Best Makita Miter Saw

Best Makita Miter Saw

Even if you are a newbie in the power tools industry, you must have heard of Best Makita Miter Saw—a revolutionary brand with a wide range of quality products, including miter saws. 

Makita's miter saws include battery-operated and corded products, small and compact ones, and large, professional-grade miter saws. Therefore, whatever your poison, you'll undoubtedly find it within the Makita miter saw range. 

Among the things that make this brand stand out is its broad scope of products, specialized parts, attachments, and accessories. By including these in the package, Makita miter saws might be the only ones you need in your workshop or home.

Here are some of the best miter saws from Makita:

My Top Pick: The Best Makita XSL02Z Miter Saw

Makita is a beast brand, and the XSL02Z Miter saw is the ideal depiction. This unit will surely embarrass the rest of them regarding efficiency, versatility, and portability, which is why it's my favorite. 

If you're in the market for a portable unit, the XLS02Z weighs 28 pounds, and you can purchase it together with a stand for added convenience when you want to move it from one place to the other. 

To better understand what this machine is all about, here is my complete review:


Dimensions: 25.7 by 17 by 17.5 In.

Weight: 28.8 lbs.

Voltage: 18

Blade Length: 7.5 In.

Max. Speed: 5700 RPM

Cutting Angle: 900  

No. of Teeth: 60

What I Like

  • This power tool is cordless and features a potent brushless motor
  • It is lightweight and portable
  • The sliding system is highly convenient
  • The 5700 RPM will make various cuts on different materials effortlessly. 

What I Don’t Like

  • It is expensive.
  • It has a slightly smaller saw blade.

Key Features


The Makita XLS02Z is as good-looking as it is efficient. It sports the characteristic Makita colors and has everything you'll require for small and large-scale projects! I can comfortably cut through wood, even hardwood, and make bevel cuts with finesse. Overall, this is an efficient, user-friendly, and precise miter saw, which is exactly what you need. 

Further, the measuring section is well-designed and legible, though it is made of a different material from the rest of the machine. Don't fret; this is not a bad thing - the build includes sturdy and durable materials like aluminum and steel. 

On the other hand, some sections are made of plastic, like the handle, though this is robust plastic, so there is no need to worry about the XSL02Z's longevity and integrity. 


As pointed out, this is a cordless miter saw, one of the many on the market, and it's highly capable of competing with its corded counterparts. It has an 18-volt motor that revolves the 7.5-inch blade at a maximum speed of 5700 RPM. 

You'll also appreciate this powerful motor if you work with plastic and lumber. Additionally, for woodworkers who prefer using hardwood, like me, you're in luck – the XSL02Z unit's motor is more efficient than most models on the market. 

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The manufacturer constructed this motor with longevity in mind, so its durability and integrity are not an issue. 

Cordless Nature

I have to talk about this because some people believe that a cordless miter saw won’t serve them as effectively as a corded one, but they are wrong. While corded power tools have the advantage of not using batteries that might deplete after some time, cordless versions can operate where there is no electricity. Moreover, you won’t be inconvenienced by the power cord when working. 

The XSL02Z uses one lithium-ion battery. However, you can always purchase two or more to switch out when they run out of juice to avoid mid-project interruptions. 

Lightweight and Compact

The best makita miter saws on the market weigh over 35 pounds, which is something many buyers complain about. However, with the XSL02Z miter saw, this will not be an issue. Heavier miter saws tend to be hard to maneuver at home or in your workshop, hence compromising the quality of your cuts. 

With this Makita unit, you get a lightweight and compact power tool weighing 28.8 pounds, lighter than most models. This also makes using and carrying it to the job site or workshop easier. Again, it makes for easy storage and is ideal for you with a compact workspace. I usually store it in the cabinet, leaving enough space for other power tools. 

Lumber Cutting Capacity

Since most people looking for a miter saw are woodworkers, it only makes sense that I cover this machine's extensive lumber-cutting capacity. 

The XSL02Z miter saw has a vast lumber capacity, so it can cut wood broader and longer than most. At 900, I can cut 2 1/16 by 11 ¾ and 2 1/16 by 8 3.8 Inches at 450. Moreover, this unit features a direct drive gearbox, facilitating improved cutting experience and trouble-free maintenance. 

Sliding System

Remember when I said that the Makita XSL02Z miter saw was made of durable materials like steel? The rail sliding system is one of those parts. This machine includes a 4-steel rail sliding mechanism, which enhances rigidity for better accuracy when making different cuts. Plus, the steel build makes for a solid and durable system. 

For the most precise cuts, this miter saw lets you make miter cuts from 0 to 570 on the right and to the left from 0 to 470. Again, this model offers nine positive stops, including 60, 45, 30, 22.5, 15, and 0 degrees. 


I always make it a point to discuss the safety of all the power tools I review since they can be dangerous. For instance, a miter saw with a blade revolving at over 1000 RPM could cut someone. 

Fortunately, Makita made sure to include a few safety features for your sake. I like the transparent blade guard, so you’ll always know the blade’s position. This also adds to precision. 


Unfortunately, the Makita XSL02Z does not come with any accessories, just the power tool. 

Cost & Comparison

The Makita XSL02Z goes for $600 to $750, which is quite expensive. However, it has great customer reviews and a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. 

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On the other hand, the Makita XSL04ZU, which came close to beating the XSL02Z for the top spot, retails at $500 to $650, while the Makita LSO815F costs $600 to $700. 


Makita XSL04ZU Miter Saw 

The Makita XSL04ZU is the closest competitor to the XSL02Z unit. Also, it is an excellent option if you're looking for something more affordable. 

It has impressive cutting capacity, accuracy, and power. Besides, this is a 10-inch blade miter saw, slightly bigger than the XLS02Z's 7.5 inches. Its cordless nature won’t be an issue since, on a full charge; it can make 334 cuts.

It also features a dual-steel rail sliding mechanism for maximum convenience when working and for smooth and accurate cuts. For best performance, you have the automatic speed change feature, which controls cutting speed & torque as you make cuts on different materials. This feature is also included in the XSL02Z unit. As I said, these two units have several similarities. 

When it comes to positive stops, you get 60, 45, 30, 22.5, 15, and zero degrees to the right and left. On the downside, it is significantly heavier than its predecessor, the XSL02Z, at 72.8 pounds, and offers 4400 RPM maximum speed. 

Makita LSO815F Miter Saw 

Another worthy competitor is the Makita LSO815F miter saw, which is ideal for workshop and job site purposes. It can cut wood 12 inches thick and has an extension for supporting huge workpieces. Again, it only weighs 31 pounds, making it highly portable. Also, it bolts to your workstation for superior stability. 

You also get a dust collection port and a trigger brake system that halts the blade from revolving when you release the trigger by mistake. The soft start feature increases stability and precision. 

However, it comes with a few disadvantages, like the blade doesn't turn to the right, which limits its abilities. Also, the soft start feature is rough initially before the blade speeds up. 

Why You Should Choose the Makita XSL02Z Miter Saw

Overall, the Makita XSL02Z Miter saw is an excellent choice for your workshop and job site. If you prefer a cordless power tool offering the power of a corded tool, this is the way to go! Also, it is more lightweight than most at 28.8 pounds.

While this isn’t an industrial-grade power tool, it will certainly get the job done!

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