How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Skin

How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Your Skin

Gorilla glue has an instant-bond nature, making it the best go-to type of glue that offers permanent fixes for any cracked, broken, or loose part. It dries up crystal clear instantaneously, forming an incredibly sturdy bond. 

But, the property that makes it special— that ability to dry quickly—is as well its largest drawback. If the glue gets to your skin accidentally or drips on a surface by mistake, it dries faster such that you have no time to wipe it off.

Therefore, suppose you mess with your skin while using gorilla glue; it can be challenging to clean it up. Once it sticks on the skin, it might be impossible to remove it. Remember that it's among the strongest glue found in the market. Fortunately, the glue is designed to easily clean up if you have the right solvents to do the job. 

However, in this article, we narrowed down a few ways to help remove the gorilla glue with products that are easily accessible. 

How to Remove Gorilla Glue from Your Skin

Though the glue is good for craft, it's not great when it lands on your skin. Thankfully, it's easy to break down the glue formula with proper household solvents and a little effort. Therefore, let's look into the few easy fixes that you can apply if your skin gets in contact with the glue: 

how to wash your hands to remove gorilla glue from hands

Water and Soap

While using the gorilla glue, it's advisable to have a paper towel or clean rag on hand to make the clean-up faster. In case the adhesive gets into your skin, it's best if you try and wipe it off while it's still wet. For instance, you can use any soap for cleaning the dishes. After that, you wash away the residue using soapy water.

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 Start by adding a tablespoon of washing soap into a large bowl filled with adequate warm water. Then soak the part of your skin with the glue in the water and leave it for about five minutes. Drain the old soapy water and pour fresh one to repeat the process once more. It assists in loosening the gorilla glue on your skin. 

Note that the washing elements found in the soap will dissolve the glue, thus preventing it from hardening thus making it easy to get it off your skin. Soak and wash the glued part severally until the blot is off. 

Rub Using Citrus

Another way is rubbing citrus on the affected area. Several people have reported success after rubbing a few slices of lime or lemon on the glue or using citrus oil or some skin-care citrus-based cleaners. 

However, it's a method that might sting if the glue has cracked, torn, or dried the skin. It would help if you poured some drops of citrus juices directly on the glued skin. Elsewhere you can cut a lime or lemon in pieces and place it on the affected area directly. Then, you can leave it there for at least five minutes, it begins to eat away the glue, and it finally falls away. 

Note that if you have any sores or cuts on the skin, be careful while using this method, as it can lead to some irritation. 


After the adhesive starts to dry, you should use a stronger method other than a soapy solution to remove the gorilla glue. Fortunately, acetone is the most successful formula that can help remove the dry glue.

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All you need is to buy a polish remover with acetone in it. It's the main ingredient common in most polish removers, and you can find it in most households. If you lack a bottle of acetone, you can visit the store and purchase one; it's affordable.  

The ingredient dissolves the glue bond very quickly. It only takes a few minutes to dissolve the adhesive; therefore, soak your skin in the acetone or rather place a cotton ball soaked in acetone on the affected area. 

Depending on the bolted area, you should find a great way to soak your skin, and if the part can’t be submerged in acetone, you can use a cloth soaked in acetone. Despite the amount of spilled glue, the acetone is designed for beginning softening and breaking up the glue in minutes. It should get most of it out. 


After the acetone dissolves and removes the largest part of the glue, you might feel or see some residue that has been left behind. After the glue softens, exfoliating should be the next step. It ensures those last glue bits are off your skin. So, the best method to effectively remove the residue is via skin exfoliation. 

You could use one of the brands available, or rather for someone who doesn't have an exfoliating lotion or cream, one can easily make a homemade one by combining sugar, salt, or ground some coffee with cooking oil like olive or coconut or essential oil.   

Note that when it comes to getting gorilla glue off your fingers, especially if the fingers are glued together. You should, under no circumstances, split the fingers apart since it could tear your skin and create more harm. 

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The best option is to soak them with acetone and try spreading them naturally while in the solution. The adhesive will finally soften up, and the fingers will get apart on their own. 

If you ever had a difficult time after a drop of glue stuck on your skin, then you have a great idea of what awaits. Since it has adhesive characteristics, it's crucially important to get rid of the blot on your skin instantly after it gets in your skin. The above tips are helpful to do the task, though the process might be a bit painful. 

With the many options on removing gorilla glue from the skin, you should select a choice that suits you best. The decision you make will depend on what you have at home, your skin sensitivity, and how long it has been in contact with the skin.

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