DeWalt DW745 Table Saw

DeWalt DW745 Table Saw

If you’re here, you have found the best table saw for your job site!

For such a power tool, it is always best to go for premium products from a reliable manufacturer, and the DeWalt DW745 table saw is nothing short of this. This table saw is among the many DeWalt has manufactured to provide value for your money. While it was launched in 2010, DeWalt hasn't discontinued it, and with good reason. 

In this review, I aim to answer any questions you might have and clear any doubts you might have about purchasing the DW745 table saw.

Here we go!


Dimensions: 26.5 by 25.75 by 13.8 Inches

Weight: 53.9 Pounds 

Amperage: 15

Dust Port Diameter: 2.5 Inches 

Arbor Size: 5/8 inches 

No-Load-Speed: 3850 RPM

Blade Diameter: 10 inches 

Cutting Depth at 900: 3 1/8 Inches 

Cutting Depth at 450: 2.25 Inches 

Max Rip to the Right: 20 inches

Max Rip to the Left: 12 Inches 

What I Like

  • The table coating decreases friction allowing for smoother cuts. 

  • The fence rail helps establish a small and compact package.

  • The robust roll cage offers better integrity than plastic ones. 

  • The dust port allows for connecting a vacuum which helps clean up.

  • It has an adjustable blade.

  • It offers a toolless blade guard compilation. 

  • The onboard storage for your tools helps declutter your workstation.

What I Don’t Like 

  • It does not accept dado blades.

  • I found the motor somewhat loud. 

Key Features 

Build & Size 

I’ll begin with the build and size of this table saw. Usually, I consider the outward appearance first, then the size. Considering it's a table saw, I like to ensure it will fit properly in my space without sacrificing comfort. 

While I have a spacious workshop, I also have many other large power tools, so it’s best to be conscious about space. Besides, with a table saw, you also have to consider leaving room to move easily. 

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The DW745 table saw features a sturdy steel and iron construction, so you won’t have to worry about this unit’s integrity. The measurements stand at 26.5 by 25.75 by 13.8 Inches, which is rather compact. Additionally, the package includes a table of size 22 by 16 inches, which offers ample space for cutting the larger workpieces. 

Further, it weighs 53.9 pounds, which is relatively lightweight. This is among the key reasons I chose this table saw since it’s rather easy to move around. Something else I appreciate about the DW745 table saw is the roll cage. 

This cage is handy in shielding the table saw against impact at the workshop or job site, while the rack & pinion system and front and rear fence lock add to convenience and safety. Also, it comes with onboard storage for storing other tools and accessories you might be using. 

However, this unit doesn't have a particular spot for putting the miter gauge. 


As pointed out, this table saw has a compact design, but this doesn't give up the motor's power output. Together with its robust build, this table saw comes with a potent motor that can work on almost any material you throw at it. 

The 1.75 hp, 15 amp motor will provide the much-needed power for all the tough jobs. Whatever material or type of cuts you want to make, this machine won't disappoint. The motor is tough enough to revolve the blade at a maximum speed of 3850 RPM. This way, you'll make smoother and cleaner cuts, boosting efficiency. 

Cutting Capacity

A powerful motor coupled with impressive cutting capacity ensures efficiency with all your tasks. To kick us off, the DW745 has a 24-teeth 10-inch cutting blade. With it, you can be certain of easily cutting hardwood and other tough materials. On the other hand, the finishing might not be as good. Therefore, you might require switching the blades for one with more teeth. 

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This table saw is versatile and capable of handling small and large-scale projects effortlessly. Considering it has plenty of torque, you can be sure it will do an excellent job. 

It can tilt at 450 and make cuts 2.25 inches deep, and at 900, it can make 3.13-inch-deep cuts. Moreover, the shoe bevels range from 0 to 45 degrees for angled cuts, while the fence system provides approximately 610 mm ripping capacity, which is helpful when I want to make cuts on large materials. 

I also love the overload protection feature, which ensures excellent results with frozen, wet, and even hardwoods. 

Dust Collection

Most of the table saws on the market have a dust collection system. The DW745 unit has a reliable system for ensuring a dust-free workstation. While its slightly open dust collection system isn't the best on the market, it will do the job!

Safety Features

Lastly, I’ll talk about the DW745’s safety features. It features a guarding system, blade guard, miter gauge, and push stick. All these combined ensure your safety as you do what you love best. However, even if there are safety features, it's essential to wear safety gear when working with this table saw. 


DeWalt table saws never disappoint regarding accessories, and the DW745 is no exception. Here are the inclusions in the package:

  • Blade guard

  • Push Stick

  • Miter gauge 

  • 10-inch carbide blade

Cost & Comparison

The DeWalt DW745 table saw costs $350 to $400, which is not that expensive for a job site table saw. The DeWalt DWE7485, its successor, costs almost the same, while the Bosch 4100 XC-10 table saw goes for $550 to $700, making it the most expensive option. 

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Here is a brief review of some of the best DeWalt DW745 table saw alternatives:

DeWalt DWE7485 Table Saw 

As mentioned above, this is the DW745 unit’s successor, hence it is its closest competition. It weighs the same as the DW745 table saw, and the 15-amp motor is just as powerful. The rack & pinion system is efficient, though the main difference between these two units is that this one uses an 8.25-inch blade. 

Also, it has a maximum speed of 5800 RPM. On the downside, the smaller blade translates to shallower cuts on the right and left sides. 

Bosch 4100 XC-10 Table Saw 

This is the way to go for you eyeing a fancy table saw rather hardcore than the DW745 table saw. It is an excellent contractor-grade unit, and it delivers a whopping 4.0 horsepower and a vast rip capacity of 30 inches. Also, you’ll appreciate the anti-kickback shielding. 

On the other hand, it is heavy at 109 pounds. However, the wheel stand makes up for this, while the restart protector hinders accidental operation. 

Why you Should Choose the DeWalt DW745 Table Saw 

The DeWalt DW745 table saw is among the best in DeWalt's range of table saws. There are plenty of reasons to choose it, including the fact that it is lightweight, durable, sturdy, and slightly affordable. 

If you're looking for an affordable job site table saw that offers the same great features as the expensive models, this is the power tool to buy.

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