Best Miter Saw for the Money

best miter saw for the money

Do you handle many woodworking projects? The best way to realize the best results promptly is by using a miter saw. 

Designed to the highest performance, ease of use, and safety standards, miter saws rank among the most dependable and durable power tools to invest in. They usually use the exemplary assembly process and materials to ensure the utmost safety, reliability, and money value even with continued, rugged use. But even with these fantastic benefits, not all miter saws are guaranteed to suit your needs. So, what is the best and most money-worth miter saw?

Well, your unique needs dictate the best miter saw for you since there are numerous models on offer. Here are three of the best miter saws to help you have a more effortless and more fulfilling shopping experience.

DEWALT DWS779 Sliding Compound (12-Inch) Miter Saw - Top Pick

If you want to quickly and precisely cut some large boards (like 4 x 4s), the DEWALT DWS779 is just the tool for you! This 12-inch miter saw is a versatile tool with sufficient power to ease your mitering process.

The DWS779 Sliding compound saw comes with sliding rails that facilitate lengthier and larger materials-comprising a typical setup that allows you to cut crosscut boards of up to 16" across and is particularly useful when building a fence deck or cabinets.

This 12-inch miter saw features a powerful 15-amp motor boasting a remarkable 3800 rpm no-load speed. You can adjust it to perform both bevels cuts starting from 48 degrees (left or right) and miter cuts (up to 60 degrees and 50 degrees to the right and left, respectively).

Better yet, with the DWS779, you needn’t worry about an untidy workspace from excessive sawdust; its fantastic dust collection system captures more than 75% of dust, although this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear protective gear like with other power saws.

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Indeed, this unit is undeniably the best 12-inch miter saw for the buck.

DEWALT Flexvolt (12-Inch) Cordless Miter Saw - Best Cordless

Forget the small backyard or garage repair tasks; if you have worked on long projects with miter saws before, then you know that you always need a steady power source. But not anymore! With a cordless miter saw and, in particular, the DEWALT Flexvolt saw, the challenge of needing consistent power is now outdated.

The Flexvolt unit uses a large (ion-lithium) battery, allowing you to work in conditions average saws won't. Powered by two (60v) battery packs, this compact saw is designed to enhance portability, and its 12-inch cutting blade can perform a maximum of 289 crosscuts on one charge.

Beyond its remarkable portability, this 120v saw comprises decent miter settings up to 60 degrees (right) and 50 degrees (left), plus an adaptable slide (back-and-forth) to cut wider woods properly. What's more, if you have a more extended project, it comes with a power cord to connect to an electric outlet.

Evolution R255SMS+ Multi-Material (10-Inch) Saw- Best Choice for Alternative Materials.

Finally, most standard miter saws need a constant blade change, especially when cutting materials besides wood. With the R255SMS Evolution, though, this is not the case anymore.

The 10-inch Evolution sliding power tool comprises a uniquely designed 10-inch blade tipped with Japanese tungsten-carbide materials to handle multiple materials like hardwood, rebar, mild steel, plastic pipes, and copper, among others, with utmost ease.

This Evolution power tool features a powerful 15-amp motor with a 2500 rpm top speed. It can perform crosscuts on the wood of up to 11.75’’ (wide), miter cuts of up to 50 degrees, and bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees (either direction). Furthermore, it includes a precise laser guide for accurate cuts and a reliable dust compartment to gather dust and keep your workshop clean.

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If the small concern of only tilting to its left for bevel cuts is something you can overlook, this is a worthwhile miter saw for the money.

Buying Guide: How Do You Get The Best Miter Saw For The Money?

You'll need to consider several factors before buying a miter saw. These crucial aspects will not only ensure you get the ideal miter saw but assist you in working effectively, safely and complete your projects on time.

1. Miter Saw Types

When pinpointing the ideal miter saw, you'll need to consider its unique design. Miter saws come in multiple and varied designs, namely;

  • Standard Miter –These saws work best in crosscutting and trimming. Standard saws are limited to making bevel cuts but are superbly a good tool for precise cuts. You can also use them in minor cutting tasks.

  • Compound Miter – These saws are a good fit for making beveled or tilted cuts due to their unique bevel setting. Some of the saws have a single bevel, with others comprising two bevels- right and left. Compound saws are best suited for making accurate crown molding cuts. They are versatile, meaning they can effortlessly cut through diverse materials.

  • Sliding Compound Saw – By far the costliest miter saws available but for a good reason. These models offer exceptional multi-task capacity and come with an exclusive sliding arm to ease your cuts through thick wooden materials.

  • Note: Sliding compound miter saws are not a good fit for simple DIY tasks but best handle hardcore cutting projects like lumbar cutting.

2. Power:

A miter saw’s efficiency is dependent on its amperage. Power is rated in amps with more amperage representing more cutting power. Your miter saws cutting power should suit your task at hand. Ideally, heavy-duty cutting activities call for miter saws with high amperage, while simple tasks require low or medium amperage.


3. Blade Size

There are different blade sizes to suit the vast array of saws and uses. Even so, each blade size should match the job at hand. Hefty cutting tasks prompt for large blades, and simple cuts require small-sized cutters. Blade sizes usually range from 8", 10", and 12-inches, although other advanced miter saws have an added advantage that enables them to incorporate extra-large blades.

4. Dust Collection

As you would expect, miter saw cuts would ultimately produce a considerable amount of sawdust. Therefore, a working dust collection mechanism is essential if you want a manageable and tidy workspace. A reliable dust collection system will filter or trap dust particles that tend to block connection ports found on the miter saw, saving you significant repair costs while keeping your station tidy.

Are Miter Saws Worth It?

The widely popular quote states, ‘you can make more money, but you can't make more time.' Miter saws not only save you time during your projects, but they can significantly save you substantial time when laying out crosscuts. Incorporate the ease of setting miter cut or bevel cut angles even on the most rugged materials, and it is easy to see how effective a top-grade miter saw can be. 

Ultimately, miter saws are a worthy investment, and considering their quality, efficiency, and safety standards, the miter, as mentioned above, saws will represent a fantastic deal. You can never go wrong with these products, so determine your needs, understand the process, pick the best miter saw for the money, and discover precisely what you've been missing.

Good Luck!



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