-year warranty; therefore, if the product has any issues, they will be fixed for free.


  • The package does not come with a charger. Thus, you have to purchase it separately. 


The DCD996 is a powerful, versatile and efficient hammer drill. It has a three-mode LED light ideal for working at night, and the brushless motor ensures effectiveness. It is a good option for both home and commercial utilization. Also, if you don’t mind spending some extra cash, then the DCD996 is a good option.


Product Details

4 / 5


Product Details

4.7 / 5

Which one is better?

The DCD991 and DCD996 cordless drills are powerful and efficient power tools. But which one is better?

Both drills feature 60-lumen work lights situated at the bottom. The light has three settings; spotlight, medium and low modes. 

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However, unlike the more compact DCD991 that simply provides the driver/drill application, the DCD996 can also be utilized as a hammer drill. This simply means that it is constructed for screw driving, regular, and percussion drilling applications. 

While you might not need the hammer feature now, it is a handy feature when you need it in the future. Turn the rotary switch at the back of the chuck, also known as the torque adjustment switch, towards the hammer drill logo to initiate the hammer function. While in this mode, this hammer drill will deliver 0 to 38 250 beats per minute (BPM). 

Other than that, these two tools are the same. Therefore, due to the hammer drill feature, the DeWalt DCD996 is better than the DeWalt DCD991. 

These two tools are perfect for heavy-duty and straightforward tasks, though one of them does not have the hammer drill feature. This means you'll make a choice depending on your needs and budget. And while you might not require the hammer drill feature, it might come in handy in the future. 


Best for Woodworking: DCD996

Honestly, this was a very hard decision. They're both great tools; very similar to each other. But we have to call a winner or this comparison wouldn't have a point. We picked the DCD996 as a winner for woodworking drill simply because it has the extra hammer drill feature that the DCD991 doesn't.


Excellent quality, build, and heavy duty feel


3-speed control for small, medium, or heavy projects.


A few bucks cheaper than the DCD991 yet you get additional features with the DCD996

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