Makita vs Dewalt

Makita vs Dewalt

DeWalt vs. Makita: A Comparison of the most infamous and loved brands in the power tools industry. Makita is a Japanese brand, while DeWalt is American-based. However, they both manufacture top-notch power tools and target the same audience. 

Due to this, it becomes more difficult for customers to choose one over the other. This write-up will help you better understand both brands and their products to make choosing easier. 

Brief History of DeWalt vs Makita

These two giant power tools brands, DeWalt and Makita, have almost similar histories and backgrounds. 

Makita was pioneered in 1915, in Japan, from where we have gotten a wide range of useful and efficient power tools. Nevertheless, it began as an electric motor repair business before transitioning into a venture to produce compact electric planers and later into the massive brand we now know and love. 

On the other hand, DeWalt was launched in 1924 in Pennsylvania, USA. Like Makita, they have many reliable and effective power tools. But, DeWalt has always been a power tool and machine-producing firm. They began with woodworking tools before expanding to other power tools. 


Considering these are two international, well-known brands, DeWalt and Makita come with strict yet inclusive warranty policies. All the power tools you buy from these manufacturers will come with a 3-year warranty, which is standard. 

However, some DeWalt power tools even come with a 7-year warranty, an added advantage. Additionally, DeWalt offers a more customer-friendly return policy. If you aren't happy with your power tool, you'll get a 90-day grace period to return your power tool. On the other hand, Makita only has a 30-day return policy. 

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Further, DeWalt gives you a complete, lifetime warranty for the power tools with a manufacturing error. Makita doesn’t have such a policy. 

DeWalt is the clear winner in this sector, with more enticing warranty policies than Makita. 

DeWalt vs. Makita: Chargers & Batteries 


Makita offers 12-volt batteries, but the 18-volt versions are their strong point. They come with charge capacities of 2 to 6 Ah. They also have power tools using a pair of 18v batteries, making that 36v. However, you'll love their latest 40-volt batteries better. 


DeWalt outdoes Makita with the 20V & 60V batteries. But, there are multiple articles online that argue that the 20V from DeWalt is virtually similar to Makita’s 18V. When you purchase the 20V batteries, you get 1.5 to 10Ah capacities, while the 2.0 to 12.0 Ah capacities are for the 60V batteries. 

Charging Speed 

Even though DeWalt is relatively better in terms of battery, Makita outshines it in the charging department. The Makita 18V devices have a fast optimum charger that can fully charge them within 45 minutes. 

At the moment, DeWalt is a bit far from this charge time. 

Circular Saws 

These two brands have a broad scope of desirable circular saws, including corded and cordless options. 

Makita's circular saws are comfier to use and more lightweight. On the other hand, DeWalt’s options will cut faster because of their extra weight. 

If speed isn't your priority, you can choose Makita circular saws for better operation and cleaner cuts. In terms of price, they are almost the same.

If you're looking for speed, choose DeWalt, though  Makita is a better option for clean cuts and user comfort. 

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Impact Driver 

Regarding impact drivers, Makita beats DeWalt in impact rate and RPM. On the other hand, DeWalt takes the lead in the torque sector. 

Makita combines its impressive power with a lightweight and compact build, making its impact drivers a more powerful package. Both their impact drivers have up to four speeds, though the DeWalt is managed via their included app. All the same, Makita prefers their controls to remain on the power tool, including a key for switching between modes as needed.

In this sector, Makita is a much better option. 

Cordless Drill

DeWalt has a slightly larger cordless drill, while the Makita's is more compact, allowing you to use it for tricky spots. It is also more lightweight, giving you a more comfortable feel even after prolonged use. 

DeWalt offers a brushless motor and provides better control over the speed compared to the Makita cordless drill. Nonetheless, it depletes the battery faster; as pointed out, and they take a long time to recharge. 

When it comes to price, Makita is more affordable than DeWalt. 

If your priority is better control and power, choose a DeWalt cordless drill. However, if you're looking for a user-friendly and affordable drill, Makita is the way to go. 

Which Brand is Better?

This question isn’t easy to answer since there is plenty to consider. These two brands offer both quality and impressive efficiency. Additionally, their power tools are almost the same, and the target audience is similar. However, DeWalt has a relatively better warranty policy than Makita. 

When you look at their products, you really have to get into the details to find the difference. Typically, they offer the same prices and quality. Plus, the specifications are comparable. You could find that one product has a higher RPM than the other or is cheaper, but the difference isn't that significant. 

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Moreover, Makita and DeWalt manufacture tools that professionals, semi-professionals, and newbies generally use. Even if you find a woodworker with many tools from one of these brands, it might not necessarily be about quality but preference. 

In the past, Makita produced better-quality products than DeWalt, but DeWalt has managed to catch up and become one of its biggest competitors. 

They are both good brands if you're looking for affordable and quality options. 

So, which brand should you go for? Makita or DeWalt? There is no huge difference, so it's up to you in the long run. Whether you pick one brand or test out both is up to you. 

And while these are good options, I recommend you go for one brand regarding cordless tools. This is because of the battery and charging factor. If you pick cordless tools from DeWalt, you can use the batteries with different power tools, saving you money. But if you mix different brands, you'll have to buy different batteries for each.

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