Dremel Ultra Saw vs Rockwell Versacut

Dremel Ultra Saw vs Rockwell Versacut

Looking for a new compact handheld circular saw? The Dremel Ultra Saw vs Rockwell Versacut pits two very popular saw against each other. But which to choose?

Before we compare both saws in a head to head lets take a brief look at each compact saw on its own below:​

Dremel Ultra Saw Review

The Dremel Ultra Saw is power by a 7.5 Amp motor. It is a hand held circular saw that has the ability to cut sheet material up to 3/4 of an inch deep.

Having only a 3/4 inch depth cutting capability does limit the Ultra Saw somewhat in that you cannot cut 2 inch thick material by making another cut from the other side like the Versacut below.

​The Ultra Saw comes with an all metal foot which gives it a much more sturdy feel as you move the saw across sheet compared to a saw that used molded plastic feet. It also has the added advantage of not melting when cutting metal, something that was over looked on other models.

There is also a detachable top handle allowing you to push the saw with a lot more force if it is required.

​Three blades are included and one "finishing blade" used for materials prepping such as removing heavy paint. The blades are capable of cutting wood and metal. One of the blades is specially shaped to offer the ability to make flush cuts.

 The Ultra Saw replaced the Saw Max as the latest in Dremel's hand held circular saw range. We compare the two saws here: Ultra Saw vs Saw Max.


  • 7.5 Amp electric motor
  • Can be used for material prepping, plunge and rip cuts
  • 3 blades plus one prepping blade included
  • Comes with detachable top handle  

Rockwell Versacut Review

The RK3440K Versacut from Rockwell is a compact circular saw that can be used for plunge and rip cutting on a variety of materials.

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It is powered by a 4 Amp motor and weighs in at roughly 3.4 pounds.

It has a max cutting depth of 1-1/16 of an inch with a 3-3/8 inch blade. You can of course cut through 2 inch sheet material once you are prepared to make a second cut from the other side.

There is no bevel adjustment on the Versacut so you are restricted to making all of your cuts at 90 degrees.

The rear mounted motor gives a better balance when operated with one hand and helps to keep the shoe flat against the material that is being cut.

The Versacut has a laser line guide that helps improve the quality of your cuts. It also features an adjustable lever to control the depth of cut whether you are making plunge cuts or rip cuts across larger pieces.​

There is a newer version of the Versacut called the RK3441K, you can read our comparison to see how they stack up against one another RK3440K and RK3441K.​


  • 4 Amp motor
  • 3 different blades for a variety of materials
  • Restricted to 90 degree cuts only
  • Laser guide for more accurate cutting
  • Well balanced ergonomic design

Dremel Ultra Saw vs Rockwell Versacut

​So which one do you choose? When it comes to rating these types of saws then the cutting performance is generally what they should be judged on. 

The Versacut is the clear winner when it comes to cutting.​ Although it may not have as big a motor as the Dremel it does have a deeper cutting depth, that combined with it's laser guide gives it a clear advantage in how well it can rip through sheet material. 

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It has a much better balance and feel in the hand than the Dremel​ and is also some what cheaper in price depending on where you purchase from.

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