Is it time for your next project? Are you wondering which impact driver is most suitable for it? How about the DeWalt DCF787? Or the DCF887? Which one is better? 

An impact driver is one of the first tools a handyman buys since it features a lot of power and is quite versatile. It comes in handy in achieving various drilling and driving applications. They are designed to drive long deck screws and carriage bolts in wood, fasten concrete screws inside walls and drive screws in metal. 

Typically, tools with the DCF labels are part of the DeWalt wrenches and impact drivers line built to provide you with the efficiency to perform the tasks mentioned above. So, which one is better? The DCF787 or the DCF887? 

Let's find out!


Product Details

4.8 / 5


Product Details

4.8 / 5

Build and Design Comparison DCF787 VS DCF887

When it comes to looks, impact drivers usually have a standard design. Since these are from the same brand, they feature the normal DeWalt design, with black and yellow colors. 

These two impact drivers are cordless and utilize rechargeable 20V batteries. They both feature a 0.25-inch chuck for holding the screws and bits in place in terms of chuck size. 

The brushless motor technology is featured in both power tools, offering you proficiency and additional runtime. Besides, the LED lights for illumination are an appreciated bonus. 

On the other hand, there is a difference in dimensions, weight, and the number of batteries utilized. 

The DeWalt DCF787 stands at 12.5 by 3.75 by 9.81 in terms of dimensions. Plus, it weighs 2.8 lbs with the batteries removed and a length of 5.55 inches. It has one LED light and utilizes one battery. 

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Nevertheless, the DeWalt DCF887 utilizes two batteries, and it weighs 2 lbs. What's more, the dimensions stand at 16.22 by 10.1 by 4.5 inches and a 5.3-inches length. For the work light, this impact driver comes with 3 LED lights. 

Thanks to its lightweight construction, the DCF787 is better than the DCF887 in this category because of the one battery and smaller dimensions. 

Performance & speed 

The core of an impact driver is speed and power. The speed and effectiveness at which a cordless impact driver can fasten and drive screws into various materials like concrete and wood are how you determine its power. Both these impact drivers offer impressive performance, and they feature brushless motors for improved runtime and durability. 

The DeWalt DCF787 delivers high speeds of up to 2800 rpm, 3200 ipm utilizing an adjustable trigger to screw in those bolts and screws into a wide array of surfaces. Besides, the torque stands at 1500 inches/lbs. To adjust the trigger for driving the screws, you can utilize the keyless chuck with a 0.125-inch radius compatible with bit tips of up to 0.5 radii and hold the bolts in place. 

On the other hand, the DeWalt DCF887 utilises two powerful batteries to produce three different speeds of 1000, 2800, and 3250 RPMs. Additionally, it uses a speed chooser to adjust and control the speed. 

Furthermore, the maximum torque stands at 1825 inches/pounds to manage all types of screw driving tasks. The DCF887 as well utilizes a chuck of 0.5 inches and can hold a bit tip of up to an inch. 

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In this category, the DeWalt DCF887 features more speed settings, higher speed, and optimum torque, making it the better option. 

Additional accessories

Both the DCF 887 and the DCF 787 come with accessories in the package. The DCF787 features a 1.5Ah battery, a carrying bag, and a fast charger. 

However, the DCF 887 comes with a carrying bag, a fast charger, and two batteries. It also comes with high Amp batteries as well as a belt hook, making it the better impact driver. 

DeWalt DCF787 Review 

This completely metallic power tool is quite incredible if you need to screw in some bolts and screws. Its dimensions stand at 12.5 by 3.75 by 9.81 inches. In addition, it weighs 2.8 lbs and has a back-to-front length of 5.55 inches, making it lightweight and compact enough to use to drive screws and fasten them in tricky places. 

The 20V Lithium-Ion battery provides enough power, and you can easily and swiftly recharge it using the fast charger included in the package. This impact driver can deliver a top speed of 3200 IPM and 2800 RPM thanks to this battery. The 1500 in-lbs torque is quite impressive as well. 

Furthermore, the LED light remains on for 20 seconds after releasing the button. Lastly, the package includes a carrying bag, battery, and fast charger. 

Pros and Cons of DCF787


  • It comes with a carrying bag, charger, and battery
  • It has a compact and lightweight construction
  • LED light remains on for 20 seconds after depressing the trigger
  • It has brushless motor technology


  • Its noisy 

DeWalt DCF887 Review 

The DCF887 impact driver package includes two 20V Max XR batteries that offer additional runtime and efficiency. This also provides versatility using the 3-sped mode of 3250, 2800, and 1000 RPMs and an accuracy drive for improved control. 

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This impressive power tool measures 16.22 by 4.5 by 10.1 inches and weighs 7.4 lbs with both batteries. The front-to-back length stands at 5.3 inches, making this power tool lightweight and compact enough to be used in tight and tricky spaces. 

Additionally, it utilizes a brushless motor for enhanced runtime and improved durability. This amazing tool comes with a 0.25-inch chuck that works with bit tips of about one inch. When it comes to lighting, this impact drill has 3 LED lights, and they remain on for 20 seconds after releasing the trigger. 

This package comes with two batteries, a case, and a belt hook. Lastly, it comes with a 3-year warranty. 

Pros and Cons DCF887


  • It comes with a charger, two batteries, a case, and a belt hook
  • Powerful
  • Long battery life 
  • Lightweight and compact build 
  • Fantastic 3-speed variable settings 


  • The forward/reverse button is placed in a tricky position


Product Details

4.8 / 5


Product Details

4.8 / 5

So, which one is better? 

Even though both impact drivers are from the same manufacturer and have several similar specs, the DeWalt DCF887 features a higher speed and offers variety. Additionally, it has more LED lights though it is a bit heavy than the DCF787, making it the better choice. 

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