10 Power Tool Injury Statistics Review 2023

Power Tool Injury Statistics

Whether you are a woodworker or homeowner, you have a few power tools in your arsenal. Unfortunately, these tools can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Here are 10 power tool injury statistics for 2023 to help you understand why and how power tool injuries happen to protect yourself better from these accidents.

Injuries from power tools can range from mere scratches to hospitalization, which is why it’s important to go through the statistics to get a clear picture of how dangerous mishandling these tools can be. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not dissuading you from investing in power tools, I’m just saying that you have to be careful around them. 

Here are 10 power tool injury statistics for 2023 to help you understand why and how power tool injuries happen to protect yourself better from these accidents:

Power Drills are Linked to a Huge Number of Addressable Injuries.

This might not be unusual, considering power drills are among the most utilized power tools. Even most homes have power drills, as they come in handy in multiple situations that require tightening or loosening screws and bolts. 

Unfortunately, these power tools are connected to many maximum addressable injuries. The power drill can be faulty, you can be more focused on something else while drilling, or you could simply be a newbie. 

All these variables could be the reason behind power drill injuries, which is why it’s a good idea to be alert and careful to avoid any incidents. 

There are More Than 960,000 Power Tool Associated Injuries Annually

While this is unfortunate, it is true. Close to one million injuries occur as a result of power tools every year. Most accidents take place because some people do not use their power tools the right way or are not experienced enough to use them. 

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To be honest, these are accidents that could be reduced if the people using power tools were more careful with them. 

There are more Than 200 Deaths Annually Caused by Power Tools. 

As pointed out, power tools can be very dangerous if not handled properly, and as you can see people have died from this. Even though this figure isn’t too high, it’s still alarming. This figure was lower in 2020 & 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

29,000 Emergency Room Visits Were Due to Table Saw Accidents 

Table saws are extremely useful yet dangerous if not handled correctly. They feature a sharp revolving blade and any mistake could lead to a small cut at best and chopping off an entire body part at worst. 

This can happen even to people who have experience using such power tools, so you need to be focused when making cuts and make sure to turn it off and detach the blade when you’re done. Also, make sure you have a first aid kit in your garage or workshop in case of any accidents. 

An NBCI Survey Reveals That the Mean Age of the Victims is 53.2 Years 

Most of the people who use power tools, whether through employment or as a hobby like woodworking, are middle-aged. For instance, if you consider a construction site, most of the workers there are middle-aged individuals.

It’s hard to find younger people there due to the increase in the number of different industries that don’t call for hard labor.  

Power Tool Injury Victims are Mostly Male

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because more men are working in construction sites than women. Besides, there are more men interested in woodworking, and other DIY hobbies that require power tools, than women. 

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This could be different in the future, since more women are venturing into such projects, and are employing power tools more frequently than earlier. 

The Major Cause of Construction Industry Injuries in the USA is Due to Cutting or Piercing Tools Like Drills, Nail Guns, and saws.

Cutting and piercing tools are among the top causes of injuries at home, work sites, and even the construction industry. It’s easy to cut yourself or get injured when working with any of these power tools. Besides, a co-worker’s mistake could easily cause an accident. 

There are More Injuries Linked to Non-Working than in Working Settings.

This is quite normal since people who work with power tools professionally have the right skills and experience than beginners and non-professional DIYers. For this reason, it is imperative to learn how to use the power tools related to your projects. 

For instance, if you are a woodworker, take woodworking classes to educate yourself about the power tools associated. 

If Employees Do Not Have the Right Welding, Eye, Soldering, and Cutting Protection, Injuries Can Occur More Frequently.

If construction site employees aren’t wearing the appropriate protection while working, the risk of injury is higher. For instance, if a chip flies into your eye, it could cause permanent damage. 

Unfortunately, most serious injuries to the eye are permanent and, hence, cannot be treated. So, for safety, it’s vital to have the right protective gear for the workers. 

Tendon Injury is the Most Common. 

Tendon injury is more common than other injuries. All the same, there are other injuries, including finger injuries, which often happen when using drills and saws, and eye and wrist injuries. 

Related Questions 

What Injuries Can Power Tools Cause?

The number of accidents that can be caused by power tools is endless. Power tools come in different shapes and sizes and, therefore, can cause many types of injuries. For instance, a belt sander might not cause the same injuries as a table saw. 

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However, cutting and piercing accidents are the most common, through electrocution. It could also cause injury, considering these are tools that rely on a power connection. 

Other injuries could be a result of not having the right protective gear. As pointed out, it is vital to be adequately shielded when working with power tools. For instance, when cutting wood or soldering, it is essential to have goggles to keep your eyes safe. Also, for welding, you should consider a protective face mask for maximum protection. 

How Many Arm Injuries Are Caused by Power Tools Annually?

When using power tools, hand injuries are quite common. These are mostly related to specific power tools such as hand grinders, chain saws, and electrical saws. It was revealed that there were 261 hand injury cases from 2011 to 2014 caused by power tools. This figure might be higher, considering some cases go unreported. 


We can all agree that power tools are incredibly useful. However, in terms of injuries, power tool injuries are higher at home than at the construction site. Therefore, you have to be careful when using them, and you should consider taking up classes and learning more about safety. 

What’s more, you can learn more about the most common injuries and power tools. It is causing them to be safer and more cautious. 

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