DeWALT DCF899B vs DCF899HB - Which one is better for you?



It's inevitable, at some point through your woodworking projects, you will need to use a wrench. But what is it? A wrench is an effective and versatile power tool, typically used in multiple home repair tasks and other different projects. 

From plastic cutting to different woodworking tasks, a wrench is quite a handy tool. So, the next time you visit your power tool dealer's shop, make sure you buy one. But, which one's right for you? Before purchasing a wrench, there are numerous things to consider, from design and price to durability and versatility. 

We've done all the heavy lifting and reviewed and compared the DeWalt DCF899HB and the DCF899B. By the time you're done reading this write-up, you'll know which one is most suitable for you.


Winner: DCF899HB

DCF899HB is the better option, thanks to the Hog Ring Anvil. While the Detent Anvil in the DCF899B is quite handy, the Hog Ring Anvil holds tighter.

*(Full  feature comparison between the two below)


1/2 inch cordless impact wrench with up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque and 1200 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque.


Multi-speed control for different tasks at 0-400/ 1,200/ 1,900 RPM.


By far, the best value tool for the price.

DeWalt DCF899B Review 

The DeWalt DCF899B is a powerful tool that works for extended periods thanks to its brushless motor. It precisely runs up to 700 ft/lbs, and when in the breakaway mode, it runs up to 1200 ft/lb. What's more, this wrench is durable and robust enough to work on multiple surfaces like steel, plastic, aluminum, and wood. 

Are you working on your project or need to fix something at night? If yes, then you'll be delighted to know that this tool features an LED light bright enough to illuminate your workspace. While it is relatively small, it will come in handy in light-lacking surroundings. 

But what makes the DeWalt DCF899B stand out from its competition? The fact that it has a detent anvil. 

What is a detent anvil?

This simply means that this wrench has a pin that adequately fits into the impact socket, with a tiny hole where it is linked to the impact. It utilizes a ball bearing on one side to hold the socket in place. Therefore, users can hold it firmly and comfortably for a long time. 

Nevertheless, the package you buy only comes with the wrench and no other components. For this reason, you have to purchase the battery and charger separately. 

DCF899B Pros and Cons


  • It has a strength-tolerable 0.5-inch anvil
  • Slim and lightweight construction
  • Bright LED work light 
  • Potent brushless motor
  • It offers a comfy grip


  • The battery and charger have to be purchased separately

DeWalt DCF899HB Review 

This impact wrench features a Hog Ring Anvil. This is a ring around the driver's square end to hold the socket in place. Additionally, the DeWalt DCF899Hb has a premium torque system perfect for heavy-duty applications.

The brushless motor combined with the superior torque mechanism makes this impact wrench ideal for demanding tasks. The optimum torque stands at 700ft/lb, and 1000 ft/lbs is the highest breakaway torque. 

As mentioned above, this power tool has a Hog Ring Anvil, an upgrade of the detent Anvil, offering more runtime, enhanced performance, and outstanding durability. Additionally, this power tool gives room for faster and more comfortable socket switching. 

The DCF899HB has a user-friendly 3-speed regulation panel. The body is explicitly built for durability and can endure a fall of up to 8 feet without clipping or breaking. Lastly, for additional convenience, this impact wrench has a 20-minute delay system to aid you to work in inadequately lit rooms. 

DCF899B Pros and Cons


  • Impressive power and torque 
  • The three speeds allow for maximum control when working 
  • Bright LED work light to light up dark workstations 
  • The Hog Ring Anvil makes it easy to switch impact sockets
  • Durable enough to survive an 8 feet fall 


  • The battery and charger have to be purchased separately

Differences and similarities 


The DeWalt DCF899B and DCF899HB are very alike; precisely, they have the same torque capacity, motor design, and LED light. 

They both feature brushless motors, which is why they have a longer run time compared to wrenches with brushed motors. Also, in regards to engine power, it can vibrate at 700 ft/lb, and the breakaway torque capability is even better at 1200ft/lb. This means that both these wrenches are incredibly powerful, and they make substantial cuts effortlessly. 

Moreover, these two wrenches are equipped with three speeds, giving you more control over your project. On top of that, the LED light is quite a handy addition, especially when you have to work at night or in dimly lit areas. 

Lastly, they both feature battery gauges situated on the side to assess how much the battery is spent. They even have the same downside; they do not come with a charger or battery, meaning you have to buy them separately. 


While the DeWalt DCF899B and DCF899HB have a lot in common, they also have several differences, making the choosing process a bit easier. For instance, the DeWalt DCF899HB impact wrench weighs 6.4 lbs, while the DCF899B weighs 5.8 lbs. Therefore, the DCF899B is better in the weight category. 

Nonetheless, these two products have the exact dimensions; 9.94 by 4.25 by 10.63 inches. 


When it comes to the design of these two powerful tools, the significant difference is in the Anvil. The DeWalt DCF899HB features a Hog Ring Anvil, while the DCF899B has a detent anvil. For this reason, the DeWalt DCF899HB is the better option in this category since the Hog Ring Anvil promotes performance and aids the tool to hold tighter. 

Prevalently, these two wrenches are heavy-duty power tools, thanks to their powerful brushless motors and remarkable torque. On the other hand, the DCF899HB is heavier than the DCF899B. Meanwhile, many users have found the Hog Ring Anvil to hold rather tight than the detent pin. Depending on how frequent you need to replace sockets, this could be an upside or downside. 


Winner: DCF899HB

DCF899HB is the better option, thanks to the Hog Ring Anvil. While the Detent Anvil in the DCF899B is quite handy, the Hog Ring Anvil holds tighter.

DCF899B vs DCF899HB: Which one is better?

That being said, the DCF899HB is the better option, thanks to the Hog Ring Anvil. While the Detent Anvil in the DCF899B is quite handy, the Hog Ring Anvil holds tighter. Therefore, if you switch sockets often, then this is the tool to go for. But even though you don't frequently change sockets, it is a convenient feature for future use.

However, if you're looking for a lightweight wrench, the DeWalt DCF899B might be the better option. 

Well, there it is, a detailed comparison of the DeWalt DCF899B and DCF899HB!

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