Woodworking Hand Tools Starter Kit

Woodworking Hand Tools Starter Kit

When you visit your local hardware, it might be intimidating to choose your power tools with completely stocked shelves. 

All the same, this is normal, especially when you're not sure of the right tools to get. It's probably why you're here. While there is a broad scope of tools, some are specifically designed to be beginner-friendly. 

These tools are generally user-friendly and affordable. Again, they tend to have high-quality builds, so they'll serve you for a long time and help you improve your woodworking skills. The difference between a work-of-art and a shoddy workpiece could be the tools you're using. 

So, to get the job done right, here is what your woodworking starter kit should have:

Workbench & accessories 

No woodworker's garage or workshop is complete without a workbench. Not only is a workbench the heart of your workshop, but it's also where you'll do most of the manual work. Workbenches are made using different wood, but maple, ash, oak, and beech wood are the most common options. 

Hence, if you're utilizing light accessories, it's more suitable to have one made of softwood. Again, there are metal and stone-made workbench options. For easier work, your bench should have a cookie kit and vice. 

Also, it has to have a comfortable design, 86 by 100 cm for a standard size bench, depending on your height. For best performance, it should also have a minimum of 3-inch thickness. 

Wood chisels 

For paring, scraping, and chopping, you'll require wood chisels. Typically, they're made of steel, thus making them suitable for carving tough material. The head is sharp-sided and is versatile enough for multiple tasks, including carpentry joints. 

Like all the tools in this write-up, wood chisels are crucial to woodworking and easy to use, hence ideal for beginner woodworkers. All the same, some practice is needed to master using them. Woodworkers have used wood chisels for a long time, and they are still handy in the workshop. 

On the other hand, you can utilize a screwdriver as a wood chisel, especially when practising. Also, ensure you wear safety goggles and sharpen your chisels using a belt sander for ideal results. 

Hand saw

Cutting wood is an essential part of woodworking, and nothing is more user-friendly than a hand saw. This tool is versatile enough to be used by beginners and professional woodworkers. Not only does it cut wood, but it is also handy for trail maintenance. 

A hand saw is an indispensable tool from DIY to home maintenance and any other tasks involving cutting wood. Again, you will not need an electric saw when you have a hand saw. This is a risk-free woodworking tool as you will be cutting material cautiously. However, you should use gloves and make straight lines using a pencil for the best results. 

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Wood carving gear 

Woodworking involves a lot of disciplines, one of them being wood carving. The most popular wood carving gear are a knife, chisel, and mallet. Carving using these tools achieves impressive results. 

However, wood carving is quite tricky, so if you want to pursue this professionally, you will require plenty of practice. A clear head and accurate hand when doing this can come up with a magnificent final product. 

When wood carving, go for the right wood and tools, depending on your workpiece. Again, to shield your hands, wear carving gloves. 

Hammer & mallet

A mallet is a wood or rubber-made huge head tool, and just like a hammer, it is used to hit smaller objects continuously. These tools are convenient for a woodworker, especially if you prefer traditional woodworking tools. 

Make sure to use a hammer with a solid handle to avoid injury in your workstation. Moreover, it would be best to properly hit the nail using the hammer to avoid injury. 

Measuring and marking tools 

Measuring and marking is arguably the most challenging part of the woodwork. Then again, it is as essential as it is difficult. You need to be precise since if you miss one mark, your workpiece might end up looking like a disaster. 

That being said, perfect marking and measuring make your project look neat and professional. You should utilize chalk lines, measuring tape, Sliding T-Bevel, a level mechanical pencil, and a short rule for marking and measuring. 

What's more, it would be best if you used a stiff metal rule and avoided the measuring tape ruler.

Hand planers 

Hand planers are the ideal tools to use if you're looking to lose some extra energy by doing some handwork. A hand plane is a vital tool for woodworking; to use it, place it on the wood surface, and move it vigorously and accurately. 

Hand planes come in different types, including block, bench, and scrub planes. Always wear safety glasses and defenders. Similarly, ensure you hold the hand plane correctly, with a suitable posture, to avoid ruining the workpiece. 

Drivers, nails, and screws

Nails and screws are very common and are designed to hold items together. They're usually made using stainless steel, brass, or bronze. On the other hand, self-drive screws feature a fragmented point that cuts into the material effortlessly. 

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Typically, nails feature a sharp end and a flat head, while screws are used to join materials together by being revolved, allowing it to drill into the material and hold it tightly in place. Nail and screwdriver are excellent for making the work easier, and they include cordless screwdrivers and power screwdrivers. It is essential that you use the correct screwdriver bit for the screw type you're using. 

For improved performance with nails, you can utilize the claw hammer. 

Power tools 

After learning how to use the basic tools, you can now use power tools. There have been multiple advancements in power tools’ technology; thus, they can be difficult to use. Some power tools perform the same functions but are not manual anymore. 

All the same, the vital tools you need as a beginner include an orbital sander, circular saw, router, power drill, table saw, and jigsaw. 

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With the intimidating number of woodworking tools on the market, it can be frustrating to pick the right ones. This hand tools starter kit includes affordable and easy-to-use options. Besides, they are excellent for more challenging tasks as your skills sharpen. 

Now, it's time to start working since you have all the right tools.

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