Bosch JS365 vs JS470E

Bosch JS365 vs JS470E

Bosch JS365 vs JS470E not quite sure on which one is right for you?
Bosch have designed many power tools both corded and cordless. They have earned a solid reputation with their tools over the last few decades.

If you have already decided on buying a Bosch jigsaw then the only decision left to make is which one.....

Bosch JS365 Review

The Bosch JS365 is a 120-volt 6.5 Amp top handed corded jigsaw. It is also available in 6.0 Amp model.

It is very ergonomically designed and is comfortable enough to hold and maneuver. The trigger is quite comfortable and can accommodate two fingers. There is also ample non-slip rubber coating on the most common grip points along the top handle.

It has a quick change blade system that does not require you to touch the blade to remove it. Jigsaw blades get extremely hot especially as they begin to dull. Not having to touch the blade to remove it certainly a convenient feature.

Like the JS470E the JS365 has an integrated speed control system used to control the strokes per minute of the blades. You can set the max speed setting via a dial. The main trigger can then be use to control the speed up to the max setting.

It also features a ambidextrous lock-on button allowing you to keep the trigger on without having to squeeze it for long periods of time if you are cutting particularly long sections of wood.


  • 6.5 amp motor
  • 4 orbital-action cutting settings
  • Cutting capacity 3-1/2 inch in wood, 7/8 inch aluminum, 3/8 inch mild steel 
  • Tool-less blade swap out
  • One year warranty 
  • Made in China
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Bosch JS470E Review

The Bosch JS470E is also a 120-volt top handed corded Jigsaw like the JS365 however it has a 7.0 Amp rated motor.

The design follows the same ergonomic layout of the JS365, however the main body also has non-slip runner. We are not sure if it is definitely required but if you find yourself pushing hard through a particularly stubborn piece of wood it may be a nice addition.

Like it's less powerful counterpart the JS470E has variable speed control of 500 to 3100 SPM(strokes per minute). They also share the same stroke length of 1 inch. 

The JS470E is as per the manufacturers rating capable of cutting wood pieces up to 5-7/8 inches thick which is a considerable gain over the less powerful JS365.


  • 7.0 Amp motor
  • 4 orbital-action settings for various cutting actions
  • Cutting capacity 5-7/8 inch in wood, 7/8 aluminum, 3/8 inch steel
  • Tool-less blade change
  • One year warranty
  • Made in Switzerland 

Bosch JS365 vs JS470E

For the us the JS470E is the winner. Why? It is slightly more powerful, has less blade drift, can cut thicker pieces and is somewhat smoother during operation.

Both jigsaws follow the same tried and tested design philosophy from Bosch; make well built and durable tools with intuitively laid out controls. 

At first glance both of these jigsaws are nearly identical in the specifications and in their design features.

Both come with an integrated dust blower with an on/off switch, the same quick change blade system and variable speed control.

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Although they share a lot of design elements ultimately the performance is what matters and the JS470E is out in front in that manner. 

On the one hand you have the JS470E which has a slightly more powerful motor than the JS365. Although 0.5 of an Amp may not seem that significant the JS470E as per the manufacturers rating is capable of cutting thicker sections of wood than the JS365.

The JS365 is also noted to suffer from blade drift more so than the JS470E. Blade drift is one of the major issues that affect jigsaws and it gets worse the thicker the wood gets.

The JS470E is almost 1/3 of a pound heavier in weight which although is not huge it does help to reduce vibration and the overall feel of quality and sturdiness.

Given the superior cutting ability of the JS470E and it's more powerful motor in the battle of the Bosch JS365 vs JS470E the JS470E is the clear winner.

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