Honda vs Ryobi Generator Comparison

Honda vs Ryobi Generator

Honda vs Ryobi Generator which makes the better portable units?

If we are to compare the two brands it is best to look at their two most popular models.​ Undoubtedly the smaller sized generator of around 2000 Watts are the most popular. They are used by people in the outdoors and on busy job sites.

Those looking for more power and who still want to be able to lift each unit on their own can always run two of the same units in parallel.

For Honda their most popular model is the EU2000i and for Ryobi it is the ​RYI2200. Lets take a brief look at both models on their own and then compare them at the end.

Honda EU2000i

​The Honda EU2000i is a small form portable inverter generator that has a continuous load rating of 1600 Watts at 13.3 Amps. It has a max surge rating of 2000 Watts at 16.7 Amps.

With a fuel capacity of 4.1 liters the EU2000i can run for 10 hours at a quarter load. At full load it can run for up to four hours.​ Powered by a 98cc engine the Honda has an empty weight of 45 pounds. 

As with most portable generators of this size the Honda has two 120 AC Volt outputs and one 12 Volt DC​ which is what you would consider as standard these days.

It is also parallel ready so can be combined with another to double your power providing you purchase a separate parallel kit.​

You can see how the Honda fared against the best offering from Yamaha here Honda EU2000i vs Yamaha EF2000is ​


  • Max power - 2000 Watt
  • Continuous power - 1600 Watt
  • 4 hours run time at full load
  • 10 hours run time at 1/4 load
  • 4.1 liter fuel tank
  • 3 year warranty

Ryobi RYI2200 Review

​The Ryobi RYI2200 portable inverter generator is capable of a maximum power output of 2200 Watts. For continuous use it is able to maintain 1800 Watt. 

It has a larger engine than the Honda at 106 cc and is a four cycle. ​

It has one 12 Volt DC outlet and two 120 Volt AC outlets. ​The 12 Volt DC outlet has a circuit breaker. There is also an automatic idle switch that will idle the motor until there is a load placed on the generator.

The RYI2200 weighs a little over 50 pounds which is heavier than the Honda but not noticeably so. It also has rear wheels and a front handle so on a flat surface it does not require you to lift it to move it about.​

The Ryobi is probably best suited to those on a budget as it does not have the premium build quality of the Honda nor is it in any way as popular despite the Honda being more expensive... sometimes you get what you pay for! ​


  • Maximum output 2200 Watts
  • Continuous output 1800 Watts
  • Runs 4 hours at 1/2 load
  • Rear wheels for easy transport
  • Parallel capable(kit sold separately)

Ryobi Generator​ vs Honda

Ryobi Generator vs Honda ​what is the difference and which is best?

​The Ryobi is usually priced at the lower end of the market and they are considered a decent choice if you are on a strict budget. That being said prices have started to creep up for these units so the more expensive they get the less desirable an option they are.

The Honda however is the standout winner. It is way above the Ryobi in terms of general build quality and design. It if the clear choice if you need a generator that will stand the test of time.​

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