Best Places to Buy Used Woodworking Tools

Best Places to Buy Used Woodworking Tools

Buying brand new tools from Amazon and manufacturer sites is not a luxury everyone can afford, especially when starting out. It helps to have a reliable supplier of used woodworking tools but finding one can be easier said than done.

You should expect to interact more with individual sellers than companies when buying used tools. After-sale services are few, if any, so you often won’t get a warranty for your tool.

What you do get is a quality tool at a heavily discounted price. Finding a used tool in good condition can be a satisfying experience, one that saves you a lot of money. If you’re wondering where to start looking, herein is a quick list.


The reason why many buyers and sellers succeed with eBay is that it has a vast user base. There are thousands of potential sellers from whom you can buy used woodworking tools at a friendly price. This 26-year-old virtual marketplace offers an assortment of options for all types of tools. It’s your best bet if you’re looking for a specific woodworking tool.

eBay has only one downside: the shipping costs can be high for many reasons. In many cases, the cost of shipping stuff from the platform exceeds any discounts on the product itself. Shipping becomes a bigger problem as the size of the package increases, so you’ll only have to deal with it when buying large tools.

If it’s local, you can work around this issue by picking up the used tool. This also allows you to inspect it before buying. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook has quickly grown from a social media platform to a sustainable virtual ecosystem that offers a thriving marketplace for used goods. There is plenty of information on each seller’s profile so that you can narrow down your options based on a wide range of personal preferences.

Even though sellers can ship goods to people, Facebook Marketplace promotes face-to-face meetups more than any other buying and selling platform. That means you have every opportunity to inspect the used tools beforehand.

Facebook Marketplace is free to use, which means there are millions of sellers available at any given time. There is always a decent chance of getting exactly what you need.


Craigslist is one of the oldest marketplaces online, and it’s infamous for its vastly unpredictable outcomes. While most people find what they’re looking for on the platform, you need a level of savvy and awareness to select reliable sellers.

When you do, Craigslist has a wide selection of used goods on offer. It’s not hard to dig up lightly used woodworking tools at half the price. Shipping is non-existent, though. For its users’ safety, Craigslist mandates face-to-face meetups to complete transactions. It’s recommended to meet in a public space and bring a friend.

Woodworking forums

Woodworking forums offer a wide selection of user-listed tools and something more invaluable: buying advice. Exploring these hobbyist rabbit holes is a good way to find advice on buying used tools. You can ask any related question and get thorough answers from industry experts, manufacturers, and tool owners.

The biggest forum for everything under the sun is Quora, where you’ll find advice, ask questions, and get links to used woodworking tools from. You can also check out these dedicated woodworking sites:

Auction Companies

Personal property auctions are a good source of used products. Think of them as large-scale yard sales where goods from all over are brought together and auctioned to a group of interested buyers.

Local auction companies stage twice or thrice every month and allow bids up to three weeks in advance. You might face some competition from other woodworkers, which can drive up the price of used tools. 

Quick Tips for Buying Used Tools Online

  1. Meet potential sellers in public spaces. It’s recommended that you bring someone along for extra protection.

  2. It’s always a good idea to inspect the tool before buying it.

  3. If shipping costs are too high, ask to pick it up yourself. You don’t want to miss out on a good deal because of shipping expenses. 

  4. Some older machines come with transferable lifetime warranties, so be on the lookout for that.

Used Tools from Amazon

Amazon has a wide selection of used tools. It’s the safest place to start with as you can get multiple assurances (warranties) from the seller and Amazon as well. Here are some excellent examples.

DeWalt DW735X 13” Thickness Planer

This used planer comes with extra blades, a dust hose adapter, and in/outfeed tables with fasteners. You’ll only need to buy the stand separately. Fortunately, you can get this 92-pound tool shipped right to you at a reasonable cost.

The planer has a 2-speed gearbox that lets you switch from 96 to 179 CPI for various projects. It’s fitted with a fan-assisted vacuum that pushes wood chips out of the machine’s exhaust. At this price, this used DeWalt planer is a steal for beginner woodworkers.

DeWalt DWE7491RS 10” Table Saw

A table saw is a workshop essential. It’s one of the tools you will absolutely need to improve your skills and craft more advanced projects. It is typically a pricey tool, which is why you’ll want to spring for a used one at the first opportunity.

This one from Amazon comes with a 10-inch, 24-tooth carbide blade, rip fence, miter gauge, rolling stand, and push stick. Help comes in the form of two-blade wrenches and a blade guard assembly manual. The tool itself is on a stable rolling stand that’s easy to work with.

If you work with pressure-treated lumber and hardwoods, you’ll need a high-torque motor. This DeWalt has a 15-amp high-torque motor that can reach no-load speeds of 4,800 RPM. In other words, it is highly capable of working with all types of wood.

Bosch 1617EVSPK Wood Router Combo Kit

Wood routers are necessary when slot-cutting, edge-forming, and making dovetail joints. Professionals and amateurs rely on routers to cut holes through wood, create intricate patterns, or trim down lumber into specific dimensions. In any case, most woodworkers prefer a router kit that comes with a fixed and plunge base.

Bosch is a world-renowned brand, so its used tools are worth considering. This one features a durable aluminum build, a wood handle on its fixed base, and a soft-grip handle on its plunge base. It is fitted with performance-regulating circuits, so it’s easy to use and produces consistent results.

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