Scroll Saw vs Band Saw Full Comparison Guide

scroll saw vs band saw

When undertaking a project that needs new saws, choosing the best tools for the task can be challenging. There are various options to consider. The right choice can ensure you complete the task with no challenges.

One common dilemma for many people is choosing a scroll saw, or a band saw. This post will help you compare scroll saw vs band saw.

The Scroll Saw

A scroll saw uses slim, short blades whose width is around a quarter of an inch. The saws oscillate at great speeds, and people often liken them to double-ended jigsaws. You can control the blades' speed when you press on a pedal.

Consider its throat size — the distance from the saw's rear part to the blade. You may need a saw having a short or long throat, depending on your needs.

If you consider scroll saw vs. band saw for a caricature carving project, scroll saws' fine blades enable you to have thorough detail work.

A scroll saw is more appropriate for a small task, as it doesn't have the same power as a band saw does.

A scroll saw can make angled, straight, and round cuts.

Pros and Cons of a Scroll Saw


  • Extended reach
  • Can accommodate large boards
  • Clean, precise cuts


  • Less powerful

Pros and Cons of Band Saw


  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Improved control


  • Expensive

Scroll Saw vs. Band Saw: How They Differ

Differentiating the two tools can help you choose the right one.

1. Purpose

A scroll saw is appropriate for making intricate designs for a project. These saws use an oscillatory motion, and they can provide a smooth, professional finish.

A band saw is ideal for cutting through thick wood. People often use it in professional or industrial settings.

2. Thickness

The size of the item you intend to cut will influence your saw choice.

Scroll saws use slim, delicate blades that are eight inches long and a quarter-inch thick. These blades aren't ideal for cutting through a thick piece of wood.

Band saws can suit materials measuring 6–30 inches.

3. Cutting

Scroll saws are appropriate for making circular cuts or curves. They may also be ideal for detailed cuts, as you are free to move the material around as needed because of the fixed saw.

Band saws may be more appropriate for straight cuts. You may struggle to make designs with them. They won't be as precise or intricate as you'd like.

4. Versatility

Scroll saws offer more versatility, as they can make an extensive range of cuts. Band saws are more suitable for regular cuts.

5. Budget

Power tools tend to cost significant amounts. This consideration is essential as you compare a band saw and a scroll saw.

A scroll saw is often the cheaper option. Crafters and people doing DIY projects prefer them for this reason.

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Band saws tend to be more expensive. Professional woodworkers prefer them because they are more suitable for commercial projects.


Choosing the best tool for your project depends on your needs. Both scroll saws and bands saws are excellent tools, but they offer various benefits and functionalities. Compare their features to settle on the best option.

A band saw is ideal for commercial projects. It is more accurate and offers greater speeds than a scroll saw. You may use it to make regular cuts.

A scroll saw can be more appropriate for do-it-yourself projects. It is less powerful, more affordable, and more precise than a band saw. You may use it to make more complex cuts.

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