Best Planer for Woodworking

Best Planer for Woodworking


Do you have a small project at hand, but the wood you have is simply too thick? A wood planer might be the solution.

A reliable planer can be the difference between a professional and a shoddy job. All the same, you might have difficulty finding the right planer for your project due to the intimidating number of products on the market. Depending on the size of your wood and how often you'll be using it, you'll need a few essential things from your planer. 

Here I'll review the best planer for woodworking; read on to find out more!

Best Overall: DeWalt DW734 Wood planer

This fantastic tool won't likely be the first to fill up your workspace. Nonetheless, once you understand its value, you might want to consider purchasing it. DeWalt is well-known for manufacturing top-of-the-line machines, and this one's no exception. Therefore, you can trust that it won’t disappoint. 

This planer thrives on different aspects. It comes with an impressive RPM for the cutter head and the motor. Besides, it delivers excellent results, with an even finish that decreases waste. The depth and width of the cuts might be more than you require; hence this might be a versatile tool as your skills improve and as you do more demanding projects. 

The best thing about the DW734 is the power and speed. It sports a potent motor with a 10,000 RPM for the cutting head, which allows it to make 96cuts/inch. All the same, this planer isn’t the best option for beginner woodworkers. 

Why it stands out

The DW734wood planer is the perfect choice for all wood types. While it is a pricey inclusion in your workspace, it is worth every penny. Besides, if you are usually busy at the shop, eventually, you'll realize this device helps you save since it's better than most cheaper options. For any professional or serious hobbyist, this is a must-have planer!

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DeWalt DW734 Pros and Cons


  • Durable knives 
  • Less motion and more stability
  • Can be bought with or without knives 
  • Fast speed and potent motor


  • Not for beginners
  • Expensive


I liked the support DeWalt offers this planer, which includes its service, guarantee, and warranty. DeWalt works hard to solve any issues you might have with this potent device. It isn't cheap, though the price tag is definitely worth it. 

Rating by features 

Value for money 4.5

Accuracy 4.6

Sheerness 4.6

Ease of use 4.7

Runner-Up: WEN 6550T Thickness planer 

Next is this highly-efficient planer, which will come in handy in repurposing your already rough or worn-out lumber and offer it a perfectly smooth finish. The WEN6550T has a potent motor and a dual-blade mechanism for easy cutting, and these, combined with the 18,000 RPM, make planning any workpiece a breeze. Its feed rate stands at 26-ft/min. 

Additionally, this sturdy machine can plane 6-inch thick and 12.5-inch-wide boards. The smooth granite table offers the necessary support required for the workpieces you intend to work on. Plus, the iron base ensures sturdiness and no wobbling as you work. 

The robust table ascertains you have an even surface for supporting all your materials and boards. The top granite maintains the tool's integrity as it won't warp or distort anytime soon. In addition to having a smooth surface, the top granite hinders sawdust from sticking to the surface. 

Besides, the cast iron frame establishes a rugged and durable base that does away with unnecessary motion when working. 

Furthermore, the installation index pins and magnets offer the two blades a proper and even alignment when you substitute them. Again, this portable machine features a fun-assisted dust port to eliminate dust and debris. 

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Why it stands out

The granite table top is distinctive as it offers a smooth and sturdy surface to place your workpiece. Besides, you can plane materials 6 inches in thickness and 12.5 inches in width. Lastly, the 15-amp motor allows you to modify the cutting depth every time you pass the workpiece through it. 

WEN 6550T Pros and Cons


  • You can work with wood of up to a 6-inch thickness
  • Smooth granite table 
  • Potent motor 
  • The fan-assisted dust port eliminates dust, sawdust, and debris effectively.


  • The extension table's paint might rub off


When it comes to power, this device has a potent motor that delivers over 18,000 cuts per minute, making any project fast and easy regardless of the type of wood. The WEN 6550T can effortlessly cut through various materials. Also, it has two blades combined with an efficient cutting system for incredible results. 

Rating by features 

Ease of use 4.4

Sheerness 4.1

Accuracy 4.2

Value for money 4.3

Best For Residential Use: Makita 2012NB

The Makita 2012NB planer is a versatile woodworking tool for cutting boards, interior trim, and more. It has a blade height adjustment system, horizontal and vertical slide capabilities, variable-speed control, four built-in accessory blades, and a dust blower. The variable-speed motor allows you to work at speeds between 5,000 and 27,000 rpm with 0.5% to 99% precision control of the speed in 1% increments.

The Interna-Lok head clamp eliminates a significant portion of the snipe you might experience when removing the belt sander after planning your workpiece. It also works quietly, which is impressive considering it has a 15-Amp motor. For this reason, this is excellent for home or any other place that requires a silent power tool. 

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The LED light display shows if the tool is plugged into the power outlet or not. Besides, this feature comes in handy when assessing the machine's status. Again, the blade set, hex wrench, a pair of magnetic holders, and a socket wrench boost this machine's productivity. 

Why it stands out

The Interna-Lok system makes this planer stand out from the rest. If you keep the blades sharp, the finish will be magnificent. You'll simply have to eliminate some of the snipe. Besides, this machine is easy to run and set up. Also, they made switching the blades rather effortless. 

Makita 2012NB Pros and Cons


  • The Interna-Lok clamp mechanism 
  • Portable
  • Works quietly
  • Easily changeable blades 


  • Might overheat
  • It doesn't eliminate snipe


The adjustable depth stop facilitates accurate cuts, and you can modify the stop to get back to your most used depth quickly. 

Rating by features 

Accuracy 4.5

Ease of use 4.6

Sheerness 4.1

Noise level 4.4

In conclusion

Well, there you have it, the best planers for woodworking! My top pick is the DeWalt734, thanks to its durability and versatility. However, it might not be the best option for beginner woodworkers. Next is the WEN6550T, which is powerful, durable, and can plane even the thickest wood pieces. Also, like the DW734, the WEN6550T planer can work on hardwood and softwood workpieces. 

Lastly is the Makita 2012NB, ideal for beginners and professionals alike. The Interna-Lok feature is handy in reducing snipe and works silently, making it suitable for home use. 

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