Best Miter Saw Blades

best miter saw blades

Miter saws are a must-have in all serious DIYer's or professional woodworkers' garage or workshop, precisely if you work with timber constantly. 

Now that you have a miter saw, it only makes sense that you begin shopping for a miter saw blade. There are a couple of brands available, and there seem to be new brands every day. For this reason, it might not be that easy to choose the right miter saw blade. Fortunately, we have compiled a list of the best ones in the market, and here they are;

Freud D12100X – Best Overall 

Our top pick is the D12100X 100 tooth blade. Its durability is unmatched thanks to the top-quality materials used to build it. Besides, these materials contribute to the blade's and edge's pro-longed integrity. 

Precisely, this blade is constructed using Hi-Density carbide. It wears at a slow rate meaning it will last you a long time. Also, it features Parma-Shield non-stick finish for shielding it against heat, gumming, and corrosion. 

Another thing to love about the D12100X is that it's tough. It will cut through plywood and hardwood like a hot knife through butter. Again, it can cut steel, aluminum, and other tough metals. Nevertheless, you have to be careful when cutting metal with it as the blade's edge will wear within a short time. 

The D12100X blade has 100 teeth and a 12-inch diameter. With speeds of up to 6000 RPM, it will do an amazing job on your material. It runs gently and quietly because of the extremely thin laser Kerf and recently incorporated laser-cut steadiness vents. 


  • It has shock-free performance thanks to the tri-metal brazing

  • The laser-cut niches give room for expansion

  • Features 100 durable carbide teeth 

  • It makes smooth cuts fast, and effortlessly


  • At times the teeth bend when cutting 

Makita A-93681 – Runner Up

Makita brand is infamous for manufacturing high-quality and reliable power tools, and the A-93681 blade is no exception. This 10-inch blade features 80 teeth, making it much easier to make crosscuts. 

Each of these 80 teeth is polished using 600-grit materials. This comes in handy in making smooth cuts on your timber. Besides, it is also ideal for reducing accumulated friction as the blade cuts through the wood, which helps prolong its lifespan. 

The 0.91 kerf ensures you make accurate cuts and have close to no wasted material. The only downside with this blade is that it makes an annoying whistling sound when using it. 


  • It is affordable and does not sacrifice functionality or the quality of work done. 

  • The carbide material used to construct it makes it long-lasting 

  • The teeth work decently, thus making extremely smooth cuts easily

  • It is hand tensioned 


  • When using it, it makes a loud whistling noise that`s annoying.

Hitachi 115463 - Best value 

This is a superior-quality product that features top-quality steel as the leading manufacturing material. The blade has a diameter of 12 inches. You get smoother cuts faster once you blend this 80-carbide-teeth blade with an RPM of 5500. Thanks to the top-notch teeth material, this blade will keep its sharpness for a long time. 

The teeth feature tri-metal brazing that ensures shock-free performance when working on your project. This translates to fine cuts and finishes during your woodwork projects. Moreover, to lessen the vibrations that could occur when working, this blade comprises a well-balanced plate. 

Thanks to the laser-cut expansion slits, you can cut various materials like plywood, softwood, and hardwood without the risk of heat deforming the blade. Also, the electrophoresis coating comes in handy in eliminating all corrosive elements. 


  • It is ideal for cutting Oriented Strand Board, as well as other materials 

  • It is incredibly tough and durable, making it long-lasting 

  • It features carbide tungsten tips which remain sharp for a long time 

  • The electrophoresis coating makes this blade corrosion-resistant 


  • It might warp when you use it on some materials

DeWalt DW3106P5 – Best All-Purpose 

Are you searching for a versatile and durable miter saw blade? Then the DeWalt DW3106P5 is the way to go. These blades come as a pair; one features 60 teeth and is more suitable for crosscutting, and the other is an all-purpose 32 teeth blade. 

These blades are specifically designed for 10-inch miter saws, and they comprise carbide-tipped teeth to surge their sturdiness and heat resistance. Also, they are very affordable; they cost almost half of Makita and Freud blades. Plus, you get the DeWalt brand and a pair of high-quality blades for half the price. 

The all-purpose blade is the most suitable one for use on almost all your woodworking projects. It cuts through ply, wood, sheet metal, plastic, and composite rather fast. In addition, they are both computer balanced to lessen noise and vibration and at the same time increase precision for an enhanced finish. 

If you own a sliding miter saw, these blades will fit perfectly, and due to their slim kerf, you will make accurate cuts whenever you use either blade. 


  • These blades are very affordable.

  • They are computer-balanced to reduce noise and vibration and ensure accuracy. 

  • The teeth are tungsten carbide-tipped for both blades 

  • Perfect all-purpose blades 


  • The quality of the material is not very good 


So, there they are; the best miter saw blades. We have reviewed the best blades from reliable brands. Our top pick is the Diablo D12100X, which is constructed using high-quality materials and makes the finest and smoothest cuts. Also, it has 100 teeth and has a coating that shields the blade and prolongs its lifespan. 

The Makita A-93681 is the runner-up with 80 teeth and top-quality material construction. And while it produces a whistling sound when cutting, it makes smooth and fine cuts. 

The Hitachi 115463 is our best value pick with 80 teeth, and it's an excellent choice for smaller projects that don't need extremely smooth cuts. 

Lastly, if you're on a budget and need an all-purpose blade, the DeWalt DW3106P5 is the way to go. Hopefully, this review has helped you find the best miter saw blade as per your needs. 

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