DeWalt DWX723 vs DWX724

DeWalt DWX723 vs DWX724

DeWalt DWX723 vs DWX724 which miter stand is the right choice?

If you are in need of a new miter saw stand and are looking for some lightweight and portable options​ then the DWX723 and DWX724 from DeWalt are a pretty good bet.

Although they may not be a maneuverable as a rolling miter saw stand once set up they are however a lot more portable between jobs and take up a lot less space once the legs are folded up.

Lets take a brief look at each model and then run a comparison on them at the end.​

Both can accept all major brands of miter saws including Hitachi, Bosch or DeWalt. ​

DeWalt DWX723 Review

The DWX723 miter saw stand from DeWalt is a sturdy thirty five pounds in weight and can support up to a maximum of five hundred pounds.

​It has a five and a half foot beam. Fully extended the DWX723 can support material up to sixteen feet in length.

At thirty two inches high it is at just about the right height for the average person. Although it would have been a nice added feature if the legs were adjustable.​

The legs on the DWX723 are folding so you can easily store it whilst not in use. The legs have a very simple locking mechanism so there is not much fiddling around trying to get them to lock or unlock.​

Included with the stand is are two convertible work support/stops and two mounting bracket. ​


  • Lightweight design
  • 5-1/2 foot beam
  • Max capacity 500 pounds
  • Accepts all major brands of miter saw
  • Folding legs for easy storage

DeWalt DWX724 Review

​The DeWalt DWX724 is somewhat smaller than the DWX723. It has a slightly smaller frame at forty inches and can hold up to ten feet in length.

The DW724 weighs in at roughly 30 pounds making it five pounds lighter than the DWX723. However, it has the same maximum weight rating as it's bigger brother the DWX723 at five hundred pounds.

​Both models are essentially the same when you look at the them from a feature perspective the only major difference between the DWX723 and the DWX724 is that the 723 is somewhat larger.

Both stands come with the same three year limited warranty​


  • Weighs 30 pounds
  • Max capacity 500 pounds
  • Folding legs makes storage easy
  • 3 year limited warranty

DeWalt DWX723 vs DWX724

​DeWalt DWX723 vs DWX724 which one is the winner?

Both can safely handle five hundred pounds in weight. Each of then share the same folding legs that make them very easy to both store and transport so the have quite the advantage over a rolling miter saw stand the may have a fixed base on it.​

The DWX723 is the clear winner although it is slightly heavier than the DWX724 it is capable of holding longer stock pieces.​

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