Best Band Saw Blades for Wood

best band saw blades for wood

Are you looking for the best tool to cut the wood into irregular but precise shapes? If so, then you need a Band Saw! In simple terms, a band saw is a handy woodworking tool that facilitates irregular cuts effortlessly and also cuts curves, rips your lumber into thinner wood slabs, and crosscut short wood pieces, albeit with precision. However, to get the desired results, you must have the right band saw and the best band saw blade.

Ideally, band saw blades come in numerous widths, lengths, and thickness, among other features— and all impact the project's outcome.  So, how do you find the best band saw blades for wood?  Worry not.

This post will learn about different band saw blades, their benefits, and the best wood band saw blades options in the market.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Cutting steel profiles on a band saw in production.

Cutting steel profiles and pipes on a band saw in production.

Advantages of using Bandsaw Blades

  • Advanced precision: The use of the band saw blades allows far more superior results, particularly when considering precision and accuracy compared to multiple other sawing/cutting methods. This is primarily due to their unique blade tracking adjustments plus dual-bearing blade rollers.

  • Versatility: Since bandsaw blades are designed from a durable and strong material, they are not limited to cutting one particular material finding use in cutting wood, plastic, and metal, among others.

  • Better productivity: A band saw blade comprises a smaller kerf than many other cutting or sawing tools. The benefit is a less wasted wood product and more resourceful use of materials—ideally, the thinner your blade, the less the waste.

What Are The Different Types Of Bandsaw Blades?

Regular Tooth Blades

These are the commonest saw blades in the market. Ideally, they feature proportionally-spaced teeth rendering them perfect for general contour sawing and cutting purposes. The regular teeth feature a straight face and a smooth gullet boasting a zero-degree or straight rake rendering them fantastic options for cutting thin material and making a good finish. Regular tooth blades are commonly used with general metals and wood.

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Hook Tooth Blades

The hook teeth comprise larger, more widely-spaced teeth with a deep gullet and a 10-degree positive rake angle. These blades are often used in creating faster, coarser, and more aggressive cuts in hardwoods, metals, thicker woods, and plastics. Furthermore, they are an excellent option for longer cuts as the positive rake angle and deep gullet quickly and effectively move material from the way.

Skip Tooth Blades

The skip tooth cutting blades are somewhat a blend of hook and regular tooth blades. Skip tooth boasts a shallow gullet featuring widely-spaced teeth plus a 0-degree rake angle. Usually, they come with a 90-degree tooth allowing for smooth, unclogged cutting of plastics, softwood, and non-ferrous metals (often gum up your blade).

The Top 4 Best Bandsaw Blades for Wood

As you would expect, the market is filled with a wide array of unique bandsaw blades, all designed to perform different tasks. Some blades are generally better for cutting metal, while others are good for resawing. Whatever your unique woodworking needs, there is always a bandsaw for you. 

Here are the top 4 best band saw blades for wood in every category:

1.  Best Overall: Bosch Stationary (Heavy-Duty)Band Saw Blade

The Bosch blade may be affordable, but this heavy-duty blade is certainly no ill-equipped or flimsy blade. This stunning blade is robustly constructed, rendering its cost-friendly price rather better.

This blade measures 80 x 0.5 inches in addition to 6 teeth per inch. This length suitably fits the standard saw sizes. Bosch has built it with premium materials that are resistant to heat while in use and facilitate smooth, wear-resistant functionality.

With the Bosch stationary band saw blade, you will enjoy accurate, clean wood cuts every time, notwithstanding if you are doing intricate or straight cuts. Ideally, for its cost, this particular blade is very valuable and highly functional.

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The only concern is that the weld on several of these blades has been reported not to be as robust as expected.

2.  Best Value: PowerTec 13104x Band Saw Blade

If you need an all-around quality band saw blade for your wood cutting, look no further than the PowerTec 13104X for its unique ability to handle multiple varied tasks.

Top-notch quality and accurate cuts make this blade a multi-functional tool, and better yet, it is more than a single blade. This blade measures 59.5 inches; hence is a suitable option for standard 59.5 x 0.375 x 0.014” blade fittings.

PowerTec is forged from high-quality carbo steel that offers heat resistance, meaning you need not worry about any damages as you operate and a flexible hard carbon edge.

This saw blade can virtually operate from softwoods and hardwoods to non-ferrous metals and plastics. Dependable enough to allow for precise and consistent cuts on any task, this PowerTec blade won't disappoint. However, there are several concerns about the overall durability, especially with continued use.

3.  Most Resilient: Dewalt Portable Band Saw Blade

The portable DeWalt band saw represents an excellent choice for long-standing use. Although it’s common for saw blades to dull and wear down with continued usage, you don't need a cutting blade that will quickly grow less functional and precise. Luckily, this is precisely why the DeWalt was made!

This DeWalt blade is made with a unique high-speed Matrix II steel edge that is uniquely resistant to wear and heat. What’s more, it also comprises 8% cobalt to enhance its dulling combat ability and durability.

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Its blade teeth boast a decent RC 65-67 hardness rating to allow them to resist wearing and tearing. With this durable blade, you will have an easy time cutting thin, medium, or thick metals that are set to last long. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that this is not the best option to suit fine woodcutting.

4.  Most Versatile Saw: Olson HEFB Band Hook Saw Blade

Whether you are an amateur or professional woodcutter, it is always best to pick a saw blade that can handle many tasks-and Oslon HEFB Saw does just that! This remarkable tool is much more than a basic woodworking tool— it can easily work on all types of materials, from metals to hardwood.

The Oslon saw blade is well-suited for cutting plastics, soft and hardwoods, non-ferrous metals, and mild steel. The blade measures 93.5 x 0.5 inches in addition to 3 teeth/inch. This tool can fit with various saws, including Rockwell, Delta, Grizzly, and Jet models, among others for versatile use and fit.

What’s more, this blade is designed per the standard commercial-grade standards meaning that it is robust enough to facilitate industrial woodworking. Even beginners will enjoy the efficiency that comes with this blade.

Final Word

As you have seen, the efficiency of a band saw depends on how good its blade is; the material composition of your wood/metal piece will determine the blade type to use. For starters and occasional users, a multi-functional blade should do the job. However, if you are an everyday user and cutting specific material, you must decide the blades that best suit your needs.

Good luck!

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