Unlike power drills, hammer drills are not very popular though they are more efficient. While they're less common, they can drive in screws and boreholes in various materials, including metal, wood, and brick. 

It's easy to tell how robust these tools are with their build, optional secondary handle, and numerous control settings. Providing the combined expertise of typical drills, a small jackhammer, and an impact driver, it can be a convenient yet crucial power tool. 

On the other hand, choosing the suitable one depends on how you intend to use it. Here, we'll compare the DeWalt DCD995 and the DCD996 and see which one is better.

Here we go! 

DeWalt DCD995 Overview

Brushless motor technology 

This hammer drill is fitted with a Lithium-ion battery, though it is impressively powerful. Its brushless motor is 82 % more potent than most hammer drills within the DeWalt line. 

Besides, as with all brushless tools, this one adds to its durability and speed. Again, this motor delivers 820 UWO and provides 57% more runtime. 

Three-speed mode 

The DCD995 hammer drill is extremely powerful and is ideal for beginner DIYers, hobbyists, and professional users. It features three variable speeds, making it easier for you to choose the right speed depending on the project you're working on. 


The DCD995 hammer drill has a compact and lightweight construction. It is 8.4 inches long and weighs 4.7 lbs. Certainly, its small size makes it highly portable and more compact than most hammer drills in the market. 

Even though some people don't mind the size and weight of hammer drills, a lightweight tool like this will come in handy if you're using it for extended periods to avoid getting tired fast. 

The smaller the size of the hammer drill, the more effortless it is to use for a long time. Therefore, this incredible tool reduces fatigue and is user-friendly. 


Other features 

The features do not stop there; the DeWalt DCD995 features an LED light with three different modes. This means that you can work proficiently, even at night or in dark spaces. 

One of the three LED light modes is the spotlight mode, which is the brightest. It remains for 20 minutes after depressing the trigger switch. For this reason, you can work without needing to re-modify or repress the light. 

Pros and Cons of DCD995


  • It has a three-mode LED light 
  • Lightweight and compact construction reduces fatigue 
  • It is versatile enough to be utilized on different surfaces
  • It has three different speeds of up to 2000 BPM, making it ideal for beginners and professionals
  • The metal frame makes it sturdier and more robust 


  • The small size makes it unsuitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • No built-in cleaner
  • Currently out of stock (as of the writing of this article)


This is a handy and durable hammer drill suitable for drilling and driving on various surfaces. It as well has a three-mode LED light for convenience when working in dimly lit areas. Lastly, it is made using a metal frame that is strong and durable and hinders unwanted vibrations when in use.

DeWalt DCD996 Overview


The DeWalt DCD996 hammer drill has an appealing design and, combined with its incredible usability, makes it a handy addition to your tool collection. As with all DeWalt power tools, the DCD996 hammer drill has yellow and black colors. The handle and top back are rubberized, making them easier to use.


This is one of the most remarkable features the DCD996 power tool has to offer. It delivers 38500 BPM, meaning that it can drive and drill through various hard surfaces, including concrete. Also, it provides 2000 RPM, which is rather impressive. 

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When it comes to torque, this is quite a fantastic tool since it delivers 820 UWO, which is the same as the DCD995 hammer drill. 

The three-speed modes include;

  1. 0 to 450 RPM for more suitable torque settings for large holes 
  2. 0 to 1300 RPM best for medium holes and simple jobs 
  3. 0 to 2000 RPM perfect for small holes 


This nitro-carburized ratcheting part is quite handy. It makes the tool nose sturdier and long-lasting. Again, it features carbide inserts. 

On top of that, this hammer drill comes with an 11-speed drill, clutch, and hammer modes. The initial setting is for the easiest jobs like screwdriving and, the last setting is virtually like the drill setting. 


The DeWalt DCD996 can use both the 20V and 60V DeWalt batteries. If you like it being relatively lightweight, you can go for the 20V battery. Though if you don't mind the extra weight, the 60V is a suitable option. It offers a longer battery life and more power, though it is a bit heavier. 

LED light 

With a three-mode LED light, this hammer drill is ideal for use in dimly lit workstations. The first mode, also known as low mode, stays on for 20 seconds after depressing the trigger. 

The medium mode is lighter than the low light mode, and it remains on for 20 seconds after releasing the trigger. The spotlight mode is the brightest, and it stays on for 20 minutes after depressing the trigger. 


Lastly is the thoughtful 360-degree handle. However, if you're right-handed, it would help if you positioned it on a different angle or your left side.

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Pros and Cons of DCD996


  • Robust and durable build 
  • Has 11 clutch speeds
  • Can use the 20V and 60V batteries from DeWalt
  • 3-mode LED light
  • The keyless chuck is very convenient


  • Expensive 
  • The battery might begin loosening as you continue drilling, thus reducing battery time


Not all hammer drills are ideal for a DIY project, though this one is an exception. It is also suitable for professional jobs. Due to its 3600 angle, it is incredibly user-friendly, even for left-handed people.

In addition, the rotary button allows you to switch the speed setting. The keyless chuck adds to the convenience of not stressing about losing the key.

Which one is better DCD995 vs DCD996?

While both these power tools are ideal for personal and professional use, the DeWalt DCD996 is a better option if you're a DIYer. With the 2nd speed setting, you can drill through a wooden block, though with the DCD995, you need to use the 3rd speed setting for the same purpose. 

Furthermore, when it comes to safety, the DCD996 hammer drill is safer than the DCD995 hammer drill. 


Winner for Woodworking: DCD996

All around, DCD996 provides the grip, the build, the power, and speed needed for all sizes of projects. This is by far superior than the previous generation DCD995.


Excellent build and quality


3 speed control, perfect for small, medium, and heavy duty projects


Price tag is higher than the average drill, but the value and features make it worth it.

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