Best Epoxy for Woodworking

Best Epoxy for Woodworking

The use of epoxy to finish tables, countertops, and bar tops is rapidly growing into an art form. There are many ways to use epoxy resin and several types to choose from. If you’re here because you need the best epoxy for woodworking, you should know that your choice depends on what you intend to do with it. 

There’s an epoxy resin for small projects, for building artistic furniture, kitchen countertops, and many more applications. Your choice should also consider your level of expertise, especially since some epoxy resins are not easy to mix and apply. The good news is that epoxy resin can do just about anything, whether you’re finishing a wooden structure or creating a ‘river table.’

Here is a list of epoxy brands that you can (and should) but if you’re interested in good-quality resin for a wide range of projects. Each option is categorized by best use cause.

Best for Beginners – East Coast Epoxy Resin (1-gallon kit)

East Coast Resin produces this highly durable epoxy resin in a way that’s accessible to anyone. It can finish tabletops, bar tops, jewelry, and artwork, plus create casting molds and river tables. However, it is primarily designed to create a super glossy finish on the wood. 

Applying epoxy resin requires caution and attention otherwise, you risk making mistakes that lead to craters, air bubbles, and discoloration. To counter this problem, this company makes a highly detailed instruction manual that ensures you get a good result even on your first try.

It creates a tough, glossy, protective layer that is long-lasting, water-resistant, and can resist UV light. You can choose how hard you want to make the surface by using different amounts of hardener. A gallon of this epoxy can cover 25 square feet and be up to 2mm thick. It also takes 30 – 35 minutes to set, which is quite short and requires you to work fast before it dries.

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Best for Small Projects – Art Resin Clear Epoxy Resin

As the name suggests, this is the resin you want for small, artistic projects, even when they’re not made of wood. It delivers good results across the board and is one of the easiest woodworking resins to use.

The mixing formula is 1:1, so it’s pretty straightforward. Another perk is that it’s certified food-safe so that you can use it on cutting boards, kitchen counters, tabletops, and other food preparation surfaces. It is also very eco-friendly as it contains neither bisphenol A (BPA) nor volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a variety of chemicals with negative short and long-term health effects. It is also non-toxic and non-flammable when used appropriately. That makes it safe to use indoors, provided the room is well-ventilated. 

The resin creates a high-gloss finish and features UV stabilization, which means it doesn’t grow yellow from sunlight exposure. Its main drawbacks are its relatively small coverage area (32 square feet) and long curing time (72 hours). However, since it is self-leveling, you won’t have to monitor it as it cures.

Best Epoxy for Wood – Total Boat Epoxy Resin

If you’re looking for epoxy resin for finishing your wood projects, then Total Boat offers a good deal. This epoxy is ideal for finishing and remodeling old furniture and wood structures. It is VOC and BPA-free, so you can use it for indoor DIY projects, such as refurbishing your dining room table.

It comes in two parts; a pourable epoxy mixed with resin and a hardener. You prepare the resin by mixing the epoxy and the hardener in a 1:1 ratio. First-time users can get the hang of the process fast since it’s relatively easy to understand.

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It gives furniture a crystal clear, high-gloss look, which can dramatically improve the appearance of old wood fittings in the house. It’s versatile enough for making river tables, resin art, tabletops, and countertops and gives users the option to add color in the form of alcohol ink, mica powder, and liquid pigments. The best part is that it creates a protective layer that is 100% waterproof, which is why it’s great for kitchens and bathrooms.

Best for River Tables – SUPERCLEAR Epoxy

Super Clear epoxy resin is specifically designed for live-edge tables, river tables, bar tops, and countertops. It is a durable, heavy-duty resin that you can use for practical and artistic wood projects. 

This resin is a great choice for artists because it can be infused with a variety of dyes, including resin dyes and tints, mica and pigment powder, and alcohol inks. It works as well on cement, granite, laminate, and ceramic as it does on wood. Super Clear ensures that the resin is easy to apply in a familiar 1:1 mix. During mixing, it’s normal for the epoxy resin to heat up a little.

Crucially, and on any surface you apply it, it levels itself and doesn’t require manual smoothing. It is a formidable barrier against moisture and UV light in its cured state, so it can withstand a considerable amount of weather exposure. It is also scratch-resistant and cures into a shiny, glassy surface.

Best for Tabletops – Epox-It 80 Clear Resin for Wood

Epox-It 80 is one of the few impact-resistant resins out there, which is one of the reasons it’s perfect for tabletops, countertops, bar tops, and other high-activity surfaces. This one is a clear, eco-friendly epoxy that’s made for wood. 

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It is nearly odorless and, in its cured state, 100 % food-safe. It is made from a special formulation that makes it blush-resistant and impervious to moisture. Not only is it self-leveling, but it also does a good job of minimizing air bubbles during the application process. 

Epox-It 80 mixes with the hardener it is sold with in a 1:1 ratio. Its working time is 45 minutes, so you won’t be too rushed even with relatively larger projects. Despite the high-quality results it produces, this epoxy resin is easy to use, meaning it’s easy for novices to get outstanding results with it. Although it’s good enough for a variety of materials, this epoxy is primarily for woodworking and maybe fiberglass structures as well.

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