Best Log Splitting Axe

Best Log Splitting Axe


If you want to split logs easily, then we have excellent news! Yes, I'm talking of the best splitting axe. This is an incredible tool featuring a long handle that's handy in splitting timber into smaller pieces. 

I know what you're thinking, “but they all look the same!” No, they don't. Different projects call for different axes, though if you're searching for one that'll effectively split your wood, you'll require a splitting axe, otherwise known as a maul. 

While felling axes are designed to cut against the wood's grain, a splitting axe's primary purpose is to split in parallel with the wood grains. As the name suggests, you'll be breaking the grains apart. 

Splitting axes have axe heads much heavier than those of a felling axe, as they're purposed to hit the log forcefully. That said, let's take a look at the best log splitting axe on the market:

Best Overall: Davaon Pro Log Splitting Axe 

This great log-splitting axe is my top pick, and with good reason. I chopped a few logs with it, and I can attest to its true quality. It produces excellent results and is sturdy enough to cut different types of wood. Here are some specifics;

The Davaon Pro log splitting axe is purposed to split tree branches and massive logs of wood of up to 30cm and a bit more in terms of diameter. It is long enough to handle numerous tasks like cutting wider wood logs for a campfire or the fireplace. 

Again, it has a balanced weight which gives you control when swinging it, thus lessening the chances of injury. Also, the head is made of top-grade carbon steel and is securely attached to the handle. 

Something else to look forward to is the ergonomic handle and protective bag for storage when you're not using it. Overall, I found this log splitting axe lightweight, durable, ergonomic, and incredibly balanced. That said, the head isn't permanently attached to the handle; hence you shouldn't attempt to utilize it as a hammer. 

Davaon Pro Axe Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic handle 
  • It can split logs of up to 30 cm in width 
  • Durable blade 


  • The Head isn't permanently attached to the handle 


It comes with a robust shielding sheath to cover the blade and head when you're not using it. Plus, this sheath makes carrying it around and storing easy. 

Runner-Up: Lexivon V28s Log Splitting Axe 

Next is this impressive log splitter that will effortlessly split any log into smaller pieces, ideal for your fireplace. 

The balance point near the axe head makes it easy to swing without tiring your hands. Besides, the splitting head alone weighs approximately 1.7Kgs, and the overall weight stands at 2.4Kg. 

This way, it's more user-friendly than a conventional axe, and the difference is clear when it comes to the speed at which it splits logs. 

The head is made using carbon steel, ensuring durability, while the sharp blade guarantees you can cut easily through different logs. Besides, the toughened cutting edge boosts the motion of the blade through the timber. Typically, log splitting axes are wedge-shaped, which is the case with the V28s, as it ensures the log splits more swiftly compared to a flat blade. 

The shielding sheath on the blade is an appreciated bonus as it makes storage and carrying it more convenient. Again, you can clip off the blade protector and return it whenever necessary. 

Moreover, this log cutting axe is perfect for wood splitting projects, like cutting wood for firewood. Besides, this also makes it handy in any shed. On the other hand, it might not be suitable for splitting hardwood like oak. 

All the same, considering that not many people are hacking oak, this log splitting axe is ideal for any home or workshop, and it's versatile enough to use on different logs. 

Lexivon V28s Pros and Cons


  • Splits most smaller logs effortlessly
  • It comes with a sharp edge; hence you can use it immediately
  • It has a well-balanced construction
  • The lightweight handle won’t tire your hands when using it


  • It might not be suitable for splitting hardwood logs like oak


The fiberglass shaft reduces the weight; hence it's lighter than most log splitting axes. Besides, it's 70 cm long, ideal for individuals of different heights. 

Rating by features 

Maneuverability 4.0

Sturdiness 4.0

Easy to hold 5.0

Why it stands out

The Lexivon V28s log cutting axe is an extremely versatile tool ideal for cutting different types of wood. So, if you're looking for a sharp, reliable, and versatile log cutting axe, this is the way to go. 

Best Budget: Estwing Fireside Friends Log Splitting Axe 

Lastly is this budget-friendly option; the Estwing Fireside axe. It features a steel construction and an excellent head for splitting your logs into manageable pieces.

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The handle has rubber throughout, which comes in handy in absorbing shock and offers a comfy grasp. Also, the small size makes it an excellent choice for swift splitting. Besides, you can always carry it around when camping for wood splitting for the campfire. 

On the other hand, the head is somewhat heavy, at 4 lbs. Overall, this is an affordable, functional, and conveniently short log splitting axe.

Estwing Fireside Friends Pros and Cons


  • Easy to carry and store 
  • Durable thanks to the steel construction
  • Safe nylon sheath 
  • The heavy axe head can drive or split 


  • Not ideal for splitting large logs 
  • A heavy head can be cumbersome when swinging the axe 


Despite its small build, this axe is highly functional and doesn’t sacrifice versatility or efficiency. It balances effectiveness with price as well. Even though it isn’t one of the fanciest log cutting axes, it's portable enough to carry around for different projects.

Why it stands out 

This log-splitting axe stands out thanks to its affordability. Not many people want to break the bank to purchase an axe, and if you're one of them, this is the ideal choice!

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In conclusion

There are different types of axes, and these three are the best when it comes to log splitting axes. For a durable, functional option, the Davaon Pro Log Splitting Axe is the most suitable, while in terms of versatility, the Lexivon V28s axe is a good choice. Lastly, the Estwing axe is the way to go for a budget-friendly option!

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