Dremel Saw Max vs Ultra Saw

Dremel Saw Max vs Ultra Saw

The Dremel light weight circular saw face off. In the battle of the Dremel Saw Max vs Ultra Saw who will win?

Both are very convenient and portable small hand circular saws that can cut a variety of materials. Their light weight makes them easy to transport and maneuver.

If you are in a hurry and don't have time to read the rest of the article for us the Ultra Saw is the clear winner. With a more powerful motor and a much more robust all metal construction it is built to last.

Top Pick

Dremel Ultra Saw

More powerful 7.5 Amp motor than the  6 Amp Saw Max.

Considerably more durable all metal shoe construction.

Also has a prepping blade available unlike the Saw Max.

Below we dig a little deeper into both models and take a more detailed look at their performance and features.

Dremel Saw Max Review

The Saw Max from Dremel is a hand held 3 inch circular saw that is powered by a 6.0 APM electric motor, it comes with two blades one for cutting wood/plastic and the other for cutting metal. It has a max no-load speed of 17,000 rpm.

It has a max cutting depth of 3/4 of an inch however you can always flip the sheet material over and cut along the same line to be able to cut a 1 inch thick boards/sheet.

It is capable of straight, plunge and flush cuts. The two blades can cut a variety of materials from wood to metal and tile so it's a pretty versatile tool. 

It has a very ergonomic design as is easily used with one hand. There is a variable depth adjustment that allows you to set a max cutting depth. This is very useful if you are cutting flooring boards or dry wall and don't want to cut the supporting structures underneath.

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One major oversight in the design of the Saw Max is the plastic guard and shoe. A hot spinning blade should never be so close to plastic like that.


  • 6 Amp motor
  • Cuts variety of materials
  • Does straight, plunge and flush cuts
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Max cutting depth 3/4 inch

Dremel Ultra Saw Review

The Dremel Ultra Saw is a 7.5 Amp powered hand saw that is capable of cutting up to 3/4 of an inch in depth. Although it has a more powerful motor than the Saw Max it has a lower top speed of 13,000 rpm.

It is the next generation Saw Max and Dremel improved a number of features over the older model and created a more heavy duty version in the process.

It comes with four blades an auxiliary handle and a carry bag. The blades included are 3-1/2 inch metal cutting blade, 4 inch carbide wood cutting blade, 4 inch flush cutting blade and a 4 inch abrasive blade for surface prepping.

The foot on the Ultra Saw has been beefed up considerably as it is now made from metal as opposed to the Saw Max's plastic one. The drive-train too has seen considerable attention as Dremel boasts that it is now three times as durable and long lasting as that found on the Saw Max. 

The additional detachable handle also makes those jobs that require a little more pressure to move the blade along the cutting line a little bit easier. This was not available on the early model Saw Max.

All in all the Ultra Saw is certainly a step up in durability compared to the Saw Max with a few added features thrown in as a nice bonus. It is clearly a more capable power tool when put up against the Saw Max.

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  • 7.5 Amp motor
  • Drivetrain three times more durable than Saw Max
  • Cuts straight, plunge, flush cut and can be used for surface prep
  • Adjustable depth control
  • Comes with auxiliary handle and four blades

Dremel Saw Max vs Ultra Saw

Both are very portable and competent circular saws that have a pretty solid cutting performance, but which one is the best ?

Without a doubt the Ultra Saw is a clear winner. It is the next generation Saw Max. It is more powerful has a better cutting performance and is a lot sturdier built.

Where the Saw Max had a plastic shoe and guard the Ultra Max is all metal. An all metal guard and shoe is not only a more solid and true design than plastic but when it comes to metal you really do not want all of those sparks and the intense heat generated anywhere near plastic.

The motor in the Ultra Max is also more powerful, it can really rip through thin plywood and ceramic tiles. 

The added bonus of a prepping blade that allows you to strip paint and varnish from surfaces is a big advantage over the Saw Max where that feature and blade was not available.

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