Milwaukee Rotary Tool vs Dremel

milwaukee rotary tool vs dremel rotary tool


When it comes to the cordless rotary tools market, it is essential to compare the Milwaukee M12 and Dremel 8220. These two power tools are built for performance, and the Milwaukee M12 is basically designed to compete with the cordless Dremel 8220. 

They seem to be the best in the market, but how do they fare against each other? 

Here we compare the Milwaukee M12 vs. Dremel 8220 and see which one is most suitable for you. 

Here we go… 

Dremel 8220 Overview 


  • Brand Dremel 

  • Power source Cordless/electric 

  • Dimensions 9 by 3 by 13.75 In

  • Style Old version

  • Weight 1.6lbs. 


LED battery indicator 

This light notifies you when your battery needs to be charged. 

On/off switch

The on/off button is simple to work with, and it offers you control over the speed as the speed setting modification is simple.  


This is a 12V power tool, which offers impressive cordless performance, and is easy to use. Besides, the Lithium-Ion battery will last for up to 2 years. However, this doesn't feature memory effects. 

It's okay to charge it whenever you like, and it only takes an hour. The potent motor offers enhanced performance, making it perfect for heavy-duty tasks. 


With variable speeds of 5000 to 35000 RPM, the Dremel tools give you maximum control over your project. It is compatible with Dremel accessories making it highly versatile and accurate. 


This is a cordless and powerful rotary tool that offers enhanced performance. It's a flexible tool equipped with a potent motor that provides great performance at any speed. I also realized that the Dremel 8220 is compatible with all Dremel accessories, which are ideal for a wide array of tasks. 

What's more, the 8220 features an ergonomic build with a flexible 360-degree handle. This provides more control over the tool in different situations. 

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Compared to the previous Dremel 8200, I found that the 8220's battery has 33% more runtime. I charged it within an hour, and the runtime depended on the task I had.. Additionally, the runtime can be determined by the material, technique, and speed used. 

Utilizing the proper tool lets you cut any material effortlessly. The Dremel 8220 adds a bit of sparkle to your woodworking projects, even in tight spaces and on various materials. Also, this tool allows for smoothing and sanding, and it has a rather lightweight construction, standing at 2.1 lbs. 

Dremel 8220 Pros and Cons


  • It is versatile 
  • It is convenient since it is cordless 
  • It works very fast thanks to the high maximum speed
  • Powerful motor with impressive speed


  • It tends to heat up after continuous use under maximum speed 


The case comes in handy in organizing the included accessories, and the speed fluctuates from 5000RPM to 35000RPM. This Provides incredible precision and control. Another thing I loved about the Dremel 8220 is that it can be used for carving and works perfectly on hard and soft materials.

Customer ratings by features 

Versatility 4.6

Maneuverability 4.6 

Ease of holding 4.4

Battery life 4.3

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Milwaukee M12 Overview 


  • Brand Milwaukee 
  • Power Source Cordless 
  • Voltage 12V
  • Color `Red



The Milwaukee M12 variable speed ranges from 5000 RPM – 32000RPM, making it perfect for heavy-duty use, though not with extremely hard materials. You no longer have to take a lot of time on your project with this fast-speed rotary tool.

The maximum performance is thanks to the maximum speed this power tool offers, and the speed button makes using it easy. 

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The M12 batteries do not take long to charge fully, and it lasts a long time when in use. Plus, the potent motor provides excellent performance. 


The Milwaukee M12 collet supports the 1/32 to 18-inch accessories. This provides you with a wide variety of accessories to use. Therefore, if you lose an accessory, you can simply grab another one and continue working. 

On/off switch 

This is the speed control button, and it is easy to utilize for either reducing or increasing the speed, depending on the application. 


The Milwaukee M12 is a small, cordless tool that features a Lithium-Ion battery. It has impressive functionality thanks to its ability to work well in tight spaces. It also has a metal construction making it extremely durable. 

I appreciated the rubber grasps on the handle, which made it comfortable to hold for a long time. Due to the advanced engineering that goes into making this rotary tool, it offers incredible functionality. It as well works for long periods without sacrificing quality, and its small build makes it easy to use in tight spaces. 

Furthermore, it comes with a 5-year warranty guaranteeing an extended period of maximum performance. It took me a short while to completely charge the battery, and it lasted a long time, though this depends on the application. The long battery life makes this tool ideal for demanding tasks. 

Moreover, I could comfortably use this rotary tool despite the weather, so no need to worry about harsh weather conditions. The battery needs to be monitored, and it as well requires a temperature management mechanism for best performance. 

Also, the Redland feature is quite the appreciated bonus, as it provides the tool with overload shielding to hinder you from spoiling it when working on demanding projects. Lastly, it comprises a flathead screwdriver which comes in handy in detaching the cutting wheels. 

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Milwaukee M12 Pros and Cons


  • Its compact size makes it highly portable 
  • The all-metal build makes it durable 
  • The handle makes it comfortable to use 
  • Extended battery life 


  • It can be a bit noisy 


The batteries will work efficiently no matter the weather condition, and the compact build translates to portability, making finishing any task faster and less tiring. The Milwaukee M12 also comes with a fuel gauge that shows you the runtime left before the battery dies.

Customer ratings by features 

Versatility 4.1

Battery life 4.0

Value for money 4.0

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  • They both have Lithium-Ion batteries
  • They're cordless 
  • They both feature variable speed 
  • Both batteries last a long time 


  • Dremel is not as fast-charging as Milwaukee 
  • Milwaukee features a soft carrying case, while Dremel has a hard one
  • Dremel has a higher speed than Milwaukee
  • Milwaukee comes with fewer accessories than Dremel 
  • Dremel is more flexible than Milwaukee 
  • Milwaukee is not compatible with as many tools as Dremel 


So, which one is better? For an inexpensive option, Milwaukee is the way to go. While it is affordable, it doesn't sacrifice functionality. Besides, it is compact and charges faster.

On the other hand, I noticed that Dremel has a higher speed than Milwaukee, and it comes with more accessories. It is also more versatile, but the choice you make depends on your budget and preferences. But, In the end, I found that the Dremel 8220 is a better option compared to the Milwaukee M12. 


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