Best Small Chainsaw

Best Small Chainsaw

From reliability and compactness to longevity and cutting power, having the Best Small Chainsaw
will make things much easier! Fortunately, I've used multiple small chainsaws over the past few years, and I have to admit I had difficulty choosing my top pick. 

Anything for my audience, though! Here is the best small chainsaw:

My Top Pick: Saker Mini-Chainsaw

Saker Mini-Chainsaw

This Mini saw is among the best products on the market thanks to its ease of use and high-quality build. While searching for a reliable mini chainsaw, the Saker Mini saw was one of the most popular options for experts and beginners, and with good reason. 

I bought it to experience for myself and confirm whether it's worth recommending. Here is everything you need to know about it:


Dimensions: 4.7 by 13.8 by 7.4 inches 

Weight: 2.42 pounds

Bar length: 4 In.

Battery: 1.5Ah, 20V

Wattage: 550 watts 

Power Source: battery-powered 

What I Like 

  • It comes with a robust dynamic system

  • It delivers effective heat dissipation

  • It comes with a safety button

  • As a mini chainsaw, it is lightweight and portable 

  • Top-quality bar and chain

  • The battery will serve you for a long time before it depletes 

  • It comes with two batteries 

What I Don’t Like 

  • You have to assemble it yourself.

Best Small Chainsaw - Key Features 

Copper Motor 

Besides its good looks, you will appreciate the motor, which is powerful and made of pure copper. You can also use it to cut various wood types regardless of its small size. The copper build offers excellent heat dissipation and ventilation, preventing this mini saw from overheating. 

Again, you can use it continuously for a few hours without sacrificing efficiency. I use it to cut firewood, hedges, and woodworking around my home. This potent motor and wear-resistant steel chain will deliver swift and convenient sawing. 


In the package, I found a pair of lithium-ion batteries and other accessories which I'll list later on. These are 1500mAh batteries that give a power output of 20V. However, they take quite a while to charge fully but will serve you for a long time. 

Fortunately, the charger is part of the package, so you won’t have the stress of going back to shop for a compatible charger. While it doesn’t charge that fast, this unit uses one battery, so you can charge both of them and change when one depletes. 

The 20V batteries allow it to deliver power equal to a gas-powered chainsaw. One battery will last 2 hours on demanding projects and up to 4 hours for light jobs. 

The charger switches the entire system off when the battery is fully charged. This guarantees you won't overcharge the battery, which prevents damaging it. 

Security Button 

This small but potent companion, the Saker Mini chainsaw, features a security button for safety purposes. This is a safety lock that prevents accidents. You have to press it before pressing the trigger and starting the machine. 

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This means that no matter what, this power tool won't just start on its own. Plus, it will only begin cutting once you press the security button for maximum safety. 


Considering this is a mini chainsaw, it is prevalent that it’s a compact and lightweight unit. It weighs only 2.42 pounds. The handle also fits in my palm snugly; hence, transportation isn’t a problem. Lastly, its bar length is 4 inches. 

Maneuverability & performance

This unit's performance is excellent. First, it includes a copper motor, which is a good conductor of heat, and can dissipate heat while using it. For instance, cutting 15 cm of wood takes 10 seconds, and it won’t overheat. 

Regarding maneuverability, the general build of this machine is designed to fit your palm snugly. Due to this, I can easily carry and control it, even with a single hand. 

Safety Features

The Saker mini chainsaw has more safety features besides the security button. The manufacturer understands that a chainsaw and sawdust go hand in hand, so they integrated a splash guard feature on this beast. 

It prevents flying chips of wood and sawdust from hitting you as you cut through different lumber. 

What's in the Box

The package I bought included the following:

  • One Saker Mini chainsaw

  • One user manual

  • One screwdriver

  • One lube

  • One wrench 

  • Two rechargeable lithium-ion batteries 

  • One charger 

  • One saw chain

  • One guide bar 

NB: The chain and guide bar are installed.

Cost & Comparison 

The Saker chainsaw has a more compact build than traditional saws, and it retails at $65 to $130, depending on the accessories included. Additionally, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means you can return it and get your money back or replace it within 30 days of purchasing it. 

Regarding its competitors, the DeWalt DCCS620B chainsaw goes for $100 to $200, while the Bei & Hong Mini chainsaw costs $50 to $100. 


Bei & Hong Mini Chainsaw 

This is an affordable and beginner-friendly mini chainsaw. So, if you aren’t sure whether the Sucker saw is a fit companion, you can always choose this one. 

This B&H unit is quite popular thanks to its magnificent design, huge 6-inch bar, and reliable cutting system. While it has a compact build, it can effortlessly cut a 6-inch piece of wood in 4 seconds. 

Further, it uses a 3000mAh battery, meaning you can use it for hours without the battery depleting. The package includes a pair of these batteries, which is convenient because when one battery dies, you can use the other. 

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At 700 grams, this is one of the most lightweight saws in this review. It makes it an excellent option for users with less-stronger hands. Also, this lightweight nature will be expedient when using it for prolonged periods. 

Like the Saker Mini chainsaw, this one has a copper motor to ensure noiseless and efficient cutting. You'll appreciate the safety features like the baffle, switch lock, and the package, including safety goggles. 

However, it comes with one downside; the chain may sometimes loosen. Besides, some of the accessories in the package are sub-standard. It would be best to purchase safety goggles and gloves separately. 

DeWalt DCCS620B Chainsaw 

DeWalt DCCS620B Chainsaw

DeWalt is a well-known brand, so it shouldn’t be surprising that this magnificent small chainsaw made its way to this list. This is a 12-inch cordless unit offering impressive usability from construction to woodworking projects.

This small unit has everything you’ll need for your home and job site projects. It also delivers immense power with reduced kickback and incredible battery life. 

The brushless motor helps with efficiency and great cutting performance. Plus, the batteries offer 90 cuts when fully charged, though it can go up to 100 cuts. This unit also has a toolless tensioning system for the chain, so you won’t need a screwdriver or wrench to tighten it. 

Nonetheless, the package doesn't include the battery, so you’ll have to buy them separately. 

Why You Should Choose the Saker Mini Chainsaw

The Saker Mini saw features and specs meet the need of most users searching for a compact, powerful, lightweight, and affordable small chainsaw for pruning branches and other home projects. It is highly portable and comes with all the accessories you'll need when using it.

Lastly, the price is affordable, and the manufacturer offers excellent customer care services, letting you contact them if you have any issues or questions. 

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