Best Jigsaw for Cutting Metal

Best Jigsaw for Cutting Metal

A jigsaw is the perfect cutting tool for a woodworker, regardless of your skill level. It makes various cuts on diverse materials, though you'll require the right blade. 

This power tool employs a revolving blade to make straight cuts and other complex cuts in wood, metal, ceramic, and other materials. Again, you can use a jigsaw for curving and shaping lumber thanks to its broad and steady blade.

Today, I’ll review the best jigsaws for cutting metal, including my all-time favorite, the DeWalt 317K Jigsaw. 

Here we go!

My Top Pick: DeWalt DW317K Jigsaw 

It's a well-known fact: cordless jigsaws aren't as powerful as their corded counterparts and hence can’t be trusted with heavy-duty projects.

If you're working with metal or have a demanding project ahead, the DeWalt DW317K jigsaw will be the ideal companion. Besides, it is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Here, I explain why it's my favorite and tell you all about its features, accessories, and specifications. 

Prepare to be impressed!


Dimensions: 12 by 9.4 by 4 In.

Bevel Capacity: 0-45 degrees 

Max. SPM: 3100

Voltage: 120

No. of Teeth: 10

Amperage: 5.5

Weight: 6 lbs.

Power Source: Corded Electric

Warranty: 3 years 

What I Like

  • Potent motor with impressive SPM

  • It comes with four changeable speeds

  • The keyless blade facilitates effortless installation.

  • It is built with robust metal for unmatched durability

  • It is lightweight, so you can use it for long hours without tiring 

What I Didn’t Like

  • It is somewhat expensive. 

Key Features 

Lightweight & Heavy Duty

The DW317K jigsaw is powered by a potent 5.5-amp motor and delivers incredible results. Its voltage stands at 120V, which produces 3100 SPM, which is sufficient for cutting metal. 

Its length stroke is 1 In, and it works extremely fast, regardless of the cuts you're making. Additionally, if you're a perfectionist like me, you'll appreciate the smooth and clean cuts you end up with. 

The construction is impressively durable, with the signature DeWalt yellow color adding to its already good looks. When it comes to the handle, it fits comfortably in your palm, so you can use it for long hours without stressing your arms. While it might not be the most lightweight, 6 ounces is light enough for you to work comfortably. 

It is lighter than its predecessor, the DW317, which weighed 7 pounds, though they have a similar sturdy metallic build for maximum durability. 

Variable Speeds

The keyless blade facilitates swift removal and installation of the blades. This is a common feature among top-of-the-line jigsaws. I use the straight blade when cutting metal, accessible on option zero. 

Also, you'll get 1 to 3 orbital options. You can use them to cut softer materials like lumber and plastic, while the lock-on button is handy when you want to use a specific speed for some time. 

The shoe is relatively light but steady and ideal for demanding projects despite the material. The DW317K bevels between 0 & 45 degrees, while the adjustment knob delivers accurate angle settings. 

Overall, this is an easy-to-use and powerful tool with all the features you'll require for metal cutting. 


The motor of any power tool is fundamental because it determines how much work you can do with it. When it comes to the DW317 K's motor, it sports a 5.5-amp motor which is capable of handling all your demanding tasks provided you use the right blade. 

Also, it is brushless, diminishing the chances of friction with other motor parts. Finally, it delivers 3100 SPM for working with ease, even with the toughest materials. 


The DeWalt DW317K jigsaw comes with an orbital jigsaw contractor bag for placing your jigsaw when you're done working. 

Cost & Comparison

At a 4.7 out of 5 stars rating on amazon, the DeWalt DW317K is a worthy investment. It costs $110 to $140, which is expensive, though it's much cheaper than other jigsaws in its range. 

When it comes to its competition, the Porter Cable PCE345 jigsaw goes for $60 to $90, while the Black + Decker sells at $45 to $60. 

Worthy Competitors 

Porter-Cable PCE345 Jigsaw 

The porter-Cable jigsaw comes with a 6-amp motor, which is rather potent than the DW317 K's motor. It also has seven speeds; however, it is not ideal for beginners, only professionals. Nonetheless, the long-on dial makes using it easy. 

Portability won't be an issue when using the Porter-Cable PCE345 jigsaw. Like its counterparts, this jigsaw is corded, hence delivering lots of power for cutting different materials. It also comes with four orbital settings and durable construction for an extended life span. 

In terms of security features, this jigsaw has a lock-on dial that holds the blade securely. This lock-on mechanism delivers the needed stability. Besides, the toolless system allows you to switch blades effortlessly, even when using the U-shank blade. Clearly, this Porter-Cable jigsaw has all the basic features you'd need from a jigsaw.

That said, some of the drawbacks with this jigsaw include restricted bevel cutting options and it doesn’t come with the battery required. 

Black + Decker JS670V Jigsaw

The line finder is the feature that makes the Black + Decker jigsaw stand out. This lighting technology lights up your workspace and workpiece, giving you a better line of site for improved accuracy. 

The Black + Decker has all the necessary features of a reliable jigsaw, including the toolless blade switch system, a high-powered motor, and security features. On top of that, it has a laser guide where the front laser allows you to follow the right cutting path, letting you work on your piece with impressive precision. This is among the many reasons this machine is on my review. 

The other features worth mentioning are the onboard storage, where you can position your extra blades, the speed button, and the light construction, which lets you work comfortably. However, the JS670V has several bevel-cutting options, and while these might be sufficient for curved and straight cuts, it's not enough for other complex shapes. 

Why Choose the DeWalt DW317K Jigsaw?

Clearly, the competition was stiff, with the Porter-Cable having higher amperage and SPM and the Black + Decker sporting highly impressive and distinctive features. 

However, I still chose the DW317K over them. First, it is user-friendly, hence ideal for professional and beginner woodworkers. Again, its powerful motor allows you to work with different materials. Lastly, this machine is designed with the user's comfort in mind, which is why it is lightweight, and the handle fits in your palms snugly. 

And while it is more expensive than its counterparts, it can handle any demanding or lightweight task with finesse.

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