Honda EU2000i vs Yamaha EF2000is | Inverter Generator Comparison

Honda EU2000i vs Yamaha EF2000is

Honda EU2000i vs Yamaha EF2000is which inverter generator is best ?

If you are in the market for a new lightweight portable generator then you will be aware that there are quite a few available. In the 2000 Watt market segment the Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is are by far the most popular.

Lets take a brief look at each generator and see some of their features and specifications. After which we will compare then to each other and see which is the best and why.​

Honda EU2000i Review

The Honda EU2000i is a portable inverter generator that has a maximum power output of 2000 Watts at 16.7 Amps. For continuous use it is capable of producing 1600 Watts at 13.3 Amps.

The EU2000i has a full capacity of 4.1 liters and can run at full power for four hours. At a quarter load if can operate for up to 10 hours.​ It has a 98.5 cc engine and weighs roughly 45 pounds without fuel.

It comes with two 120 Volt AC outlets and one 12 Volt DC which is fairly standard on these sized generators.

 Like a lot of these smaller units it is possible to run the Honda in parallel with another one to double you power. The main advantages to having two smaller generators in parallel as opposed to one large one are portability and redundancy.

A single person can lift one of these units however they may not be able to lift a generator twice its size. Having two means that if one goes down you still have power from the other unit albeit at have the power.  

We also compared the Honda against Ryobi's offering here Honda vs Ryobi generators.​


  • Max output - 2000 Watt at 16.7 Amp
  • Continuous output -  1600 Watt at 13.3 Amp
  • Runs 4 hours at full load
  • Runs 10 hours at 1/4 load
  • Fuel capacity 4.1 liter 
  • 3 year warranty

Yamaha EF2000is Review

​The Yamaha EF2000is is a 2000 Watt portable inverter generator. It is capable of producing a maximum output of 2000 Watt at 16.7 Amps. For continuous output it can produce 1600 Watts at 13.3 Amp.

The EF2000is has a fuel capacity of 4.4 liters giving it a run time at full load of 4.2 hours and at a quarter load 10.5 hours depending on the quality of fuel used. It is powered by a 79cc engine and has a dry weight of 20 kg or about 45 lbs.

It comes with two 120 Volt AC outlets and one 12 Volt DC outlet just like the Honda.​

The Yamaha has a separate shut off switch for the fuel unlike the Honda. The ability to run the carb dry means you can store the generator without fuel in the carburetor . Allowing old fuel to lie in a carburetor whilst it is stored for long periods can mean starting it becomes a chore as the old petrol will not ignite as easy as fresh petrol.

The EF2000is also comes with ​DC battery cable for charging 12 Volt batteries and an integrated fuel guage, the Honda however does not. There is also an oil watch warning system to help reduce the chances of damage from low oil levels.


  • ​Max output - 2000 Watt at 16.7 Amp
  • Continuous output 1600 Watt at 13.3 Amp
  • Runs 4.2 hours at full load
  • Runs 10.5 hours at 1/4 load
  • Fuel capacity 4.4 liter
  • 3 year limited warranty

Honda vs Yamaha Generators

Both manufacturers offer different models of varying power and have gained a huge amount of trust over the past few decades as to the reliability and performance of their models.

Honda vs Yamaha generators which is better? From a brand perspective both share the top positions in the market right now. Both offer the same types of three year warranties and are at roughly a similar price point.

It is only when you pit individual models and sizes against each other do the differences arise. Below we look at the difference between the Honda EU2000i and Yamaha EF2000is.

Honda EU2000i vs Yamaha EF2000is​

​Honda EU2000i vs Yamaha EF2000is just which is better?

For us the Yamaha is the clear winner. Below are the main points that make it a superior machine:

  • Bigger gas tank and longer running time​
  • Has a longer service life between maintenance 
  • Comes with added extra's: charge cables, fuel cutoff, oil gauage
  • Is usually slightly cheaper to purchase

​All of the above add up a give the Yamaha the edge over the Honda.

However if you see the Honda generator on sale then those added extra's may not be worth it and I would buy the cheapest given that they both perform similarly.

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    I’ve owned both. I ended up getting rid of the Yamaha because it wouldn’t run my rv air conditioning with an ez stRt and the Honda would.

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