Best Table Saw for Beginners

Best Table Saw for Beginners

At some point, we were all newbies in woodworking. And, as we all know about beginnings, the first step, starting, is the most difficult. The second trickiest step is knowing how to begin. This is a difficult part, which is why you need to make the most suitable decisions regarding locating and buying the best table saw for beginners. 

Table saws are among the most complex power tools for woodworking, so you might need help finding the best one. Fortunately, I've done all the heavy lifting, researched and reviewed the best table saw for beginners, and continue reading to find out more!

My Top Pick: DeWalt DCS7485B Table Saw 

My Top Pick: DeWalt DCS7485B Table Saw

With the impeccable reputation DeWalt has, it shouldn’t be surprising that the DCS7485B table saw is the best table saw for beginners! 

This portable table saw combines two of the latest trends; first, it is cordless, so there are no cables to interfere with and limit you, and second, it can hold blades of 8.25 inches, which is impressive considering it is a compact table saw. 

The DeWalt DCS7485B has almost the same features as its counterpart, the DCS7485, though one of the key differences is that the latter is corded. 


Dimensions: 23.8 by 12.9 by 23.8 Inches 

Blade Diameter: 8.25 inches 

Arbor Size: 5/8 In.

Dust-port Diameter: 25. Inches 

Cut Depth at 450: 1.75 Inches 

Cut Depth at 900: 2.5 Inches 

Max Rip on the Right: 24 Inches 

Max Rip on the Left: 12 inches

No-Load-Speed: 5800 RPM

Weight: 45 lbs.

Voltage: 60

What I Like 

  • The potent 15-amp motor delivers 5800 revolutions per minute

  • It has an incredible Pro Modular Guarding mechanism

  • The lightweight construction adds to its portability 

  • As with all beginner power tools, this one's easy to use

  • The accurate controls ensure accurate results 

  • The rack & pinion system is easily adjustable 

  • It includes power loss reset inhibition technology

  • The numerous safety features are reassuring

  • Tool-free modifications to the guard mechanism

  • DeWalt offers great customer support

What I Don’t Like 

  • It doesn’t come with a wheeled stand 

  • Not compatible with dado blades 

  • The 8.5 inches long blade restricts the machine's optimal rip capacity.

Key Features 

FLEXVOLT Battery Technology

This impressive table saw uses one battery from the FLEXVOLT line. Batteries from this product line can power 60-volt and 20-volt power tools. DeWalt designs the FLEXVOLT batteries in different sizes of up to 15 Ah. 

Previously, equipping a table saw with a battery wasn't highly impractical because the batteries would deplete too fast. However, technology has improved significantly, allowing you to complete all your woodworking tasks with one battery. 

The DCS7485 battery is one you can rely on for long run-time. Also, the battery is compatible with other 60-MAX and 120V MAX power tools. 

That said, having two batteries might be a good idea in case one dies. Remember to switch off the table saw when changing the battery, so it doesn't begin running immediately after it is installed. 


Generally, people assume corded power tools are more powerful than their cordless counterparts, but the DCS7485B is evidence that this isn't necessarily true. Its potent motor delivers a whooping 5800 RPM. This is the no-load speed, which means it can deliver this speed under no load. Most of the time, this doesn't mean that the power tool can deliver this when working. 

Fortunately, I had the pleasure of using the DCS7485, and I can attest that this is the speed you'll attain even when under load. 

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Fence & Table 

The DeWalt DCS7485B table saw has a square table measuring 22.75 inches and is 13 inches tall. I love how it's small, even for a compact table saw, since this increases portability. I can easily move it from my workshop to the job site and back. So, this is the ideal companion if you don't have ample space!

When I wanted to cut four-by-eight plywood, I had to extend the table since this one's relatively small; fortunately, the rip fence stretches 24 inches towards the right side. This capacity is sufficient to hold a workpiece that's 4 inches wide. 

On the blade's left side, you get 12 inches rip capacity, which is typical for table saws for beginners. 

When it comes to the fence, this one features the typical rack & pinion construction. I like the accurate and smooth operation the rack and pinion system offers since once I get the workpiece in position and lock it, it will remain stable till you're done. 

Unfortunately, this table saw doesn’t come with a stand, but you can purchase it separately. 

Cutting Capacity & Blades 

Typically, table saws use 10-inch blades, but this is not the case with the DCS7485B table saw. It uses 8.25 inches blades which is more than enough for beginners. Besides, the 8.25-inch blade is better preferred over the 10-inch blades due to safety procedures overseeing table saws` size relative to the size of the blade. 

And while 10-inch blades offer more cutting capacity, this power tool will serve you right unless you have a particular project that needs a 10-inch blade. 

This vertical blade has a cutting capacity of 2.5 inches, approximately 5/8 inches cutting depth less than a 10-inch blade. That said, for beginners, this is enough. 

At 45 degrees, this table saw offers a cutting depth of 1.75 inches. The only limitation in cutting capacity is that this table saw isn't compatible with dado blades. 

Slots & Miter Gauge 

The DeWalt DCS7485B table saw has miter slots that are T-shaped, measuring ¾ by 3/8 inches; hence, if you own T-slot accessories, you'll appreciate this feature. You can also typically use rectangle-shaped miter bars, though you won’t get the extra T-slot security. 

The included miter gauge is highly functional and gives room for utmost precision. This means it can ideally perform most lightweight and medium tasks effortlessly. 

Safety Features 

Lastly, I'll tell you about the many safety features of the DeWalt DCS7485B table saw. 

First, the modular guard mechanism encases the blades to keep your palms safe. Unlike some table saws on the market, the manufacturer designed this guard system to be easy to attach and remove. This is perfect for safety, as you'll be required to detach the guard to create non-through cuts, and if it's a lightweight task, you'll easily be able to reattach it. 

Next is the riving knife attached behind the cutting blade, which is handy in preventing lumber from pinching back on the blade resulting in kickback. 

The DCS7485 table saw's riving knife is adjustable for ease when making non-through cuts, unlike most units which require removing or replacing the riving knife when making similar cuts. What's more, for the DCS7485 table saw, you can reset the riving knife within a few seconds. 

In addition, when the riving knife is in its typical position, it holds anti-kickback detents to hinder the wood from flinging back to you.

In the event the battery depletes mid-project, it has a power-loss reset aspect, which I pointed out adds to this table saw's safety. 

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Lastly, I consider the dust collection system a safety feature. This is because it prevents you from inhaling excess sawdust when working. I simply connect it to the dust collector or shop vac via its 2.5-inch dust port at the back. The enclosure surrounding the bottom of the blade works excellently to direct sawdust to the exit. 

In case you own a different dust collector system, you can go for 2.5-inch adapters. 


Besides the many handy features I've mentioned, there's more to love about the DeWalt DCS7485 table saw!

This table saw includes the DCS7485 unit along with the following accessories:  

  • Two blade wrenches

  • One user manual

  • One riving knife for non-through cuts

  • One carbide blade 

  • One rip fence 

  • One push stick

  • One miter gauge

  • One blade guard 

Cost & Comparison

With everything I've discussed about the DeWalt DCS7485B, it only makes sense to talk about its price. The DeWalt DCS7485B table saw, along with the accessories listed above, goes for $400 to $470 and has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Even the customers agree: this is the best table saw for beginners, with a 5 out of 5 stars rating, regarding value for money. 

On the other hand, the competition, the Hitachi C10RJ, goes for $300 to $400, hence the perfect budget option, while the DeWalt DWE7491RS goes for $620 to $680. 


DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw 

DeWalt DWE7491RS Table Saw

Yes, yet another DeWalt table saw caught my eye and impressed me with its performance. While the DWE7491RS table saw isn't as powerful and feature filled as the DCS7485B, it is one of the most popular and easy-to-use table saws, making it perfect for beginners. 

It has a 32.5 inches rip capacity, facilitating 3 1/8-inch cuts; at 900 and 450, you get a 2.25-inch cutting capacity. Additionally, it has a 15-amp motor that revolves the blade at 4800 RPM, slightly less than the DCS7485 B's 5800 RPM. 

It also has onboard storage, making moving around the job site effortlessly. When you want to make thin cuts, you can flip the fence over and modify the rip fence setup. 

Like the DCS7485B, it has a power loss reset system which ensures that every time it is connected to a power supply, this unit automatically restarts and won't switch on immediately.

Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw 

Hitachi C10RJ Table Saw

Hitachi is a well-known brand in the power tools industry, and I picked this specific model as an excellent budget option for the beginner searching for an efficient, yet affordable table saw. 

Unfortunately, this machine doesn't have anything special going for it, though it's user-friendly enough for beginners. This is a good table saw and handles most lightweight tasks well. It has a complex design, so it might be tricky for beginners to maneuver.

That said, it will get the job done with an RPM of 4500 and a 15-amp motor. 

Why Should You Choose the DeWalt DCS7485B Table Saw?

So, why is the DeWalt 7485B the best table saw for beginners? First, it is powerful and reaches a maximum RPM of 5800. 

Second, it is cordless and uses a battery from DeWalt's FLEXVOLT line, which automatically switches voltage when you change tools; hence you can utilize it with other DeWalt 120V MAX and 60V MAX power tools. Unfortunately, it isn't compatible with dado blades, but this is not an issue if you aren't using them. 

So, if you're looking for a feature-filled, relatively affordable, lightweight, and user-friendly one that's ideal for beginners, then the DeWalt DCS7485B table saw is the way to go!

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