Best Speed Square for Woodworking

Best Speed Square for Woodworking

Speed squares are a vital tool and necessary companion for any woodworker or carpenter. Whether you are a professional woodworker or want a reliable tool to simplify your DIY home projects, speed squares might become one of your most used and preferred woodworking equipment. 

Often considered the most valuable and reliable measuring tool in construction and carpentry, a speed square allows for perfect 90 and 45-degree angles and can also function as a ruler, not to mention being a crosscut fence for either your router or router saw. 

Despite their standard appearance, speed squares boast a wide array of qualities and features-and are not all made similarly equal. Moreover, considering their versatility and portability, having the best speed square for woodworking is mandatory, hence the need to get the best one.

Choosing the suitable speed square for your woodworking project needs can be the difference between a hassle-free and an unnecessarily challenging project. So which is the best speed square? 

To ensure you pick the best square for your project, here is a list of the four best speed squares for woodworking and a list of pros and cons for each tool. Hopefully, this post helps you sieve through the assortment of speed squares available and complete your workpiece. 

The Best Speed Squares – Reviews 2022

Johnson Level & Tool Rafter Speed Square 

Your search for the best speed square for woodworking ends with the Johnson Angle Square. It is a straightforward and inexpensive tool that simplifies your woodworking project by offering accurate measurements. This true square features a durable aluminum body designed with CNC machined edges to allow exceptional precision and durability. 

The Johnson level speed square offers genuinely accurate measurements, and with its thick edge, you can enjoy its capacity as a guide for your saw. Typically, this amazing feature functions especially well for angled cuts and crosscuts. Of course, this speed square can be indirectly used also by drawing lines and scribing notches on your projects. 

Similar to most traditional speed squares, the Johnson model comes with scales for cutting valley, jack, and hip rafters. Ideally, if you are a practical rafter, this is your ideal handy tool. Nonetheless, this tool is still a good woodworking companion to boost your precision and efficiency if you aren't. 

The tool’s numbers are well graduated, rendering them simple to read. Also, it includes continuous scribing notches, allowing proper ripping of boards of given dimensions quicker. 

Johnson Level & Tool Rafter Speed Square - Pros and Cons

iGaging Bench Square

This 7-inch iGaging bench square is among the finest woodworking tools available. While any speed square can expedite woodworking projects, there are multiple benefits with the iGaging model over other similar units. 

First, this tool allows you to mark holes every 1/8 inch to scribe consistent lines easily for rip cuts. What’s more, its footing is designed to be ½ inch tall with two different offsets (3/8 inches and ¼ inch)

iGaging Bench Square - Pros and Cons


  • Facilitates consistent lines for smooth rip cuts
  • Allow swift machine & tool setup
  • Comes in two sizes (7-inch & 4inch models)


  • Fairly expensive 


Finally, the unique standard measurements make for swift tool and machine setups and layout standard joinery lines. Ideally, iGaging speed square offers a seven and 4-inch combination square set, particularly if you want both sizes. 

Swanson (7-inch) S0101 Speed Square 

If you want an inexpensive yet fully effective square for your project, the Swanson S0101 is your best option. Ideally, it offers the two most important features that make up a speed, square-efficacy, and affordability. 

This stunning tool can work as a saw guide, line scriber, and miter square and is, therefore, an invaluable tool to add to your woodworking toolset. It comes with a comprehensive guide (Swanson Blue Book) that clarifies how to perform proper angle cuts. Also, it features a unique diamond cutout designed to facilitate smooth rafter seat cuts, although you needn’t use this feature often. 

Swanson (7-inch) S0101 Speed Square - Pros and Cons


  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to read graduations
  • Includes all usual measurements


  • Smaller than many other models


Lastly, this tool has accurate graduations for making common jack, valley, and hip rafters. Similarly, the graduations are easy to read for accurate measures offering you a handy tool for precise woodworking measurements and final workpieces. 

DEWALT Speed Square 

The aluminum DEWALT square is a premium choice tool that undeniably offers value for your money. Ideally, it is a well-designed speed square with a uniquely calibrated setting featuring white numbers outlined on a black background for easy reading. It is made of durable aluminum material boosting durability and eradicating the problem of rusting. 

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The measuring numbers are stamped and etched on, allowing them to stay on for a relatively long time. It is a genuinely perfect square ensuring that you enjoy accurate measurements for virtually all woodworking projects. 

DEWALT Speed Square - Pros and Cons


  • Etched numbers
  • Accurate
  • Numbers are easy to read


  • No notches
  • Coating easily rubs off


Nonetheless, the paint tends to chip somewhat easily despite its quality build, meaning they wear off quicker than you'd like. Also, you will not like that this product does not feature convenient notches. Not all woodworkers need notches, and therefore this isn't necessarily a setback for all users. 

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Speed squares are an essential tool for both woodworkers and carpenters, and many DIYers will enjoy the convenience and efficacy these tools offer, hence their popularity. Essentially, these woodworking tools are straightforward. But, they are available in numerous varied features rendering it difficult to choose the suitable option for your needs. With these few options mentioned above, we hope you can identify the best option for you. 

Of all the products mentioned above, the Johnson Rafter Angle Speed Square is the best speed square for woodworking. It boasts an accurate design, but it also comes with easy-to-read numbers and is guaranteed to serve you for a relatively long time.

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