Rotorazer Alternative: Rotorazer vs Versacut

Rotorazer vs Versacut

Searching online for a hand-held compact saw and wondering which is best when comparing the Rotorazer vs Versacut ?

There are quit a few compact circular saws available on the market today. Some from big brand names like Dremel, DeWalt, Worx and Rockwell and then there are lesser known brands like Rotorazer. 

We will compare both saws against on and other but first lets have a quick run down of each saws features and capabilities. 

Rotorazer Review

The Rotarazer is a small form compact circular saw that is powered by a 3 Amp motor.

It includes three blades one standard carbide tipped for cutting wood, one high speed steel for metal and one diamond grit for ceramics. The smaller blade diameter allows for a smaller base plate than most compact saws, which in turn can mean a tighter turning circle.

However at 3 Amps the motor in the Rotorazer is significantly under powered as opposed to the Rockwell Versacut(RK3440K) or RK3441K which have a 4 Amp and 5 Amp motor respectively.

The Rotorazer is probably best suited to hobbyist for use during arts and crafts on thin materials. If you are looking for something that has a lot more power and is capable of much deeper cuts then look to some of the other compact saw brands that are available including the Rockwell Versacut


  • Only cuts 3/4 inch deep
  • 400 Watt motor 
  • Comes with 3 blades and a carry case
  • Dust extraction system
  • No bevel adjustment

Versacut Review

Rotorazer Alternative: Rotorazer vs Versacut

The Rockwell Versacut is a compact circular saw that is powered by a 4 amp motor. It is a lightweight and easy to use saw that is designed for use with a single hand, unlike a much bigger more traditional circular saw or a track saw. 

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It has a max cutting depth of 1-1/16 of an inch and a 3-3/8 inch blade. The Versacut is capable of cutting a variety of thin materials such as wood, flooring, ceramic tile, plastics and metal. It is available as a bare tool or with the inclusion of 3 different blades that can cut different materials.

It has the motor mounted at the back to help keep the saw well balanced in your hand as you push it through the material for rip cuts. It is also a very accurate way of performing plunge cuts due to the small size of the blade and how light and maneuverable the unit is.

Depth adjustment is via a simple lever on the side. It has a laser guide to help keep your cutting line true and accurate.

Although it is not capable of cutting at a bevel angle other than 90 degrees it is still a very good substitute for a traditional circular saw if you only need to cut thin sheet materials in a straight line.


  • Strong 4 Amp motor
  • Laser used as a line guide
  • No bevel adjustment available
  • Lever operated depth adjustment
  • Can cut multiple materials

Rotorazer vs Versacut

Ultimately these types of saws need to be judged on two thing; cutting performance and quality of build. So which wins between the Rotorazer vs Versacut ? 

In terms of cutting performance then the Rockwell Versacut is the clear winner. If has a much more powerful motor and can cut significantly deeper than the Rotorazer. Cutting only up to 3/4 of and inch the types and thicknesses of materials that you can work with is going to be severely limited if you choose to buy the Rotorazer.

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However the cutting depth of 1-1/16 of an inch on the Versacut means that you can cut 2 inch thick sheet material if you are prepared to make a second cut on the other side after turning the board over.

Secondly there is the quality to take into account. The Rotorazer has had a lot of negative reviews online from purchasers not only on the cutting depth but also on how well built it felt. Personally I would always choose a quality brand name over something like the Rotorazer when making the decision to purchase any power tool.

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