Champion vs Honda Generator

Champion vs Honda Generator

Champion vs Honda Generator who makes the better portable inverter generators ?

Honda and Yamaha have built a pretty solid reputation over the past few decades in the portable generator market. However, there are a new wave of brands that have started to gain a lot of traction recently.

One such brand is Champion. The have a broad range of power units available the Champion dual fuel generators have really started to impress.

For this to be a fair comparison lets stick to the gas powered models only.​

That being said lets take a look at two model​ of a similar power rating one from each brand to see how they stack up against one another.

We'll look at a small to medium sized portable inverter generator at around the 3000 Watt level from each manufacturer. 

Champion 3100 Review

The Champion 3100 is a portable inverter generatore that can produce a power output of 3100 Watts maximum. It can maintain a continuous power output of 2800 Watts.

The 3100 is powered by a ​171 cc single-cylinder motor and has a 1.6 gallon gasoline fuel tank. It is capable of running for eight hours at one quarter load on a full tank of gas. There is also a low oil shut off sensor to help protect itself from running on low oil.

The Champion has one 120 Volt 30 Amp RV outlet, two 120 volt AC standard outlets and one 12 Volt DC outlet.  

It has transportation wheels built into the frame and there is also a fold-away carrying handle making it easy to move about on a flat surface. At 80 pounds in weight it is not exactly heavy for a generator of this size either.​


  • Max power output 3100 Watts
  • Continuous running power 2800 Watts
  • Runs 8 hours at 1/4 load
  • One touch control panel
  • 3 year warranty

Honda EU3000IH1A Review

The EU3000i from Honda is a portable inverter generator capable of producing a maximum output of 3000 Watts and a continuous output of 2600 Watts. It has a 1.6 gallon fuel tank.

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​With a full fuel tank it can run at full load for 3.5 hours and at a quarter load it can run for 7.7 hours. The engine size is 163 cc. 

It has a dry weight of seventy eight pounds and with built in wheels and folding handles it is pretty easy to move about. At the 3000 Watt size you are probably going to need a generator that is to move about and both the Champion and Honda are well covered in the regard. 

The EU3000 is also a pretty quiet machine and has a rating of 65 dB(A) at a rated load.


  • Max output 3000 Watt
  • Continuous output 2600 Watts
  • Runs for 3.5 hours at full load
  • Runs for 7.7 hours a 1/4 load
  • 3 year warranty

Champion vs Honda Generator​

​Champion vs Honda Generator which one is right for you?

To be honest both brands make extremely well built generators and perform on a near equal level. ​

Although Honda do have a hard won reputation in the generator market spanning decades it does not mean that the Champion generators are by any means lesser quality.  

​Ultimately the choice will come down to price... Do you want to pay the hefty premium that Honda can charge for its generators based on its reputation. Bear in mind that the Honda is almost twice the price of the Champion and that can be said for almost all of the models at the different power options.

On a budget I would not hesitate to purchase the Champion and it is a well built and reliable portable generator for the money.​

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