Best Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring

Best Jigsaw for Laminate Flooring

It's inevitable when installing laminate flooring; you have to use a jigsaw for efficient cutting. 

Laminate is one of the most common flooring materials, and with good reason. Nevertheless, when it comes to cutting laminate material, it might be a bit difficult, especially if you don't have the right tools. While numerous tools exist for doing this, a jigsaw is your best bet for making smooth and precise cuts. 

First, with the right jigsaw, you won't damage the material, and it can make both curved and straight cuts. In the long run, it will increase efficiency. Also, along with the best jigsaw, it would help if you also choose the right blade. Standard blades wouldn’t be useful in this situation. 

Regarding the best jigsaw for laminate flooring, I have researched and come up with this comprehensive review after weighing in vital factors like durability, power, precision, and control. 

Prepare to be impressed!


After carefully considering the factors above, I found the TJS01A jigsaw to be the best option for laminate flooring. With its lightweight design, you can easily carry it to the work site. Besides, it is powerful enough to manage cutting laminate flooring effectively. 

Its robust construction ensures a prolonged lifespan. Plus, this power tool can endure rough working conditions, like a construction site. 

Again, this fella is your best option if you're like me and don't like operating in a dusty workspace. It can easily eliminate dust as you work and guarantees a clean workspace that offers you a clearer cutting line. 

In light of this, here is an overview of what the TACKLIFE TJS01A is all about:


Dimensions: 10.24 by 2.36 by 5.91 inches 

Colors: Brown, Black

Weight: 4.27 lbs.

Cutting angle: 45 degrees

Wattage: 600 Watts 

Amperage: 5.0amp

SPM: 3000

Warranty: 2 years 

What I liked 

  • Great ergonomics with a rubberized handle

  • Lightweight construction

  • Variable track settings 

  • It has an aluminum base for additional durability

  • Impressive power output

  • The dust collection system keeps the workpiece clear

  • Swift, tool-free blade switching 

What I didn’t like

  • The on/off key is inconveniently positioned. 

Key features 


The first thing you'll be looking for in a power tool is power. Fortunately, with this model, you no longer need to worry about insufficient power when cutting laminate material. This is an electric power tool, and it will deliver the power needed for your laminate flooring projects. 

It's equipped with a 5-amp copper motor which is durable and powerful enough to use on other materials, including wood and metal. Again, this motor will provide a whooping 3000 SPM, adequate for all your cutting needs. 

That's not all; it comes with 6 changeable speeds, which offer additional control and accuracy over your work. 


After power, I always try to go for a power tool with a durable and practical design, and the TJS01A is nothing short of this. It has an aluminum base making it durable and lightweight. This base also ensures stability as you cut through the laminate and other materials in your workshop. 

Besides, this tool weighs a mere 4.27 lbs, making it easy to carry from one place to another. Also, this means you won't strain your arm when using it. 

Again, regarding the aluminum base plate, I could easily work in different directions. Plus, I could make bevel cuts effortlessly. With this aluminum, the THJS01A leaves nothing to be desired in terms of precision, convenience, and efficiency. 

Track settings 

The TACKLIFE TJS01A delivers 4-placement orbit action for additional control and convenience. These custom track settings allow you to pick from 0 to 3. I used the high settings for softer materials, while the low track settings came in handy in accurate cutting and tough materials. 

Cutting ability

This jigsaw is perfect for cutting laminate, but this doesn’t mean that it only cuts laminate. It is designed to make cuts on a handful of materials to perfection and ensure you aren’t having a hard time doing it. 

The adjustable sliding shoes maintain stability when making cuts on your workpiece. Additionally, you'll love the modifiable foot pedal, which allows you to make angled cuts of +/- 450. 

Dust extraction

I prefer working in a dust-free workspace, and the dust collection system with the TJS01A ensured I got just that. To achieve this, I linked the dust port to my vacuum cleaner using an adaptor. 

With the dust out of the way, I also got a much clearer line of sight for making more accurate and smoother cuts. 

Variable speed settings 

This model comes with 6 variable speeds for unmatched control over your work. Also, it ensures you make smooth cuts on different materials, including laminate, wood, aluminum, and steel. 


The TACKLIFE TJS01A jigsaw comes with three T-shank blades for convenience in its utilization. 

Costs and comparison

This model is affordable, with its price between $43 and $50, depending on where you purchase it. Compared to some of its worthy competitors, like the DeWalt DCS334B ($199), the TJS01A jigsaw is cheaper. However, the Black + Decker BDEJS600C is slightly cheaper, at $37. 

Worthy Competitors 


With the BDEJS600C jigsaw, you will have an easy time cutting those laminate materials. The tool-less blade switching system and angled cutting features allow it to deliver impressive efficiency on the work site. 

Further, it has curve control technology, allowing the orbit to operate on 4 different settings. This way, you only need to set it depending on your project and watch it work its magic. In terms of bevel cutting, this model features an adjustable shoe offering stable cutting capacity. Besides, you can make 45-degree cuts easily. 

Precision is a must-have for all saws, and the BDEJS600C delivers nothing short of this, thanks to the wire guards. What's more, with the 5.0amp motor, like the TJS01A, you can be sure that this power tool will effortlessly make clean and accurate cuts.

DeWalt DCS334B

This review wouldn’t be complete without a product from DeWalt. This manufacturer is well-known for producing top-of-the-line, reliable and efficient power tools, and the DCS334B is no exception. 

It comes with a 4.5Ah battery, sufficient for light and medium tasks, and operates for a long time when fully charged. The brushless motor delivers an impressive 3200 RPM, more than TACKLIFE and BLACK + DECKER's 3000 SPM. The 4-position orbital action and adjustable angle from 0 to 45 degrees allow additional control over your projects. 

Also, it has an anti-slip grip for a firm and comfortable hold, facilitating use for extended hours without straining your arm. The in-built LED light makes it perfect for operation in dimly lit workspaces. 

Why you should buy the TACKLIFE TJS01A jigsaw

The TACKLIFE TJS01A jigsaw is not only handy but affordable. The three main features that make it ideal for laminate flooring are the stable aluminum base, comfortable barrel grip, and incredible power. 

So, if you're on a budget and are looking for a lightweight, powerful and user-friendly jigsaw for cutting laminate material, the TACKLIFE TJS01A is the best option.

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