Ridgid vs Dewalt Table Saw

DeWalt and Ridgid are two of the best power tool companies in the US. Even though Dewalt has a greater global presence, the company behind Ridgid was established in 1924, approximately five years earlier than DeWalt. 

Both companies make excellent table saws. Choosing DeWalt often means paying more but getting better quality, while buying a Ridgid table saw can be cheaper but less long-term. 

In this article, we’ll compare Ridgid vs. DeWalt table saw attributes to find out which of the two is worth buying.

Ridgid vs. DeWalt Table Saws: Head-to-head Comparison

In this section, we’ll perform a head-to-head analysis of Ridgid and DeWalt table saws using the triple-P criteria:

  • Power

  • Precision

  • Portability


You need power to cut through hardwood and thick cuts of lumber, more so if you’re logging or slicing framing lumber. Without sufficient power, table saws can be sluggish when dealing with woodcuts that are beyond their cutting abilities.

Despite their remarkably small form factor, DeWalt table saws have a lot of power. For a Ridgid table saw to compete on equal footing, it usually has to be much larger to fit a bigger engine.

When it comes to power, both in terms of quantity and efficiency, DeWalt has superior technology and, therefore, can be expected to deliver reliable performance.


Precision saves you money and resources when working with wood. That’s why you need a table saw with easy-to-adjust precision settings. Without mechanisms to boost precision, you’ll end up wasting material and inevitably spend more time perfecting each project.

Ridgid table saws have beginner-friendly precision settings. They have oversized handles on the accuracy adjustment wheels so that you can set cutting parameters with excellent precision.

DeWalt table saws don’t leave much to desire when it comes to cutting accuracy. However, Ridgid saws are marginally better in this aspect.


A portable table saw is always a handy tool to have, especially if you’re a professional. You can perform heavy-duty cutting at the site of the raw material or work from wherever your job takes you.

Portability may not be such a priority if you’re still learning stuff in your garage. However, if you really want a table saw that is compact and lightweight, your answer is always going to be DeWalt.

They are impressively light even though they pack a lot of raw power. DeWalt has some of the most optimized traveling tools, and their table saws are no different. Along with their ultra-portability comes easy set-up/disassembly systems, plus numerous expansion slots to increase their cutting abilities.

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Ridgid vs. DeWalt Table Saws: Verdict

Nine out of ten times, seasoned woodworkers will choose DeWalt tools over Ridgid tools. DeWalt table saws are more stably built and better suited for longevity and reliable performance.

Ridgid table saws lack the same resilience but are cheaper yet (almost) equally powerful, not to mention slightly more accurate, than DeWalt table saws.

While these general summaries give you a hint of what to expect from each brand, it’s a good idea to make side-by-side comparisons and to read user reviews for individual power tools to learn more about them.

DeWalt and Ridgid Table Saws to Buy This Year

DeWalt DWE7491RS

The DeWalt DWE7491RS is a 10-inch corded table saw with a 32 ½-inch rip capacity. It comes with a miter gauge, rip fence, rolling stand, push stick, and a 24-tooth carbide cutter. With an NLS (no-load speed) rating of 4,800 RPM, it is capable of making 3 1/8-inch cuts at 90 degrees. In other words, this is a high-end table saw that can handle anything from framing lumber to logs.

It has a user-friendly design that includes a rolling stand which cuts down set up times and keeps it perfectly stable during operation. A rack-and-pinion fence with telescoping movement facilitates quick cut adjustments, something that even novices can learn to do with relative ease.

The DWE7491RS has a top-of-the-line 15-amp high-torque motor. It is so powerful that it can cut through treated wood and hardwood. For this kind of power, you’ll need to dig deeper into your pockets. Fortunately, this table saw is worth every penny.

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Ridgid R4512

The R4512 is a battery-powered 10-inch table saw fitted onto a cast iron table for maximum stability. Further precision is guaranteed by the dual clamping (front and back) mechanism on its aluminum rip fence and the oversized glide. What’s more, it comes with accessory slots for larger fences, which means it can support workpieces of varying sizes. 

Powering the Ridgid R4512 is a 13-amp motor capable of 3,450RPM without load. That is more than enough torque to cut through the thickest and hardest kinds of wood. For DIY and home improvement projects, it should provide more than enough juice. 

The main selling point of the R4512 is that no other brand comes close to this performance at this price point. It’s an excellent tool to start with if you have a small budget.

DeWalt DW745

The DW745 is a 10-inch table saw with a 16-inch rip capacity, a pivoting bevel shoe (0 – 45 degrees), and an 1850-watt motor that delivers 3,850 RPM. It comes in a steel roll cage that prevents it from sustaining damage from falls and impacts. 

Its 15-amp motor can sustain power over long periods, plus it can manage 20-inch rip cuts easily. It comes with a standard 24-tooth blade, a miter fence, a parallel fence, a couple of blade wrenches, and a push stick. Although it doesn’t come with a stand, it only weighs 45 pounds. It’s not hard to move around the job site. 

Equipped with multiple safety features, a compact build, and reliable components, this is a solid option for professional and amateur woodworking. 

Ridgid ZRR4513

The ZRR4513 is a heavy-duty table saw with a 15-amp motor and a wheeled stand. It’s sufficiently portable and stable thanks to this free accessory. It features a 50-tooth blade that’s excellent for making fine crosscuts on softwood.

Even though it has a slight learning curve, this table saw is quite easy to operate once you get the basics down. It has a highly adjustable fence secured with Allen keys on the side. Though it lacks a rack-and-pinion fence, it is quite stable during operation.

The best part is that it is cheaper than comparable DeWalt table saws and, therefore, a worthy consideration if the price is an issue

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