Hitachi C12RSH vs C12RSH2

Hitachi C12RSH vs CS12RSH2

Hitachi have built a solid following in the power tools market from roofing nailers to impact drivers and everything else in between. The C12RSH line of compound miter saws has it's fair share of fans too. But how does the Hitachi C12RSH vs C12RSH2 perform?  

Make no mistake about it both are very capable miter saws with lots of great features. Lets first take a brief look at each model and then compare them.  

Hitachi C12RSH Review

The Hitachi C12RSH is a 15 Amp 12-Inch sliding compound miter saw with a built in laser marker. It can spin it's blade at a no load speed of 3,800 rpm. Capable of cutting clean cross cuts and accurate miters in a host of materials from the softest woods through to light aluminum sashes.

The C12RSH features Hitachi innovative slide mechanism. The slide system enables the C12RSH to require no additional rear clearance space unlike a lot of other sliding miter saws. This means that you can mount the saw on a bench without needing to allow for additional rear clearance room. Something that is quite useful in a small workshop.

It has a built in laser marker. Something that is yet to find it's way into all miter saws and is definitely a nice added bonus.

Accurately aligning and gauging how your cuts will turn out before you even start the blade spinning is a massive advantage when it comes to getting perfect cuts every time, something that is of great use especially if your are a beginner. 

The C12RSH is now a discontinued line by the manufacturer. So if you can pick one of these up in a garage sale or on discount in a store/online you may be able to pick your self up a hell of a saw for very little money.

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  • 15 amp motor, no-load speed 3,800 rpm.
  • Miter scale 0-45 to the left and 0-57 degrees to the right
  • Bevel scale 0-45 degrees left and right
  • Micro-bevel adjuster
  • Pivoting fence raises up to 4-11/16 inches
  • No rear clearance required
  • Built in laser marker for added accuracy

Hitachi C12RSH2 Review

The Hitachi C12RSH2 is the more modern version of the C12RSH it was released roughly around mid-2016. It shares a lot of the same components and design features as the earlier C12RSH.

Same motor, same power and same zero rear clearance required for operation. 

It has all of the added features that made the C12RSH a great miter saw.

The majority of the differences between the two models is that the C12RSHS2 has slightly different dimensions and does not feature the micro-bevel adjuster that was found on the C12RSH.

The sliding fence is also slightly larger meaning that you can now cut pieces at up to 5-1/8 inches versus the 4-11/16 of it predecessor.

For peace of mind it comes with a 5 year limited warranty.

Included in the box is the saw, blade, box wrench, vise assembly and a dust bag. Practically everything you need to get started right away. 

Given that it is the current model from Hitachi then it is the clear choice. Buying a discontinued line is rarely advisable unless you can get it for an absolute bargain, then and only then is it work the risk.

Hitachi C12RSH vs C12RSH2

The C12RSH2 is the current model that is being manufactured by Hitachi. This makes it the clear choice between the two. It may lack the bevel adjuster but this is not really a big issue.

It is a great miter saw that performs very well against the competition and is easy to use and get clean cuts repeatedly even for a novice or beginner.

Purchasing an out of production model from a retailer may mean that there are issues with the manufacturers warranty. Best to avoid such issues especially with expensive power tools.

As stated earlier if you can find a second hand C12RSH or a discounted model in a local store then you may be able to buy a very cheap miter saw that is as good a saw as most people will ever need. 

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