DeWALT DCD996 vs DCD997


DeWalt is a well-known manufacturer of power tools, and they're bringing much more fun features to their tools. With the addition of Bluetooth adapters, batteries, and tracking tags, DeWalt tools are becoming the next big thing in the power tools industry. That being said, today, we will take a closer look at the DeWalt DCD996 and DCD997 and DCD996 vs DCD997 Comparison which one is better. 

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DeWALT DCD996 vs DCD997

DeWalt DCD996 Overview

Build quality 

This cordless drill has an excellent appearance combined with impressive usability. Similar to all DeWalt power tools, this one features black and yellow colors. The rubberized top back and handle are an appreciated bonus. Additionally, you can clearly see that the manufacturer was keen on all the details. 


One of the most impressive features of the DCD996 is its speed. It offers 38,500 blows per minute, which is rather remarkable. This means that it can drill through concrete and other hard material. Additionally, it provides 2,000 rpm, which is more than what the DCD995 has to offer. 

This is a rather impressive upgrade in terms of torque. Again, it has 820UWO, meaning it can completely replace a corded drill. 

The DCD996 also features three power modes; 

  1. 0-450 rpm for better torque settings for the huge holes 
  2. 0-1300 rpm ideal for average-sized holes and easy tasks
  3. 0-2000 rpm, which is the highest speed ideal for small holes, including 0.75-inch holes. 


This is a new part of this cordless drill, referred to as a nitro-carburized ratcheting chuck. The nitro-carburized makes the tool's nose more robust and durable. Plus, it has carbide inserts. 

The DCD996 power drill also has an 11-speed hammer, clutch, and drill modes. The first setting is for the most straightforward tasks, including drilling screws. On the other hand, the last setting is almost similar to the drill setting. 


This drill is compatible with both 60V and 20V batteries. If you prefer it to be a bit light, you can utilize the 2-hour Amp battery or use a 6-hour APP battery for more extended battery life and power. Prevalently, the larger battery is heavier. 

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LED Light 

This powerful drill features a three-mode LED light. The first mode remains on for 20 seconds after letting go off the trigger. The second mode is somewhat lighter than the first mode. And lastly, the third mode is the brightest. It is also known as the spotlight mode, and it remains on for 20 minutes after depressing the trigger. 


The cordless drill comes with a 3600 handle. Nevertheless, if you're right-handed, you might want to place it on the right though you can, on a different angle or the left side. 

Pros and Cons of DCD996


  • Ergonomic construction
  • Features over ten clutch speeds 
  • Compatible with both 60V and 20V batteries
  • Huge LED light featuring three modes


  • Higher price than average drill


The DeWalt DCD996 cordless drill is among the best DeWalt has manufactured. It offers incredible performance and has an ergonomic design. Furthermore, you can change from one mode to another with one touch. Nonetheless, not everyone requires this, and most people like modifying it by hand since they like it. 

Overall, this is a versatile and powerful tool for commercial and domestic use. Therefore, if you need a high-functioning, top-quality power drill and don’t mind the price tag, this is the way to go. 

DeWalt DCD997

DeWalt DCD997 Overview


As with all DeWalt power tools, this Tool Link hammer drill can give power up to 820 UWO, equal to 841 lbs of torque. Even though there are more powerful drills in the market, this one has many handier features to offer. 

On the other hand, it will help with most commercial and domestic tasks. Also, it has a handle that offers the user stability, making it perfect for making smooth cuts on various surfaces. The performance is quite impressive since this machine has the same “DNA” as the DCD996. 

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LED Light 

In all settings, it is possible to customize the intensity of the LED work lights, including duration and switching off. This machine will be convenient if you want to utilize the light for a few minutes after releasing the trigger. On the right side, you can control when to turn it on and off. 

In terms of other settings, you can modify the speed though not the torque. Once you set a specific model to a precise speed, you're utilizing an electronic governor to dictate the maximum speed of the drill. 


The DeWalt DCD997 features supreme functionality with incorporated Bluetooth technology. The ergonomic, comfortable, and firm handle offers the perfect blend of comfort and balance. 

Additionally, the brushless motor technology offers up to 75% additional runtime than the NiCad brushed motors. This hammer drill as well lets you effortlessly and swiftly assign tools to different users on the job site thanks to the Tool Connect software, improving accountability and lessening the chances of toll loss. 

Moreover, the LED light comes in three brightness modes. 

Bluetooth connectivity 

As mentioned above, this tool has incorporated Bluetooth technology. This means you don’t require a Tool Connect Battery to use the tracking feature. This App has 3-part Inventory management solutions such as the Inventory Manager website that work in tandem to aid you better communicate any updates from the job site to the office. This makes it the perfect commercial power tool for professionals. 

Also, the Bluetooth Connectivity feature provides updates of the whereabouts of your tools, materials, and equipment, translating to the ideal way to achieve accountability. For those buying this cordless drill for domestic use, you can pay for the Tool Connect App separately and buy the tool Connect tag, batteries, and Connector for a comprehensive Inventory management solution. 

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Pros and Cons of DCD996


  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • 3-mode LED light
  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic design


  • Even higher price than DCD996


The DCD997 is the perfect commercial tool, especially with the Bluetooth Connectivity features, which offers the Inventory Management App. If you don’t mind spending a lot of money, this is the ideal tool to go for.

Which one is better: DCD996 vs DCD997?

The DCD996 cordless drill is a high-function power tool, ideal for both commercial and domestic utilization. However, the DCD996 and DCD997 are similar in all ways except one, Bluetooth connectivity. 

The DCD997 is an upgraded version of the DCD996, featuring similar features except for Bluetooth connectivity. 

Although DCD997 is a better power tool for intensive jobs with additional features, we feel like for woodworking projects the DCD996 is still your best bet from these 2 options. DCD997 has a clear focus on the commercial market and probably ideal for contractors; but for home woodworking projects the DCD996 is a better fit. 

DCD996 vs DCD997 Comparison

Best for Woodworking: DCD996

Yes... DCD997 is newer and has more belts and whistles; but do you really need Bluetooth connectivity and a device management app? If the answer is no, then DCD996 is an extremely good option for your woodworking projects!


The build quality and the feel of using the DCD996 is great. Sturdy and firm for heavy projects.


With 3 speed levels, you're able to control the speed and the torque depending on the project.


Although is a higher investment than the average drill, is far superior in power and quality. It is also a greater value than DCD997.

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