Kreg Accu Cut vs Table Saw

Kreg Accu Cut vs Table Saw

You might not be familiar with the Kreg Accu Cut™ vs. table saw comparison, but it’s certainly something to think about.

The Kreg Accu Cut™ is just a couple of tracks and a sled onto which you can mount your circular saw. On the other hand, a table saw is the go-to tool for making repetitive cuts, such as cutting small wood stock with precision. What’s more, it remembers your configurations, so you don’t have to re-align the track for every cut.

Is there any reason to choose a Kreg Accu Cut™over a table saw? Throughout this article, you’ll realize that there is a solid case for the highly portable setup, especially if you routinely work with large sheets of plywood.

What is the Kreg Accu Cut™?

In the simplest words, this is a circular saw track guide made by the manufacturer Kreg under their Accu Cut™ line of equipment. It can turn any circular saw into a guided cutting tool capable of rips, crosscuts, and angled cuts of up to 50 inches long in large panels of plywood and MDF.

It arrives in pieces, but it comes with a good set of instructions and a design that’s simple enough to figure out quickly. In other words, putting the Kreg Accu Cut™ together won’t be too big of a challenge for novice carpenters.

It consists of the following components:

  • A Universal Saw Sled 

  • Two Aluminum Guide Tracks (26.5 inches each)

  • Two Track Connectors

  • A Starting Block

  • A Track Indicator Clip, and;

  • An Owner’s Manual

Despite the simplicity of the setup, the Kreg Accu Cut™ is highly versatile. It accepts all circular saws, whether left or right-blade, effectively turning them into track saws whenever you need to cut large sheets.

The entire setup is easy to assemble, and it collapses into a compact package—not much bigger than a square—which is small enough to carry.

What’s the Difference Between the Kreg Accu Cut™ and a Table Saw?

Why should anyone get the Kreg Accu Cut™ when they could buy a table saw? Many first-time buyers ask themselves this question, so it’s important to know the instances where a Kreg Accu Cut™ system would be better than a table saw.

Track saws are more portable.

Most table saws are stationary, but the Kreg Accu Cut™ is a highly portable track saw. It’s lighter, too, since it’s not permanently attached to a saw.

It may make sense for some to own a portable saw setup like the Accu Cut™ offers, but they’ll be giving up the power, stability, and convenience of a table saw.

Track saws are safer.

You move the pieces into the blade on a table saw to get the desired cut. But, with a track saw, you line up the cut then move the saw along the wood stock. This is a safer way of cutting as it doesn’t involve movement towards the blade. Beginners may find track saws more forgiving when making long cuts.

Track saws cut large sheets.

Having a movable, guided circular saw in your arsenal can come in handy when cutting large sheets of plywood and MDF. This is one of the main reasons to get the Accu Cut™. 

While table saws are generally more powerful, track saws excel at ripping or crosscutting large pieces in one move and without splintering the edges. 

The tracks have a splinter guard, a rubber edge that holds the wood grain together to make the edge smooth and consistent.

Table saws have more power.

The main reason to pick a table saw over a track saw is the sheer power difference. Table saws have mountains of torque, so they can cut through dimensional lumber, pressure-treated lumber, and hardwoods.

A track saw like the Accu Cut™ would need several passes to cut through thick, treated, and hard lumber. A table saw will always be the better option in terms of power output and torque. 

Table saws make better rip cuts.

Ripping wood can be quite unsafe, especially if you don’t have enough power. It’s why serious carpenters would rather rent a table saw for a job than use a different tool. A table saw will always do a more efficient job when you want to split wood stock across the grain. 

Features of the Kreg Accu Cut™

The Kreg Accu Cut™ is intuitive enough for novices to use yet robust for professional applications. The guide tracks eliminate the need to go over the cut line manually, so less-experienced users can still make the most of it.

In the hands of professionals, it is faster and more accurate than a table saw, plus it is portable enough to bring to job sites.

The main features of the Accu Cut™ include:

  • Impact-resistant polymer, aluminum tracks, and flexible PVC.

  • Starting block makes starting cuts easier.

  • Anti-chip, anti-slip strips on both guide tracks.

  • Has a compatible Expansion Pack.

  • Replaceable guide strips.

  • Track clamps to secure them in place.

  • Equipped with Rip Cut™ technology.

  • Compatible with left and right blade saws.

The track guide is also affordable compared to what the average track saw costs. A good track saw can cost you $300 - $600, more than most people are comfortable spending. But, the Kreg Accu Cut™ retails at less than $100. 

Even though you have to own at least one circular saw to use the Accu Cut™, it’s still going to cost less than buying a brand new track saw—or a table saw, for that matter. 

Benefits of the Kreg Accu Cut™

  • It is easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • It is lightweight and compact enough to carry around

  • It comes with detailed assembly instructions

  • It is widely compatible with circular saws

  • It is highly accurate

  • It is safer to use

  • It leaves edges smooth and splinter-free

  • It is ideal for large sheets

  • It is less expensive than a table saw

Drawbacks of the Kreg Accu Cut™

  • It has less power than a table saw.

  • Measuring and lining up cuts can be time-consuming

  • It is not ideal for small projects

  • It lacks the stability of a table saw

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