Hitachi vs DeWalt Table Saw

Hitachi vs DeWalt Table Saw

Hitachi vs. DeWalt Table Saw

If it’s not obvious that you need a table saw, try cutting up raw lumber without one. Table saws are workhorses that keep the wood shop churning along. From experience, I can attest that a bad one can slow you down or limit what you’re able to produce.

When picking out a table saw, you’re bound to run into two brands: DeWalt and Hitachi. If you’ve been around power tools the past few years, you’ll definitely have come across these two brands. While both companies have made some excellent tools over the years, the Hitachi vs. DeWalt table saw debate should tell you that there’s a gap in the quality and performance of each tool.

A Bit About DeWalt

DeWalt is an American company known for making power tools and various construction equipment. It is one of the five most popular power tool brands globally, ranking closely with companies like Bosch and Black & Decker.

DeWalt power tools have a reputation for being reliable. Their build quality surpasses most, and they tend to perform better than most tools in the market.

Unfortunately, their superior performance comes at a steep price. DeWalt tools are usually mid-range to high-end; they go for hundreds to thousands of dollars on average.

On the plus side, DeWalt tools are easy to use. Beginners don’t have to face a steep learning curve to master using a DeWalt table saw, even though they’re designed to accommodate professional applications.

A Bit About Hitachi 

Hitachi is touted as the biggest company in the power tool industry. It was started in 1910and has dabbled in the creation of goods ranging from induction motors to aircraft engines to washing machines.

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Today, Hitachi manufacturers a variety of power tools under the brand name Metabo. The well-reputed company is known for its attention to quality is more famous for making great tools at very low prices.

It is usually a good brand for beginners who don’t want to invest too much into their woodworking hobby.

Comparing a DeWalt and Hitachi Table Saw

For the purposes of our comparison, I will compare two similarly priced table saws from each brand: the Hitachi C10RJ and the DeWalt DW745S.


Hitachi C10RJ

DeWalt DW745S







Table Size

35” (right), 22” (left)

22” (right)

22” (left)

Cut Capacity

3 1/8 inches (0 degrees), 2 ¼ inches (45 degrees)

3 1/8 inches (0 degrees), 2 ¼ inches (45 degrees)

Bevel Range

0 – 45 degrees 

0 – 45 degrees


96 pounds

45 pounds


Folding stand, heavy-duty wheels

Folding stand, no wheels


Both the Hitachi and the DeWalt run on 15-amp brushless motors, but they’re not exactly identical. The Hitachi’s motor rotates 4,500 times per minute while the DeWalt’s tops out at 3,850 RPM. 

The Hitachi is capable of spinning the blade nearly 1,000 times faster than the DeWalt, making it faster and marginally more powerful.

However, placed side by side, the two produce almost similar results. The Hitachi has a bit more torque, which makes it superior in terms of raw power.

Cut Capacity

Both table saws cut 3 1/8 inches deep at 0 degrees and 2 ¼ inches at 45 degrees. Their blades can bevel from 0 – 45 degrees, so there’s not much difference there either.

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Both these table saws can create accurate bevels ranging from 0 – 45 degrees.

Table Size

The dimensions of each table are 22 inches by 16 inches. However, the Hitachi features a telescoping extension that can take the table from 22” to 35” to the right.

It can handle significantly larger cuts of wood due to this feature. The DeWalt is limited to its 22” table capacity as it doesn’t offer any extension features.


Table saws these days have to be portable, which is why both the Hitachi and the DeWalt feature stands that can fold. This is pretty useful for loading it up and storing it away.

However, only the Hitachi comes with wheels, and they are huge and durable. They make it much more portable than the DeWalt. 

Fortunately, the DeWalt is much lighter. At 45 pounds, it is less than half the weight of the 96-pound Hitachi table saw, so it should be much easier to move without wheels.


Warranties and covers say a lot about the brand. More extended warranties usually mean that the product is of good quality.

To that end, both the DeWalt and the Hitachi have pretty good warranties. Hitachi’s warranty covers the table saw for 2 years, whereas DeWalt’s provides 3 years of coverage.

The longer warranty gives you peace of mind and assures you of the quality of the tool. Here, DeWalt is a clear winner.

Where Hitachi Shines

The 15-amp motor of the Hitachi is slightly more powerful, managing a maximum RPM of 4,500 to the DeWalt’s 3,850. 


It also has much more room to offer, courtesy of its telescoping table, which extends it to 35 inches in length—over 10 inches longer than the DeWalt.

Finally, it has a sturdy pair of wheels to carry its bulky 96 pounds of weight, which is much easier to wield due to its portable design.

Where DeWalt Shines

DeWalt is the better tool when it comes to build quality. It’s easy to tell by the length of its warranty, which gives you a year longer than Hitachi’s.

You can also tell that the DeWalt is built more durably than the Hitachi by looking at its motor. Even though its 15-amp motor caps at 3,850 RPM, it is capable of going toe-to-toe with the Hitachi’s motor, which makes almost 1,000 more rotations every minute.

Making a Decision: Hitachi vs. DeWalt Table Saw

If both tools are comfortably within your budget, pick the Hitachi for the following reasons:

  • It has a larger table

  • Its motor is capable of a higher RPM

  • It has wheels

The DeWalt is also a great option, especially since it is beginner-friendly and comes with a longer warranty. It is also much lighter than the Hitachi, which is a huge reason to buy it if you work solo.

Both offer excellent value for money, especially if you’re looking to buy your first saw. They’re easy to use, affordable, and easy to repair since parts are widely available.

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