DeWalt D26453K vs DWE6423K

DeWalt D26453K vs DWE6423K

Looking at the both orbital sanders it's plain to see that they share a lot of very basic design elements. DeWalt D26453K vs DWE6423K so which oe should you buy?

Each sander gives a fairly good finish and is built to a high quality.​

Before we pick a winner lets have a quick look below at each sander and see how they look.​

DeWalt D26453K Review

​The D26453K random orbital sander from DeWalt is probably the top orbital sander available on the market right now. 

It is powered by a variable speed 3 Amp motor. With an operating range of between 7,000 and 12,000 OPM(Oscillations per minute) it offers a pretty versatile operating speed range so that you can match the sanding speed to the specific hardness of wood you are sanding.

The pads that the D26453K accept are the standard 5 inch eight hole and use a hook and loop system for less lateral slippage.​

​DeWalt have integrated their CFS(Controlled Finishing System) into the D26453K. CFS helps to reduce the gouging and marring of the wood surface as you start up the sander.

Holding a sander on the surface to be finished is not a good idea so you are much better off allowing it to hit peak speed before you press it onto the surface. 

​It has a nice ergonomic design and is easy to hold and maneuver for long periods of time. The main handle on the top is coated in a non-slip rubber like material that is easy to grip for just about anyone.

Included with the D26453K is a quality dust bag that can help reduce the amount of dust in your work shop by a large margin. It is also capable of connecting to any standard shop vacuum to further help reduce dust.​


  • 3 Amp motor
  • Variable speeds between 7,000 to 12,000 OPM
  • CFS(Controlled finishing system)
  • Cloth dust bag included
  • Limited warranty of 3 years

DeWalt DWE6423K Review

​The DeWalt DWE6423K is the newer version of the D26453K. It has virtually the same motor and sanding performance.

It has a 3 Amp variable speed motor that runs between 8,000 and 12,000 OM. There is also a singe speed model available called the DWE6421K.

It has a lower profile than it's predecessor. It also has less vibrations getting through to the users hands thanks to better internal vibration dampening. It is achieved thanks to a separate counterweight inside the main body of the sander.​

Comes with dust bag and carrying bag just like the D26453K.​


  • 3 Amp motor
  • Variable speed from 8,000 to 12,000 OPM
  • Integrated dust collection bag
  • Sealed dust proof main switch
  • 3 year warranty

DeWalt D26453K vs DWE6423K

​So what the difference between DeWalt D26453K vs DWE6423K ?

Well the DWE6423K is the newer model in the range. It has a slightly lower profile than the D26453K and DeWalt claim that it will transfer slightly less vibrations through to the operators hands.

So the DWE6423K will probably be a little more comfortable to hold over longer periods of time.

The only real distinguishable thing between either is the variable speed range. On the D26453K the range is 7,000 to 12,000 and on the DWE6423K it is 8,000 to 12,000. That difference shouldn't really matter to most people.

That's pretty much the only difference between the two models.​

​Personally I would buy which ever is on sale or the one you can get the cheapest. Why? Because performance wise they are effectively the same sander. Same motor, control, same accessories and the same finish.

So choose the cheaper of the two depending on where you are shopping.

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