Best Jigsaw for Cutting Curves

Best Jigsaw for Cutting Curves

Elevate your woodworking projects with a reliable jigsaw!

Jigsaws are handy in the workshop thanks to their capacity to cut curves and other complex shapes on different materials. Besides wood, you can make curves or straight cuts on plastic, metal, and ceramic with a jigsaw integrated with the right blade. 

Considering you've come here, you must be looking for the best woodworking tools. Without further ado, let's get into the review and see the best jigsaws for cutting curves:

Bosch JS470E

The Bosch brand has been around for a long time, and you won't be disappointed with any of their products. The Bosch JS470E jigsaw proved to be the perfect companion for making curves on different materials through my numerous projects, and I appreciated its durability and quality performance. 

With this power tool, you can handle different projects easily. The external includes robust metal, which is also lightweight and portable. Also, it was a breeze using it, which is why I would recommend it for beginners. 

In addition to the Bosch JS470E being a durable jigsaw, it has a handful of fantastic features to improve delivery. While it is a corded unit, the JS470E works effortlessly and gives even the potent cordless jigsaws a run for their money. 

Again, thanks to its versatility and ease of use, I would easily recommend this magnificent beast to beginners and professionals alike. I can confidently say that this power tool is designed for the worksite and workshop, and regardless of your project it will deliver. 

On that note, let's review some of its key features in detail:


Design: handle jigsaw 

Weight: 5.6 Lbs.

Dimension: 8.43 by 14 by 4 inches 

Motor size: 7-amp

Power source: corded-electric

Measurement system: metric

SPM: 500 – 3000

Voltage: 120 Volts

Warranty: 1-year warranty & 30-day money-back assurance

Why I loved it

  • Ease of use 

  • Potent 7-amp motor

  • Allows for tool-less blade switch

  • Reduced vibration

  • Extremely durable

  • Pressure-sensitive trigger & variable speed


  • It doesn't have an LED light

  • It isn't compatible with U-shank blades 

  • It doesn’t feature a laser

Key features 

Speed & power 

As I pointed out, the Bosch JS470E delivers ample power, ideal even for professional utilization. It's powered by a 7-amp motor, making it one of the most potent jigsaw options on the market, especially considering its price point. Again, this tool withstands prolonged use, so you can comfortably use it without giving up delivery. 

All the same, this jigsaw won’t be too potent for lightweight tasks. Thanks to the pressure-sensitive trigger, I could easily modify the pressure I was using, depending on the project. This means that the JS470E jigsaw is potent enough to handle demanding jobs and, at the same time, gentle enough for lighter tasks. 

Regarding speed, the JS470E has two interchangeable speed options, which are as follows:

  • 0 to 500 SPM

  • 0 to 3000 SPM

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These two-speed options guarantee that this jigsaw cuts through a wide range of materials with unmatched precision. I controlled the speed using the speed dial on the tool, which features an ambidextrous lock. This lock ensured that I couldn't switch the speed by mistake. 

For additional accuracy, this impressive power tool begins at low speeds but gradually accelerates to the desired speed. This ensures that you'll get supreme consistency and accuracy for any project. Besides, this feature makes this model more user-friendly since you needn’t worry about it popping out of your hand when using maximum power. 


While the Bosch JS470E is very powerful, the manufacturer didn't sacrifice design. I love how it's designed for ultimate comfort and unparalleled user-friendliness, regardless of the increased power. Consequently, I found it suitable for both beginners and professionals. 

The handle is highly stable and is built so that you can easily hold it at different angles when in use. Therefore, you can conveniently make different cuts without stressing your wrist or hand. Further, I had no problem with slippage while holding this jigsaw, even for prolonged periods. 

What's more, the manufacturer designed this model with user-friendliness in mind. For instance, it features a tool less blade ouster. This way, I could easily eject blades by simply pressing a button. Prevalently, this makes switching blades more effortless and, at the same time, makes the process more secure. 

Yes, unfortunately, this fantastic power tool doesn't feature LED lights. And while LED lights might not significantly hinder the functioning of a jigsaw, they're handy when making cuts in dark surroundings. 


Typically, power tools are pricey and undergo plenty of abuse in the workshop or job site. For this reason, it would be best to purchase a durable one; otherwise, you'll have to go back after some time to purchase another power tool. 

Fortunately, the JS470E is incredibly durable. Considering Bosch concentrates on construction tools, it's no surprise that the JS470E jigsaw is durable. Its durability is due to the heavy-duty plastic, rubber, and metal build, which gives the tool a standing chance in the face of abuse in the workshop and job site. 


The Bosch JS470E corded jigsaw comes with the following accessories:

  • A sturdy plastic case 

  • An Anti-splinter insert

  • A bevel wrench 

  • A non-marring overshoe

  • A T-Shank blade 

Cost & Comparison

The Bosch JS470E jigsaw is not among the most affordable options on the market, with its price standing at $133. Compared to its competitors, the Ryobi and Makita, Bosch is more than double their price. However, it is great value for your money.

Worthy Competitors 

Ryobi One+ P5231

Among the things that make this jigsaw a worthy mention is its affordable pricing. Additionally, it makes precise curves making it an ideal option for those on a budget looking for a jigsaw that doesn’t sacrifice performance. 

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It has four orbital settings, which you can adjust to deliver curved and straight cuts into metal and wood. Plus, the in-built dust blower makes sure you have a clear workspace by blowing away all the debris. 

Moreover, unlike the JS470E, this one comes with an LED light, and its trigger lock system allows you to concentrate on your cuts. 

However, it has a few disadvantages, like difficulty switching the battery. Besides, the lock key usually jams easily, resulting in locked blades and angles. 

Makita XVJ02Z Cordless Jig Saw

The Makita XVJ02Z jigsaw offers the convenience of a cordless tool and the aptitude of a corded tool. Its brushless motor delivers optimal performance, while its compact build makes it easy to handle. Like the Bosch JS470E, this tool is ideal for both professionals and beginners. 

That said, it presents some downsides, like a somewhat short runtime; hence you'll want to carry an extra pair of batteries. 

All the same, it has 6 variable speeds from 800 to 3500 RPM, which, as you can see, is higher than the JS470E's 3000 SPM. These speeds make this machine ideal for making a broad scope of cuts on different materials. 

Additionally, it has 2 LED lights, making it a perfect option when working in dimly lit surroundings. However, it has three orbital settings compared to Bosch and Ryobi's four orbital settings. 

Why you should buy the Bosch JS470E

The Bosch JS470E is a powerful, durable, and user-friendly jigsaw, perfect for cutting curves on different materials. It's among the few power tools perfect for professionals and beginners. If you're willing to overlook its minor downsides, the JS470E is almost perfect. 

This makes it an excellent jigsaw for those looking for a potent corded tool offering the convenience of a cordless power tool. 

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