DeWalt DCS391 vs DCS393

DeWALT DCS391 vs DCS393

Indeed, the circular saw is among the requisite tools for all craftsmen or carpenters, as it offers them exceptional precision, power, and comfort to make ideal cuts. Nevertheless, choosing the best one is no walk in the park as most of the products in the market have unique and wonderful features. 

Today, we'll review two almost alike circular saws, the DeWalt DCS391 and DCS393. They both make excellent and accurate cuts and are compact enough to carry around and store effortlessly. 

Here's what you need to know!

What is the Difference Between DeWalt DCS393 vs DCS391?





10 by 15 by 8 inches

12.5 by 9 by 10 inches

Blade size





20V Lithium-Ion


5,150 RPM

3,700 RPM


7.72 lbs.

7.63 lbs.

Foot material




3 years

3 years

Power source

Battery powered

Battery powered

DeWalt DCS393 Overview 

The DeWalt DCS393 is quite the popular circular saw among woodworkers. It features a 6.5-inch blade and a 20V motor. Mainly, it is known for its portability. 

This impressive tool is powered using a removable 20V Lithium-Ion battery that delivers enough power to turn the blades at a speed of 3700RPM. 

Although this is not a very versatile tool, since it's only meant for woodwork projects, the 3700 RPM can effortlessly cut through plastic. Also, with a bit of proficiency, you can utilize it for cutting steel or aluminum. 

When to Use DCS393?

Here are several ways you can utilize the DeWalt DCS393 Circular saw;

  • It features a 6.5-inch carbide-tipped blade which comes in handy in making numerous complex cuts.
  • It is not necessary to plug it into power to function. Therefore, you can easily carry it around. 
  • With the proper battery, this circular saw can perform equally good as heavy-duty corded circular saws do. This simply means that you can utilize this power tool for metal cutting if you install the right battery. 
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Pros and Cons of DCS393


  • The rubberized grip allows you to comfortably and firmly hold it, preventing accidental slippage.
  • It is user-friendly, and the variable bevel capacity makes it easy to use across various materials. 
  • If you use the right battery, it lasts a long time.


  • It is not compatible with low-powered batteries.

DeWalt DCS391 Overview 

The DCS391 is a 6.5-inch power tool measuring 10 by 15 by 8 inches. Plus, it weighs 7.72 lbs., which is relatively heavier than the DCS393. This could be because it has a more robust engine than the DCS393, delivering an optimum RPM of 5150. 

When it comes to useability, this power tool works like a charm, slicing through wood effortlessly. Additionally, the rubberized grip makes it more comfortable to hold without it accidentally slipping. The carbide-tipped blade adds to its rigidity. 

The DeWalt DCS391 circular saw was constructed to cut 450 and 900 angles, which it does easily. On the other hand, the cuts it makes are not as accurate as the ones from the DCS393. Although it can make precise cuts when curving through 6 inches, when cutting much thicker wood, you'll notice it struggling. 

Nonetheless, the DCS391 has an alloy foot compared to the steel foot on the DeWalt DCS393 circular saw. Regrettably, like the DeWalt DCS393, this circular saw does not come with a battery. 

When to use 

This power tool has an incredibly powerful motor, and here are some of the most suitable uses for it;

  • The 24-touch blade makes it ideal for use to produce tough cuts into a variety of materials. 
  • Plus, the lock-off switch is ideal for when you're utilizing it for extended periods.
  • The magnesium guard and base are featured to make certain that you don't hit yourself by mistake when using it. Therefore, you can utilize it to cut through metallic surfaces effortlessly. 

Which one is better? 


The DeWalt DCS391 circular saw has a speed of 5,150 RPM. This makes it ideal for heavy-duty tasks, allowing you to cut through various materials more efficiently. 

However, the DCS393 has an optimum speed of 3,700 RPM, making it perfect for beginner woodworkers. The decreased speed translates to the tool having a hard time making deep cuts of more than 6 inches, making it less consistent for woodworkers to undertake heavy-duty tasks frequently. 


The DeWalt DCS391 features an alloy-molded foot, and the DCS393 features a steel foot. The molded foot provides better balance and control, making it perfect for the user needing more stable and precise cuts. However, this makes a lot more prone to vibrations. 

On the other hand, the steel foot does an excellent job of reducing vibrations. But most users complained that the blade was going off-balance, which was prevalent when the saw had to be moved through a given surface. 

Dimensions and weight 

The DeWalt DCS391 weighs 7.72 lbs., making it heavier than the DCS393, which weighs 7.62 pounds. Additionally, the DCS391 is somewhat wider than its counterpart in terms of dimensions. 

The major reason why it is slightly larger and heavier is since it features a more potent motor. Also, it utilizes different matter on the foot, therefore adding to its weight. 

On the other hand, the additional weight gives the tool more stability when using the blade. This means that you can make more accurate cuts with the DeWalt DCS391. 

Power source

Both the DCS393 and DCS391 are battery-powered. Plus, they are compatible with the XR 20V DeWalt batteries. Consequently, both circular saws can be utilized with multiple batteries within this range, featuring a different amperage selection depending on the time you need the charge to last. 

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Bevel, warranty, and blade dimensions 

Both these models include a 6.5-inch blade that's carbide-tipped. This provides excellent speed and makes the cutting procedure more efficient. Moreover, this blade offers a smooth finish as it cuts through, making sure the user achieves high-quality work when utilizing either model. 

Since DeWalt makes both circular saws, they each have a 3-year warranty. Plus, they have a 90-day cash-back assurance in case the client is not pleased with the product's quality.

Ergonomics and design 

Thanks to the yellow and black colors, it's hard to miss DeWalt power tools. This is the case for these two circular saws. This makes them both attractive buys for new clients looking to have a powerful and efficient tool. 

DCS391 vs DCS393: Which One to Buy?


Overall Winner for Value: DCS393

So far, in this write-up, you have seen the differences and similarities in both circular saws. The difference mostly lies in weight, speed, and foot material. 

And while both these power tools, the DCS391 is better than the DCS393. This is mainly because it is versatile and more powerful, though it is more expensive than the DCS393. 

Therefore, if you're looking for a powerful but affordable circular saw, the DCS393 is the way to go. Though, if you don't mind buying an expensive tool, the DeWalt DCS391 is the ideal choice.


Although DCS393 is slower than the DCS391, it's a great saw for  beginners at 3,700 RPM.


DCS393 offers far greater advantages with its lightest-smaller and robust body.


DCS393 gets you a better value for the price, compared to the DCS391 at a higher price.

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